VCCP Group Launches Girl & Bear Global Content Creation Studio

VCCP Group has announced the launch of a global content creation studio named Girl and Bear. Girl and Bear becomes the new home for manufacturers across the VCCP network and will provide world-class content creation, global production services and a bespoke technology solution.

Spanning the gamut of content production, the studio’s capabilities will include film, audio, design, print, photographic and digital production and brings together 250 manufacturers with VCCP expertise and a focus on craftsmanship. Alongside the studio’s creators, Girl & Bear will continue to work with production partners to ensure access to the best talent in the industry.

From left to right: Anthony Austin, Claire Young and Dan Montalbano

Challenging the dilemma of modern production of choosing between beautifully crafted creation or efficient large-scale asset delivery, Girl & Bear will deliver craftsmanship without compromise. Their proprietary software, “The Pathway”, will allow technology and a human approach to work together seamlessly, enabling the creation, adaptation and transcreation of cutting-edge content or, increasingly, more personalized content. delivered through intelligent use of data. The system is designed to guide clients through the increasingly complicated world of multi-format, multilingual and dynamic creative production and enable the delivery of craftsmanship at scale and at pace, across all channels. Introducing advanced technology and automation into the production process in the right way, at the right time, will enable Girl & Bear manufacturers around the world to work more efficiently and provide customers with a more efficient experience. transparent delivery.

Girl and Bear will serve VCCP’s global network, providing customers with borderless content production in eight markets, including London, where it is headquartered, Madrid, Prague, San Francisco, New York, Singapore, Sydney and Shanghai. Girl & Bear will also deliver profitable large-scale production in all regions of the world through offshore solutions that will be executed from the Czech Republic, South Africa and Asia-Pacific.

Brought together by a team of passionate designers, Girl & Bear will be led by Managing Director Claire Young, Executive Production Director Anthony Austin and Global Operations Director Dan Montalbano. Young has over 20 years of production experience with some of the industry’s most respected creative agencies including Mother, Exposure, JWT, and has led production for VCCP London for the past six years. Montalbano has led the global operations of the VCCP Group for the past two years and brings both a leading London client-side agency experience to brands such as National Geographic, Barclays and the Razorfish and AKQA agencies.

The team is joined by new hire Austin, who brings extensive experience building production studios within creative agencies, first at Mother London, before founding Black Sheep Studios at BBH, where he worked. then took on the role of BBH London ECD.

The Girl & Bear leadership team will report to VCCP London Managing Director Andrew Peake and VCCP Group Creative Director Darren Bailes.

Girl & Bear is launching with a large portfolio of clients, including Domino’s, O2 and White Claw. Recent famous campaigns include Domin-oh-hoo-hoo for Domino’s and The O2 in Fortnite Creative for O2.

Founding partner and CEO of the VCCP group, Adrien coleman said, “Content creation and production is something we have always offered to our customers and as the creative arm of VCCP, Girl & Bear is now elevating our production offering globally, bringing additional cohesion to our business. group and a challenger proposal for other networks. All brought to market by an extremely talented management team who all bring different skills to the table, working towards a common goal of bringing new ideas and ideas to the way we do things.

MD at Girl & Bear, Claire Young, added, “For us, ‘how’ we make things is just as important as ‘what’ we make for customers. I have always wanted to reinvent production and creating Girl & Bear has allowed us to boost our manufacturing offer and to develop the industrial model. We know that creativity is a business multiplier and we believe that great production doesn’t have to be a choice between pace, scale and craftsmanship – we are in the realm of “and”. World-class integration is something VCCP is famous for, and with Girl & Bear, we’re now in an even stronger position than ever to deliver on that promise.

Anthony Austin, Executive Director of Production at Girl & Bear noted, “VCCP has always produced beautifully crafted work. With Girl & Bear, we will build on this heritage, while bringing a new approach to production through new ways of doing things, new technologies, new formats and always on the lookout for the best and most exciting talent. Girl & Bear empowers our creators to have a stronger voice within the advertising ecosystem. They are an energetic, highly qualified and passionate group, and I am delighted to join the team.

Speaking about Girl & Bear’s mission, Young continued, “As a challenger content studio, we also wanted to tackle other areas of production that we felt were not working and change them for the better. Our ambition is to place our employees and the planet at the heart of our activity, and we have created what we call our “Be Nice” policy which defines our guiding principles. We are committed to sustainable practices in everything we do and are excited to work with Greenshoot and AdGreen to ensure all production is done in the most sustainable way possible.

Girl & Bear is also working with the VCCP group to achieve B-Corp status.

Committed to discovering, supporting and attracting new and diverse talent both in front of and behind the lens, Girl & Bear works with partners Free The Bid, BRiM, Justrunners, Brixton Finishing School and SCA to help create a workforce. diverse and inclusive. In November, they will host the Shiny Awards, which recognize under-represented directors.

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