This beautiful all-metal mechanical pencil stores enough lead to last you a lifetime!

Here is a pencil designed to last a lifetime and write a lifetime. The Wingback Mechanical Pencil is an all-metal writing / drawing instrument designed to work seamlessly for decades. Made from high quality metals with well designed tolerances, the Wingback Mechanical Pencil looks top notch and feels sturdy. Like any good stationery, it’s weighted to give you a comfortable writing and drawing experience, measures a compact 117.5mm to fit snugly in the palm of your hand, and it’s built to last … but its most remarkable feature is actually under its hood, far from your eyes.

Unlike most mechanical pencils, the Wingback also focuses on the less tangible aspects of performance. Sure, a pencil should be able to let you draw smooth lines and let you idealize with relative ease… but what happens when you suddenly run out of lead in the middle of a sketch? Your thought flow breaks off and you spend a good 2 minutes opening the pencil, emptying the old piece of lead, and adding a new piece of lead. The Wingback Mechanical Pencil gets around this problem with a cleverly designed interior. The pencil’s hollow body can hold up to 40 lead refills at a time, and a cleverly designed bespoke mechanism allows new leads to deploy as soon as the old lead ends, allowing you to write or draw in continuous without interrupting your flow. In fact, designer Alasdair MacLaine claims the pencil contains 10 times more lead than traditional mechanical pencils and can write continuously for 50 full kilometers, so you should only have to fill the lead tank a handful of times in a row. your life (that’s if you’re a serious sketch bug!)

The Wingback Mechanical Pencil is reminiscent of the mechanical pen design of the London-based design studio of 2019. It is impeccably machined from metal, with three metal options to choose from: brass, stainless steel, and black steel (with a tough tungsten carbide scratched surface finish). The grip area measures a comfortable 10mm diameter and features a knurled texture that is pleasant to look at and even larger to hold.

Pressing the top of the pencil triggers the unique all-metal propulsion mechanism inside, which was designed by Wingback in England and built specifically for this model by a specialist manufacturer in Japan. This mechanic lets you install an astonishing 2.4 meters worth of lead reloads inside, while the click action deploys a new reload as soon as the old one ends. A retractable lead sleeve, activated by holding the clicker, pushes the lead back inside the pencil and prevents unwanted lead oscillation as you write, giving you a fully calibrated writing experience from start to finish .

Speaking of “from start to finish,” that also seems to be Wingback’s underlying philosophy. Much like its 2019 Mechanical Pen, the Wingback Mechanical Pencil is built to last for any other stationery you have. Its perfectly designed, engineered and built body is made to last a lifetime (the brass variant is even expected to develop a glossy patina over the years), and with space for 40 lead refills, the pencil’s writing ability will survive. probably also to your creativity!

The brand’s logo is discreetly engraved along the barrel using a pulsed fiber laser, and each pencil comes with the option of adding up to 50 characters on the reverse side, making it a very memorable keepsake. staff. With a subtle nod to its heritage and local construction, MADE IN ENGLAND is also discreetly engraved on the internal compartment of the Pencil. Wingback also announced that the Mechanical Pencil will be offered with limited edition artist collaborations throughout April, so keep an eye out for their campaign for each new release!

Designer: Alasdair MacLaine of Wingback

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The designer’s all-metal mechanical pencil

Made in England by the Wingback design studio, the Mechanical Pencil features a bespoke all-metal propulsion mechanism that can accommodate up to 2.4m of 0.7mm lead or 4.8m of 0 lead. , 5 mm in diameter – enough to allow you to write for more than 50 km.

With a large 10mm (3/8 inch) diameter and a diamond knurled grip, it fits comfortably in the hand to reduce writing fatigue, while the satisfying weight of its materials encourages more time to take each. stroke.


Their all-metal mechanism can hold up to 2.4m of lead. Which should get you writing, sketching, sketching, and doodling for months, if not years.

Custom designed from start to finish, the pencil mechanism is made in Iwaki, by Japan’s oldest mechanical pencil maker (founded 1909) with experience in producing quality parts for the most popular pencil brands. respected in the world.


Each pencil is etched with a pulsed fiber laser and can be personalized with up to 50 characters along the barrel – enough space for initials, a name or a quote to make the pencil extra special to its owner.

Wingback X Artist Series

Wingback has partnered with a selection of artists, illustrators and even cartographers from around the world. These special edition collaborations will be available in brass and stainless steel.

