You can win a fully equipped Mercedes Sprinter van at Omaze

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I know a few people who have converted vans, turning ordinary haulers into very comfortable houses on wheels that give boutique hotel suites a run for their money. The online #vanlife craze never really appealed to me, but seeing these well-appointed motorhomes in person? It converted me into a believer.

If you’re like me (and most normal people) – not quite up to the task of stripping a vehicle down and refurbishing it in style, but have dreamed of picking up a motorhome on your own version of the Great American Road Trip – you’ll want to enter the contest happening at Omaze. They currently offer you the chance to win a Mercedes Sprinter Van with an $80,000 upgrade by Vansmith, one of the best van conversion companies in business today. It’s an all-in-one adventure machine that’s ready to roll as soon as it hits winner’s lane, no DIY skills needed.

The contest is already going on a bit, but right now you have less than three weeks to enter, as the draw ends on December 2 and the winner is announced a month later, around January 4. After you make sure there is in the garage (or driveway or street) and decide to put your name in the hat, use our unique code INSIDEHOOK50 when you enter which will earn you 50 bonus entries.

You’ll definitely want that extra edge, because who wouldn’t want to head off into the sunset in this spacious Sprinter? Especially once you learn that there’s even more to this Vansmith build than the tantalizing pictures let on.

You can keep the plane window views, that’s the one we’re looking for.


Specifically, this Mercedes Sprinter Van will be fitted with Vansmith’s Green Pack, which uses a number of sustainable materials for construction, such as wool for insulation, insect repellent pine for ceilings and bamboo for countertops. . But it’s not just about the immediate impact, as this version also includes a carbon offset package that amounts to 72,000 pounds of CO2. Vansmith is thinking about the big picture here, so you can drive all around this great country knowing you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle that was made with intent.

Not just you by yourself, watch out. This is no way to travel. You’ll want to bring someone along for the ride because this van seats (and sleeps, thanks to a double bed) two people. There’s also a modern galley with a sink and 85-litre fridge, plus storage space for all your gear, snacks and the souvenirs you’ll pick up along the way. In other words, it’s got everything you absolutely need, more than a few hardware comforts, but nothing too complicated for anyone who’s never experienced VR life before. Plus, it’s a more than manageable size (144-inch wheelbase), so it’s like driving a modern pickup truck, not a monstrous motorhome that’ll leave you with sweaty palms every time you need to park.

The open door to a motorhome courtesy of Omaze, with a view of the welcoming interior with a bed and a kitchen

It can accommodate two people, so who will be the happy companion?


So we have the van, your companion, now all you have to do is think about where you’d like to take this traveling base. There are a few upgrades for the winner to choose from, which can impact your grand plans. For those who would choose to add a rear rack, you might want to head to Moab, Utah for some of their best mountain biking trails. If you opt for the upgraded suspension and all-terrain tires, you might want to go off-road in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve also mapped out a number of wanderlust-satisfying itineraries ourselves, from 20 Best Scenic Drives to 21 Most Underrated (And Crowd-Free) National Parks in the country. That should be enough to keep you busy for… a year? Of them? Either way, if you land in this van, you’ll probably have to negotiate an additional furlough in 2023.

We’re getting ahead of ourselves, though. To make your Mercedes Sprinter Van dreams come true, you will need to participate in this Omaze giveaway. And for this particular award, Omaze is raising money to support the Justin J. Watt Foundation, an organization led by the current Arizona Cardinal that provides after-school opportunities for middle-aged children. A great cause associated with an excellent vehicle.

A beige and black Mercedes Sprinter Van converted into a house on wheels by Vansmith, which is currently up for grabs via Omaze

The person who wins this gift will be able to choose certain accessories, bike racks with improved suspension.


You only have until December 2 to participate. when you do, be sure to use the code INSIDEHOOK50 to add 50 bonus entries to your tally (although no donation or payment is necessary to enter or win). Oh, and just to be clear, we take no responsibility if you win and the call of the road inspires you to quit your job and become a true #vanlifer.

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