Wall decoration ideas for living room in India

No matter where you live, you need to remember your roots. Traditional designs have the allure and essence of regional cultures that grab everyone’s attention. It is alive, diverse and stable. You will not be able to turn your house into a Haveli. So we have to be practical. However, we can incorporate Indian decorating ideas with some appeal to make it more inviting. It will be affordable and stylish. Small items like vibrant colors on the walls, wallpapers, a acrylic wall clocka gallery or rustic furniture adds depth to the room.

The walls are neglected, resulting in a room that looks dull and faded. Today we cover realistic Indian wall decor ideas that will go perfectly with your furniture. It will enhance the overall look of the house and create a personality. So, let us do some affordable DIYs:

Sparkling colors:

Bright color can change the look of the room. Even if you don’t have statement pieces in your home, the piece pops instantly if you choose the right colors. You can add beautiful landscapes or a mirror as a statement piece for glamour.

A landscape image:

Bedrooms should be relaxing. It should give you a soothing vibe when you enter after a busy schedule. For this, you can establish wallpaper decorations to calm the mood. It can be installed in the living room or the dining room.

A gallery of memories:

A dull passageway and stairwell wall can be transformed into an intriguing memory wall. It is perfect for adding beautiful family pictures in simple frames. Images from your wedding, vacation or any special occasion can be installed to share sweet memories.

Wallpapers :

Wallpapers are the most common wall decoration product. They are available in different designs, patterns, colors and textures. Regardless of the size of the house, it can be integrated into any wall. It is easy to install and remove. You can change the wallpapers according to the interior of the rooms.

A tapestry :

An unused rug or tapestry can also be an element of wall decoration. It is used to enhance the beauty of walls. It is a cheap idea to decorate your walls. Also, if you mount it with the frame, it looks polished. So if you have an old rug in your closet, it’s time to take it out.

Inspirational and motivational quotes:

Creating a statement wall is the idea behind inspirational quotes. You can stick or paint your favorite slogans to inspire everyone.

Add blackboard:

Your blank kitchen wall can be versatile with chalkboards. You can draw your favorite dishes, recipes and cooking quotes to personalize them. You can erase and redraw according to your mood and your day.

Wooden or metal frames:

Last on our list is frames. Many frames are so artistic that they don’t need any images for embellishment. It comes in different colors and shapes. Mirror frames are a popular idea for wall decorations. If your bathroom is small, this will create the illusion of a large area.

Hand painting:

What about hand-printed designs or images? For the children’s room, this is the best way to paint cartoons or animals on the walls. You can use a stencil to make it easier. It’s best to add a personal touch by involving your children.


These days, textures are really in fashion. It looks like 3D printing. It is ideal for a contemporary living room. You can get a lot of inspiration from the internet.


Mirrors mirrors on the wall, tell me who is beautiful among all? Here, the mirror is a beautiful piece that will reflect light and expand your living space.

Lights on the walls:

Going off the beaten track allows you to discover new things. Colorful artistic lamps in the living room make the room more bright and original. It highlights the house and you can skip statement pieces.

Stone wall:

It is ideal for covering stones on the wall of the dining room or living room. Usually you will notice a stone facing on the fireplace. It looks charming and gives a natural look to the space.


Why not add some greenery to your living room. Sometimes we lack space or don’t want to keep planters in the living room, but we need some greenery. A green wall saves space and fulfills your wish to have a green corner.


Displays add depth and make boring walls look fabulous. You can display books and decorative accessories for personality.

Wall stickers:

It’s a do it yourself the solution. It’s cheap and convenient. Just choose wall stickers you like and stick them on the walls. It looks decorative and adds an element.

These are just a few ideas for decorating the walls of your living room. There are hundreds of clever ideas depending on your budget. The easiest way is to navigate through storage and almirahs. Check decoration images on Google and create your own space. If you’re on a budget and don’t have time for DIY, go for professional interior decorators.

Wall decoration ideas for living room in India

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