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Popular tech Youtuber Sanchit Shokeen, aka Techbar, has attracted over 2 million subscribers over the years to his Youtube channel. It creates a wide range of videos such as technical article reviews, unboxing videos, branded product comparisons and many more. In one of his recent videos he took his entire audience on a virtual tour of his studio which was greatly appreciated by his viewers.

Techbar’s studio is extremely spacious with a wide range of high-tech professional equipment. It hosts multiple sets in the same studio, each designated for individual purposes. First of all, he set up the usual sit-on with a table, chair and microphones of course! This is the usual place where he sits and talks. He has two Hollywood microphones and uses them to shoot his videos. Its light setting is stellar as it uses Godox SL-150W which illuminates a wide area keeping the look very natural. It further has a Bahubali foldable light stand attached with other artificial lights attached to it as it properly illuminates and focuses on the technological product it is making the video on. To give a very professional look, he kept the color of this gray wall. Other elements of its background include a globe and a blue colored table lamp.

Her second setup is a bit messy in nature with too many items, countered by books because this setup is tailor-made for behind-the-scenes videos. He had cameras, mics, and lights for decent visual and sound. To counter the heavy weight of the camera, he handles them intelligently by keeping heavy pounds on the stand.

Her third setup is very closely related to her second setup, as simply sliding a single chair into the second setup creates room for the third. It is therefore diagonal to the second and uses the same microphone, the same camera and the same lights. It is located in the middle of an artistic background with pretty wall decorations and especially its “Golden Play Button” attached to the wall. Otherwise, the set includes a laptop, a widescreen monitor with its essential output peripherals, a tablet, lens bags and a homepod that helps with its research and pre-production process in addition to shoot videos from it.

It also has a separate aesthetic cabinet where it stores all the important items like headphones, charges, etc. Advice! He oddly refers to the place as a landfill area. He also has a rejuvenating spot in his studio which is extremely luxurious and chic. It has a 65-inch TV, sound bar, and comfy sofas where they sit and relax when the work pressure is less. It also has a “Techbar” nameplate attached to its walls which can be illuminated when needed. His studio also includes a kitchen, dining area, separate management area, cleaning and technical equipment placed in various lockers and drawers. It also accommodates a cabinet with stored food items and the white cabinet body is used to write down the schedules. A separate office cubicle contains all the essentials and the editing space is also separate with all the high-tech amenities. Her virtual studio tour ultimately ended with a wonderful, well-worthy balcony video.

Also earlier in 2019, he made a studio tour video and received a lot of love and appreciation from it. So, after renovating his studio, he remade this video. Her professional yet warm and well-designed studio received around 444k views and was enjoyed even more by audiences this time around!


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