Wet Paint in the Wild: artist Ondine Viñao takes us to an experimental theater performance in New York

Welcome to Wet Paint in the Wild, an extension of Annie Armstrong’s gossip column in which she gives art world insiders a disposable camera so they can give us a glimpse of their mad industry corner.

In 2019, it was difficult for me to look away from the artist Ondine Viñao crazy saintsa piece of video art I saw at the Rubber Factory that gave Bruce Nauman Clown Torture a race for his money. I have since followed the often disturbing, always imaginative practice of the artist to the end, and when I heard that she was conceptualizing a new video work, I simply had to introduce him to a week in nature with Wet Paint. Ahead!

My week of photography started at the “Industrialism” art exhibition on Greenwich Street. I went to see my friend Will Farrell (often confused with Will Ferrell) and his sculptures. The death mask table, pictured here, was my favorite. Will recently got into gymmaxxing and looks extra gorgeous.

Will and my buddy Jordan pose for a fake candid. The show was at Donna Karan’s (I think?) studio, which had a nice garden. I am unfortunately a smoker so I probably dragged them outside for that purpose.
For your information, my boyfriend is 6’2″. Will is just very tall.

Jessie-Ann Kohlman is the Kinski of my future Herzog, the Rowlands of my Cassavetes, etc., etc. She’s been in almost every video project I’ve done and is one of the stars of my upcoming narrative short, two neighbors. Jessie lives in Los Angeles but was in town for her solo piece, a comedic depiction of a woman in the midst of a manic episode. I went there both nights. It was fantastic and totally unbalanced!

“I lost my job. Well, actually, I didn’t lose it, he lost me. I’m over-educated, under-qualified. Maybe it’s the other way around, I forget. But I’m obsolete. I’m not economically viable. The second night of Jessie’s solo play was even better than the first time. Watching Jessie perform live is an honor and a privilege. The game is pretty much perfect: To fall but with Mabel from A woman under the influence. I love stories of people (especially women) cracking up.

After the last screening of Jessie’s play, we partied at a bar near the venue. Alex Lill (left) is Jessie’s boyfriend, a sexy Hollywood director with whom she shares Carmela, a basset hound in the eyes of Kate Bosworth. Ben Carey (right) is my favorite DP and another frequent collaborator. He is extremely good at his job and very protestant in his work ethic. He is above my salary, but by force of will (constant harassment), I managed to make him work with me!

I really liked the Faith Ringgold retrospective at the New Museum. His sculptures of masks from the 70s were my favorite, but my crappy shots with a disposable camera don’t hold up.

My best friend and producer of two neighbors, the beautiful Briar McQuilkin. Briar and I met at Chapin, an all-girls high school we attended on the Upper East Side. I go anywhere and do whatever Briar tells me to do, so after the Faith Ringgold show, I went with Briar to pick up her laundry.

My boyfriend and I just signed a lease on a very nice bedroom in Brooklyn Heights, pictured here. We had sublet an adjacent apartment in Dimes Square for the past few months. While I appreciate the convenience of living there, I dislike the neighborhood’s congestion and foot traffic. Excited for my peace and quiet.

Our sublet was a few blocks from Chinatown Arcade. I first encountered the arcade when I lived on Pell Street during my freshman year at NYU, but hadn’t been back in years. I’ve been digging into it as a nocturnal activity for the past few months. In addition to playing games, I enjoyed watching the dance moves of young men mastering DDR and showing off.

I work remotely for a company in Nashville. My schedules are quite flexible, allowing for impromptu coffee appointments in the middle of the day. I recently bumped into my old friend, Dylan Weathered, whom I hadn’t seen in years. He worked as a modeling agent at a now defunct agency in New York, and now works at John Lesher’s production company. Dylan lives near our sublet, and we met one afternoon to discuss my script, Hollywood, and our love lives.

Two of the people I love the most :’)

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