Toshiba Australia gets a facelift for the R32

AHIC Australia has announced its support for R32 with a wide range of Toshiba air conditioning products, making the switch to low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant.

A full selection of Toshiba products in the Hi-Wall, Multi Split, Ducted and Light Commercial ranges will switch to R32 refrigerant in 2021, with VRF, scheduled for early 2022.

Imports of R410A single-division systems will cease immediately, with the phased introduction of multi-division and light commercial products through 2021, according to John Caione, AHIC Australia’s senior director for product, marketing and channel strategy.

“The switch to R32 represents the most important product line expansion and realignment for Toshiba Australia in recent years, and not just refrigerant and range perspective, but product characteristics, aesthetics and intelligence, ”said Caione.

To replace the R410a products, Caione said the company is introducing an expanded line of R32 one-piece Hi-Walls comprising five different lines.

The four new high-wall R32 models offer entry-level to high-level operational and comfort features that will suit any residential room, regardless of size and function.

Caione said the affordable and compact Seiya combines quiet efficiency and high performance in seven sizes where moderate functionality is required, such as bedrooms.

He said the mid-range Seiya Classic comes in 10 sizes to accommodate small and large frequently used rooms where energy efficiency and sleek appearance meet the need for low ambient noise and additional features such as 3D intelligent airflow and indoor air quality.

For the discerning customer, the Shorai range offers ultimate comfort and style with all the features of the Seiya Classic plus premium plasma air filtration, optimized energy consumption, fireplace mode and function. intelligent noise reduction of the outdoor unit for increased neighborhood comfort.

For the discerning customer, Caione said the Haori and Daiseikai 9 offer the ultimate in comfort and styling flexibility.

“All of Toshiba’s R32 tall wall units have an understated elegance that will blend in and coordinate with contemporary or traditional decors,” he said.

For customers who prefer more usable wall space. Toshiba’s floor console units are available in three sizes with dual-flow air distribution, air filtration and directional underfloor heating to provide a comfortable and flexible air conditioning solution.

For users requiring an inconspicuous installation, the ducted indoor units are only 210mm in height and include adjustable external static air pressure and optional air filtration.

The new extended range and redesign includes several improvements and modifications, such as the electrical components which are contained in a steel case and cooled to prevent overheating of the PCB. The same enclosure also serves as a protective device to prevent those pesky vermin looking for a warm place to sleep at night.

The SDI line of light commercial products includes a leak detection system and the all-new fan blade design improves airflow. The new fan blade combined with the increased surface area of ​​the redesigned heat exchanger pushes outputs higher than its predecessors.

Confidence in Toshiba Air Conditioning products among dealers and installers has always been strong, so it is no surprise that Toshiba gives their product a 7 year warranty on parts and labor.

The warranty extends to residential applications but applies to the entire Toshiba product line, from Hi-Walls to light commercial Multi Splits, including VRF.

As with all Toshiba air conditioning products and systems, Caione said the hallmarks of the new R32 products are thoughtful design and manufacture for exceptional build quality, exceptional durability and the highest reliability in the industry. No compromise.

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