Visit Stunlock Studio on the castle foundations in V Rising

Today, Stunlock Studios released its latest development update, which focuses on one of the most fundamental aspects of V Rising: castle building.

Without a coffin, what can a vampire be? It must be protected to live. For every vampire in V Rising, castles are essential to their survival; this is where vampires recover and perfect their craft; they create weapons and armor; they mix potions; they store a treasure; and above all, they hold the Castle Heart!

The Heart of the Castle, located in the heart of the castle, is where your defenses will be built. If the Castle Heart is still beating, your production and crafting stations will continue to produce everything you need to prepare for your dark adventures. Check out Developer Update #12: Castle Foundations and The V Rising Build Your Castle trailer.

V Rising is an open world vampire survival game. Awaken from a century-long hibernation as a weakened vampire and face a world of danger. To replenish your energy and sate your desire, vampires must travel to the surrounding countryside in search of human blood.
Build and decorate your castle, ask friends to join your clan, and turn people into minions to expand your empire. Take on the challenge of PvP and PvE battles with the aim of winning the world crown. The question is whether or not you will become the next Dracula:

After a successful closed beta, V Rising will go live in early access on May 17 when V Rising beta registration is now open.

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