Woman offers GENIUS way to save money on luggage when traveling with Ryanair

A WOMAN has found the perfect way to save money and avoid extra baggage fees when traveling with Ryanair.

The travel enthusiast showed off her tips and tricks in a TikTok video titled “How to Pack for Your Ryanair Flight”.


Woman shared tips and tricks for saving money on luggage when traveling with RyanairCredit: TikTok
The video already has more than 5.4 million views


The video already has more than 5.4 million viewsCredit: TikTok
Travel enthusiast recommends putting souvenirs in a hat to save space


Travel enthusiast recommends putting souvenirs in a hat to save spaceCredit: TikTok

TikTok user @kristenashleyblack revealed how to pack for a flight when you don’t have free baggage allowance.

She first gathers a few sweaters and shirts, and rolls them up in a “DIY cushion”.

And then, she recommends those traveling to use their hats to store souvenirs bought during the trip.

The travel fan also shows the importance of filling your pockets with as much as you can. She is seen in the video putting a purse and her Polaroid camera in the pockets of her coat.

She concludes the video by showing off her new look saying, “Ready for Paris Fashion Week + save money then win win”.


The TikTok clip went viral, with over 5.4 million views, 490,000 likes and thousands of shares, and was only published last week.

And even Ryanair’s official TikTok account has since commented hilariously below the video, saying, “Bestie, I’m scared.”

Meanwhile, some viewers added more tips on how to catch a flight with as many bits as possible.

One reviewer said: “Quick tip: Buy something from a store and get their biggest bag. Put all your other stuff in that bag. You can take duty-free bags! Save your neck.”

And another added: “Keep your little things slung over an arm under your coat. That way the clothes fit into the backpack. I’ve flown more than 10 times, never caught.”


But not everyone received the video with much enthusiasm, with many viewers blaming the travel guru for putting his clothes on the airport floor.

One person said, “Nobody talks about the way she put the clothes on the ground at the airport?”

While another joked, “The clothes on the floor killed me, girl.”

But the TikToker replied that the clothes were already dirty anyway since it was the end of her trip, and she had actually slept on the floor the night before.

And others rushed to her defense, with one person saying, “Why do people act like she’s licking the floor? These are clothes that can be washed.”


Meanwhile, other people watching the video thought the tips and tricks were too much effort, as Ryanair offers checked baggage options starting at just € 20.

One commenter joked, “Girl, it’s $ 20 a suitcase, pay it and don’t be so lame.”

But the woman replied that € 20 could very well pay for a “return flight to another city”.

And another poster said, “Now show us you’re trying to get on this flight just like that.”

One commentator joked:


One commenter joked: “Girl, it’s € 20 a suitcase, pay it and don’t be so lame”Credit: TikTok

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