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After 93 years of pride on campus, the Beaumont Tower inspires us in so many ways. Have you ever wondered why Beaumont Tower only has one tall spire? A campus caption states that the three shorter spiers are actually unfinished, representing the idea that learning and education are part of a journey that is never complete. Photo by Nick Schrader.

An early summer sunset creates vertical streaks of light in the Munn Pinetum. Photo by Jacob Templin-Fulton.

The windows of the Natural Sciences Building provide an ideal vantage point to observe and be inspired by campus activity. Photo by Nick Schrader.

Gilchrist Hall’s bright windows reveal a plethora of stained glass panels. Photo by Nick Schrader.

A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, but the roses that bloom in MSU’s horticultural gardens are just a little sweeter. The horticultural gardens are free and open to the public, and it’s a great time to visit and see the full blooms of late spring and early summer. Photo by Nick Schrader.

Monet’s Pond in the 4-H Kindergartens of Michigan seems like the perfect place for a group of ducklings to practice their swimming technique. Photo by Jacob Templin-Fulton.

While the weather this week has fluctuated from pleasant and cool to very hot, plants in MSU greenhouses can weather the storm in air-conditioned comfort. Photo by Nick Schrader.

Colorful paper butterflies add an artistic element to an MSU greenhouse. Photo by Nick Schrader.

A campus squirrel peeks out from behind a tree branch. With many Spartans away from campus during the summer semester, we’re sure the regular supply of friendly student snacks is missing. Photo by Nick Schrader.

While it’s quite surprising to find a pineapple growing in a typical Michigan garden, it does call home the WJ Beal Botanical Garden. The garden preserves over 2,000 plant taxa, acting as an outdoor living laboratory as well as a serene garden space. Photo by Jacob Templin-Fulton.

A set of stairs in downtown East Lansing have been given a rainbow makeover, perfect for Pride Month. Photo by Nick Schrader.

A model of equine elegance grazes in the meadow near the Center for Teaching and Research of the Horse. One of South Campus’ animal farms, the center is home to one of the oldest continuous Arabian horse breeding programs in the United States. Photo by Nick Schrader.

The setting sun illuminates waves of golden crops in the agricultural fields south of campus. Photo by Jacob Templin-Fulton.

Endless rows of corn in MSU’s farm fields enjoy the last rays of sunshine of the day. Photo by Jacob Templin-Fulton.

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