Limited Edition Drop # 1: Wingback X Anoushka Irukandji – The “Terra Australis” design inspired by the henna of this Brisbane-based artist is a declaration of love for her country of origin. “It is inspired by the spectacular flora, the ever-flowering trees and the beautiful shapes and textures of the leaves, bark and pods that I have the privilege to walk through every day,” she explains.

Limited Edition Drop # 2: Wingback X Mister Vi – They first partnered with New York illustrator Vi Luong for the release of our mechanical pen in 2019. Its “NYC” skyline explores the view of downtown Manhattan and the iconic Empire State Building from art deco inspiration from downtown Soho. Not only a tribute to the scale and enormity of the city in which he lives and loves, Mister Vi’s work is a celebration of the precise and fine architectural designs that influence his art.

Limited Edition Drop # 3: Latest Cards – They are excited to partner with Lást Maps, a York-based mapping studio made up of Thomas Moore and Angelique Jones. “Our mission is to capture the excitement of adventure in nature, while raising awareness of the environment and the wildlife we ​​share it with,” says Thomas.

Everything Lást Maps produces is drawn by hand, creating work rooted in pencil, pen and paper. “Polar Explorer” is their tribute to the cartographers of old and the explorer in all of us. “Maps help us navigate our position in the world, reflect on past journeys and inspire adventures to come,” adds Thomas.

Limited Edition Drop # 4: Wingback X Inky Daze – For their final collaboration, they opened applications to find a new artist and a new piece of art to bring our mechanical pencil to life. Jessica Rozencwajg, a New Zealand artist specializing in printmaking, illustration, jewelry and crafts, was awarded for making full use of the 360 ​​° pencil canvas.

Jessica’s “Fungi” design is a celebration of nature – “a rich source of inspiration for so many creatives” – that she produced using a traditional hand-carved lino print.

Design and functionality

Over a year of design work and over 20 iterations have refined this design. A larger diameter barrel means your hand won’t tire as quickly as gripping a narrower pencil and the knurled barrel makes a good buy for your fingers.

The satisfying weight of the pencil also gives a little extra boost to straight lines and circles and also acts as a gentle reminder to take more time on your writing and drawing, for a sharper result.


All of the metal used to machine the pencil case comes from European companies that supply the aerospace industry. Available in brass, stainless steel and black steel (tungsten carbide).

Brass: 40g / 1.41oz – The heavier of the two, the brass pencil will develop a unique patina as its surface oxidizes and interacts with the natural oils in your hands. This pen will quickly look like a timeless tool, but can easily be polished to its original luster.

304 stainless steel: 36g / 1.27oz – Slightly lighter than brass, stainless steel has a harder surface and will not oxidize over time. This means that it will retain its crisp aesthetic indefinitely.

Black 304 steel: 36g / 1.27oz – Black Steel rivals the exotic look of Damascus steel or titanium, with a sub-metallic sheen that reveals a glow of steel beneath the surface. The black steel finish also serves a vital purpose in protecting the Wingback pencil in the long run.

All parts are interchangeable, allowing you to mix and match brass, stainless steel and black steel parts if you support the full set.


The machined case of the pencil is custom made from start to finish and they pride themselves on making this product in England using trusted local suppliers. A solid block of stainless steel or brass is CNC machined to produce incredibly precise parts that are a pleasure to use. Each is individually inspected and tested to ensure it will stand the test of time. Our manufacturing partner mainly manufactures aerospace components and is BS EN AS 9100 accredited.


The pencil is designed to be as compact as possible to slip discreetly into a bag or pocket for on-the-go use, yet long enough to sit comfortably in the palm of your hand while drawing for extended periods of time. The large diameter makes it comfortable to use for long periods of time and strong enough to last a lifetime.

– Diameter: Ø10mm / 3/8 inch
– Height: 117.5 mm / 4.63 inches

The end

Finish machined to a surface roughness of 1.6 Ra (μm) with a diamond wheel perpendicular to 0.5 mm around the circumference. The roughness of the surface is visually smooth, but has a nice tactility, the deliberate microscopic variation of the surface means that the scratches picked up will be less prominent than on a smoother surface. The small knurled detail provides a good solid grip for long sessions.

Click here to buy now: $ 107 $ 130 (18% reduction). Hurry, there are less than 48 hours left! Raised over $ 200,000.

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