Useful tips and cool ideas for minimalist photography

We are often used to photos of very lush, complex and multi-layered landscapes with rich and vibrant colors. There is certainly nothing wrong with it, but it is not the only way to create an image. At the other end of the spectrum is minimalist photography, and it comes with its own unique challenges. This excellent video tutorial will give you a wide variety of useful tips to improve your minimalist photography and give you some ideas to try out for yourself.

Coming from Photo Tom, this awesome video tutorial covers minimalist photography, including some tips for improving your images and some creative ideas to get you started. I have always admired competent minimalist photography; this is a particularly difficult style, as the line between minimalist and overly simple is often very fine, and even minor variations in composition, angle, settings, editing and more can mean the difference between a compelling photo and a photo that takes some work. Yet, despite its difficulty, it can be truly rewarding when you get it right, and the pictures can be particularly spellbinding. It’s a great way to expand your creative palette and break out of your usual ways. Watch the video above for a full rundown.

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