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What is a Cricut?

If you’ve been to a craft store or read a DIY blog lately, you’ve probably heard of a Cricut, but you might not know anything about what it does or why it’s so popular with amateurs and artists.

Simply put, a Cricut is a branded cutting plotter or intelligent computer-controlled cutting machine that engraves shapes and designs from an array of materials. Devices have become a versatile but expensive tool used to do everything from home decor and greeting cards to posters and t-shirts. Here’s a look at the Cricut brand of cutting plotters and what they can do.

What does a Cricut do?

Cricut is a brand of smart cutting plotters that create exciting DIY projects cutting custom shapes and engraving letters and designs in a variety of materials including paper, vinyl, cardstock, fabric and foil, to name a few.

Cricut offers three models of cutting plotters as well as several discontinued legacy products: the Cricut Explorer Air 2, Creator of Cricut, and Cricut Joy. Each template has its intended use and unique characteristics, but all serve the same primary function of cutting out custom designs using proprietary software accessible through smartphones or computers.

Cricut Mug Press

The company also offers two heat transfer products, the Cricut EasyPress and Cricut Mug Press, which apply designs to t-shirts, coffee mugs and more.

How does a Cricut work?

other commercial cutting plotters

A Cricut machine, like other commercial cutting plotters, is similar to a standard computer printer. You create a design and send it to the machine via Bluetooth or USB, but instead of printing an image onto paper, the Cricut uses engraving and heat transfer technologies to create a custom project from materials too. various as leather, denim, vinyl and wood.

There are several interchangeable blades and tools for performing specific actions and cutting the pattern out of the material. With its design platform and smart app, you can access a huge library of ready-made images, fonts and projects to inspire your creativity or easily create a craft.

What is the difference between the Cricut models?

Cricut Joy

the Cricut Joy is the basic model. It is smaller than the other two and with less functionality. It can handle less width than other models, but it supports materials up to 20 feet in length. It is simple, compact and suitable for small crafts and everyday projects.

Creator of Cricut

the Creator of Cricut is the top-of-the-range model and is touted as “the ultimate smart cutting machine”. It has more tools and capabilities than other models and works with over 300 types of materials.

Cricut Explorer Air 2

the Cricut Explorer Air 2 handles materials up to 20 inches by 12 inches and can cut over 100 different types of material. It is more advanced and has more features than Joy, but is overtaken by the Maker in both areas. It is suitable for a wide variety of DIY projects.

Should you buy a Cricut?

If you are an avid craftsman or DIY creator and seller, a Cricut cutting plotter is a solid investment, but you should consider your budget as well as your crafting needs before purchasing. Cricut machines cost between $ 150 and $ 400, with plans up to $ 600.

A Cricut Joy is likely to be sufficient for casual users and small projects, while a Cricut Explore Air 2 is aimed at more advanced craftsmen and more detailed designs. Professional artisans and sellers should invest in the more expensive Cricut Maker which can take your Etsy store or Pinterest board to a new level of creative craftsmanship.

What you should buy for a Cricut

Cricut Essential Tool Set

Cricut Essential Tool Set

This seven-piece tool set includes a scoring pen, scissors, portable trimmer, and other additions to help you start or finish your Cricut project. Ideal for experienced users.

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Cricut Starter Set with Iron-On Combo Pack

Cricut Starter Set with Iron-On Combo Pack

This bundle is intended for novice Cricut users and includes a getting started guide, project ideas, tutorials and resources, and several custom tools. It also includes adhesive vinyl, glitter iron-on material, and transfer tape.

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EVISWIY spare mats and blades, variety

EVISWIY spare mats and blades, variety

This set includes the four different cutting mats, standard, light, strong, and fabric, as well as five-point, deep-cut and shallow-cut replacement blades, to keep your projects going after extended use.

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