The World Is Fascinated By This Illinois Man’s 60-Year-Old Fries

My husband and I have done A LOT of home renovations over the past 12 years, and that included tearing up A LOT of stuff, but we’ve never found anything super cool in the middle of the mess.

The coolest thing we ever found was a building permit from the late 60s when the basement of our old house was first remodeled, but now I feel surprised we didn’t found an old meal hidden in any of the walls we tore down. .

Crystal Lake, Illinois Couple Goes Viral After Finding McDonald’s Old French Fries

If I’ve learned anything from our adventures in home renovations, it’s that people do weird things and leave weird things behind, and a couple from Crystal Lake named Rob and Grace Jones recently received a wacky order. from McDonald’s.

According to Northwest Herald;

Jones said he was remodeling the bathroom in his home when, after removing the toilet paper holder, he noticed something inside the wall.

“As I was pulling the backing off, I can feel there’s something in there,” Jones said. “I was scared to open it. You see stories of far worse things than people can find within their walls. My wife and I love true crime stories.

What Rob Jones found is this, according to his recent article on Reddit...

slamminsammy2109 (Rob Jones) via Redditt

slamminsammy2109 (Rob Jones) via Reddit

Now, some might consider this image as further proof of the unpleasant longevity of McDonald’s food since the fries always look crispy, but hopefully others will appreciate it as a truly historic find. Fox 32 Chicago reports;

The peculiar logos on the bag and packaging that Jones found appeared to be from the first and original 1950s logowith Speedee, the original McDonald’s mascot before Ronald McDonald, holding a sign reading: “I’m Faster” and “Bespoke Burgers”.

Rob Jones has confirmed that his home was built in 1959 and is located right next to one of Crystal Lake’s first McDonald’s. He therefore assumes that the ancient food was left behind by the builders of his house. How wild is that?!?

After Rob Jones’ Reddit post went viral, many people asked him to taste those still crispy fries after more than 60 years, but I really hope he continues to respectfully refuse those requests. I think he should just put them back inside the bathroom wall for another owner to find decades later!

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