What is the best kitchen backsplash material?

When researching what is the best kitchen backsplash material, there are many unique and durable options to choose from for your kitchen, from beautiful patterned tiles to sleek marble and granite finishes.

Backsplash ideas for kitchens are no longer purely practical features, they are an opportunity to create an eye-catching design display in your space through beautiful materials, colors, shapes and textures.

When designing a kitchen, the material of your backsplash should of course be an extremely practical, hard-wearing and easy-to-clean protective surface, but it is also an opportunity for you to choose a design that can add character. stylish to your space.

What is the best kitchen backsplash material?

We explore a collection of different backsplash materials, along with valuable expert advice to help answer the question, what is the best kitchen backsplash material?

1. Ceramic and porcelain tiles

Modern white kitchen with blue tile splashback, white units, open shelving

(Image credit: Craven Dunnill Jackfield)

Water resistant and able to withstand heavy use with ease, tiles have been used for centuries throughout the home, especially in kitchens and bathrooms.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles can create a tough and protective finish for your kitchen tile ideas and come in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, making them one of the backsplash materials of most popular cuisines.

“If you’re looking to experiment with bold colors, decors and inspired layouts and patterns, tiles are the perfect way to make a distinctive and unique design statement,” says Adrian Blundell, Production Manager at Craven Dunnill Jackfield. (opens in a new tab).

As well as being a timeless and hardwearing option for the kitchen, tiles can create beautiful decorative patterns and can be a great way to inject color and pattern into your kitchen space.

Diane Hyde, Marketing Manager at Craven Dunnill Jackfield, says, “Using tile as a kitchen backsplash is an exquisite way to display and accentuate its pattern, texture and glaze. A great way to bring a splash of color into a room, highly reflective glossy tiles are also a great way to create a feeling of space and openness. Whether you’re looking to be bright and bold or simple and classic, there’s a range of styles and designs to suit all types of homes.

2. Natural stone

Cream kitchen with black and white marble backsplash

(Image credit: Cullifords.)

From marble and granite to travertine and quartz, natural stone has a truly luxurious appeal and is renowned for its elegant beauty, hard surface and smooth texture. Often used for kitchen counter ideas, why not extend this beautiful material to your walls for your kitchen backsplash ideas.

‘Natural stone is the perfect surface choice for those who want to make a unique statement in the kitchen. Its unique visual appeal and exceptional practical properties make it one of the best surface solutions. Recently, we’ve noticed that homeowners and designers are taking more risks and being more creative with their kitchen surfaces – opting for striking features that will create truly impressive schemes,” says Hege Lundh, Marketing Manager at Lundhs Real Stone. (opens in a new tab).’

From more traditional kitchens to modern kitchen ideas, as there are so many unique types and variations of natural stone, there are options to suit any space and style.

“We have seen a huge increase in demand for remarkable marbles, especially Calacatta Viola. The desire to create truly unique interior designs has led many homeowners and designers to seek out timeless yet individual surfaces,” says Oliver Webb, Director of Cullifords. (opens in a new tab).

A durable and long-lasting option for your kitchen backsplash, natural stone can also create beautiful indoor-outdoor appeal, creating a design rich in organic colors with a natural texture.

Ideas for metal backsplashes with natural patina

(Image credit: Naked Kitchens)

Many of us may think that metal backsplash ideas are only suitable for more industrial decorating styles or chef’s kitchens, but they can actually fit into many types of properties, from classic to contemporary.

From warm copper to sleek stainless steel, a metal backsplash can come in a variety of finishes and colors, and can be easy to clean and maintain over time.

Creating a sleek and smooth surface, a metal backsplash can also create a stunning design statement. As this kitchen shows, the Naked Kitchens backsplash (opens in a new tab) is inspired by verdigris, a stunning natural blue-green patina that develops when hot metals are exposed to air or seawater over time. The copper panels that create this backsplash have been hand oxidized to recreate the look and speed up the process, they are then sealed with a non-porous lacquer for protection, so you can wipe down and clean the surface without altering the finish. effect.

A beautiful blue kitchen idea, the bright turquoise tones pair perfectly with the shiny copper, creating a truly unique and remarkable effect for a kitchen backsplash.

4. Laminate

Kitchen with a gray island with hob and extractor hood, with bar stools with plum upholstery.

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

An adaptable and versatile modern material, a laminate backsplash can be a more cost-effective option, as well as being an incredibly easy-to-clean material.

There are a wide variety of laminate backsplash designs, from bright block colors to more luxurious designs that resemble marble and metal.

Laminate is waterproof so ideal for placing behind a kitchen sink, however laminate should not be used for a backsplash near a gas stove due to open flames.

5. Glass

Kitchen backsplash ideas with mirror material and blue island

(Image credit: Davide Lovati)

From decorating with mirrors to stylish glass tiles, a glass backsplash can create a sleek and shiny display.

With glass that can withstand water and high temperatures, it’s a practical material to use in the kitchen.

“A mirrored backsplash not only looks good, but it can help increase the feeling of light and space in a room, so it’s a good option to consider if you have a small kitchen,” says Lucy Searle , Homes & Gardens’ chief editor.

As seen in this sleek blue and gray kitchen, the mirrored backsplash helps open up the enclosed area under the kitchen cabinets on the wall, helping to make the area feel more spacious and inviting.

6. Wood

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

(Image credit: Future/Emma Lee)

A wood backsplash is definitely not for everyone, but this style can help create a warm, cozy and inviting effect for your kitchen.

“A wooden backsplash requires more maintenance than stone or tile, it will need to be conditioned before being installed to prevent cracking and shape changes, as well as being treated with oils and wax over time so it can stay protected,” says Homes & Gardens digital editor Jennifer Ebert.

Similar to laminate, it is also advisable not to use a wooden backsplash near a stove as it can pose a fire hazard.

However, because wood comes in so many beautiful finishes and colors, for certain areas of your kitchen, a wood backsplash can create a timeless, natural feel and coordinate with many other colors and materials in the space.

In this kitchen, the smooth white wood creates a sleek Scandinavian-inspired design that’s perfect if you’re exploring Scandinavian kitchen ideas. The dark natural stone countertop forms an elegant contrast to the wood and extends slightly to the wall to provide additional protection.

What is the most durable backsplash material?

Tiles and natural stone designs are considered the most durable backsplash materials. Sturdy, heat and water resistant, and easy to clean, these materials are a popular choice for designers because they can stay strong and looking pristine for years and years to come.

These designs are not only durable, but can be styled to create beautiful accent pieces, not only adding value to your home, but helping to establish a stylish kitchen space that feels unique and practical.

A kitchen backsplash should embody a beautiful blend of durability and sleek style.

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