Throw a fun Christmas party and choose the right appliances

Many people are looking forward to the Christmas holidays. Filipinos in particular view these events as opportunities to catch up with loved ones and create meaningful memories. Some people also take the opportunity to bring together all the members of their extended clan and make the event their annual reunion.

Every Christmas party requires preparations to make it fun and special. And if you’re planning on hosting one, you need to make sure you don’t miss any important details. Whether you’re inviting all your loved ones or just a few select friends, here are some ideas for creating a memorable and festive experience for everyone.

Select a theme

The first thing you want to decide is the theme of the party. Choosing a theme will help you plan the decorations and menu for the party. It will also give your party a special touch. You can select a color scheme or choose hues associated with Christmas like red and green. To get everyone to join the party, you can ask the guests to dress according to the theme.

If you want to make your party stand out, you can step away from traditional holiday themes and go for something different, like a luau. Have guests wear Hawaiian print shirts and prepare turf skirts for the ladies. Also greet guests with colorful necklaces. Complete the theme by serving mojitos and other tropical drinks.

Serve your signature dishes

A party is only complete with delicious food. In a typical Filipino holiday feast, Christmas lechon or ham is presented as a main course, but you can also serve other delicacies. When preparing your menu for the holiday, don’t limit yourself to holiday recipes. Go ahead and cook your signature recipes. Because these dishes are your known specialties, your guests will likely be eager to have them at your party.

If you are cooking food for a lot of people, make sure all of your kitchen appliances are working properly. Inspect them a few days before the party and if you need a replacement, check out kitchen appliances for sale at your local appliance store. Many stores have holiday sales, so be sure to take advantage of the seasonal bargains to purchase gifts or items for your home.

Prepare a Christmas playlist everyone will enjoy

One way to get everyone in the festive mood is to play holiday tunes at your party. Create a holiday playlist and include classic Christmas carols from local and foreign artists. You can also add holiday hits from your favorite pop singers if you want something current. It’s also a good idea to mix and match different songs for a selection of upbeat and mellow sounds.

Besides, you can organize your guests’ favorite Christmas songs in one playlist. Some apps have a feature where multiple users can create a collaborative playlist. You just need to share the playlist with other users and they can easily add their choices. This way everyone will be able to listen to something they like during the party. Also make sure everyone is enjoying the holiday beats by using high quality speakers or soundbars.

Install a selfie wall

You and your guests will surely want to remember the event by taking photos. To make sure the photos are really special, you can create a selfie wall. Decorate a wall section according to your theme and dedicate it as your official photo wall. For a festive vibe, hang streamers in the party color scheme or place a blank white rag with string lights for an elegant effect. In addition to your smartphones, you can also prepare instant printing cameras with which guests can take photos. In addition to having photos to remember the event, the printed images can also serve as keepsakes for your guests.

Play different games

While exchanging gifts is a staple activity at any Christmas party, you can also make it a fun game for everyone. Make it more exciting by playing Monito Monita or the Filipino version of Secret Santa. The mechanics of the game are simple. Participants simply draw a name and prepare a gift for that particular person. Take note that you must keep the name of the person you are drawing a secret until the day of the revelation. The frequency of redemption of gifts and the minimum price of each gift will vary depending on the agreement of the participants. You can also agree on a theme for the gifts, like something with a handle, something sweet, or something useful.

Pinoy Henyo is another fun game to play with your loved ones. It’s a guessing game, so you need to prepare several words or phrases written on pieces of paper. You can play with a single team or divide participants into two groups. The rules of the game are simple. Each team plays with two members sitting opposite each other. A member will have a piece of paper stuck to their forehead with the word or subject they need to guess. In less than two minutes, they have to guess the word on their forehead by asking their teammates questions that can be answered with yes, no or maybe. Each team will then take turns guessing and the team with the most correct guesses wins.

Throwing a Christmas party is a great way to celebrate with your loved ones. While each party needs certain preparations, planning ahead can make the process less stressful. Consider the tips mentioned above the next time you throw a Christmas party so that you and your guests can enjoy the festivities.

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