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It’s hard to imagine a better forecast for the whole week ahead than this: mostly dry, with only a few showers possible on Tuesday, and seasonal temperatures throughout the day, which means daytime highs of 60 to 65 and pre-dawn lows of 40 to 45.

For those of us who consider early and mid-autumn the best time of year in the Berkshires, almost on par with late spring, the outlook for the next 10 days is hard to beat.

Monday is expected to be the mildest day of the week, despite partly cloudy skies followed by more clouds on Tuesday, but just an outside chance of rain. Wednesday through Saturday generally clear skies, lots of sunshine during the day, and cool, chilly nights, perfect for stargazing with a waning moon and cloudless evenings.

After three months of turbulent weather, unusual precipitation, and excessive tropical heat and humidity, the forecast, at least until the second week of October, appears to be a welcome respite for residents and visitors who flock to the area. area with cameras at the ready for postcard photography.

The Climate Prediction Center’s long-term outlook for western New England calls for slightly above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation for the next two weeks.

Al fresco dining at the Southfield store

Diners and their canine companions sit outside in the sun and eat at the Southfield Store in Southfield on Sunday morning as a tourist takes a photo with his phone.

National overview

Much of the country is also enjoying a quiet start to the week.

Exceptions include the southwestern desert, where severe thunderstorms and flash flooding continue until Tuesday morning. Wet, gloomy weather sweeps through the Pacific Northwest, moving into the Great Basin states of Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Meanwhile, red flag warnings and fire weather watches have been issued in parts of southern Oregon, northwestern Nevada and northern / central Sierra Nevada.

Fall weather is a late arrival in the Great Plains and Midwest, with highs well above average in the upper 80s and lower 90s. Warm temperatures, low relative humidity and gusty winds could result in critical weather conditions for fires in parts of the central and southern plains. Red flag warnings have been issued for parts of south-central Kansas and north-central Oklahoma.

Later this week, heavy rains could flood southern parts of the Rockies and Plains. Scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected over southern Florida, with highs near 85. Most parts of the west are expected to experience below normal temperatures this weekend and next weekend.

Fall foliage overview

Autumn leaves

Splashes of color are starting to brighten up the Berkshire landscape – as evidenced by the Route 7 Sunday corridor in Lee – with the start of the fall foliage season a few days late.

Splashes of color are starting to brighten up the Berkshire landscape, with the start of the fall foliage season a few days late.

“The classic foliage walk is truly the centuries-old tradition, getting cider donuts and enjoying a country drive,” said Jim Salge, Yankee Magazine’s foliage expert and former Mount Washington meteorologist in New Hampshire. “Normal weather gives the best foliage because the trees are used to the prevailing climate in which they grow,” he told USA Today. “Areas that have experienced near-normal weather will experience the best color.”

Here in western New England and the surrounding area, from the New York Adirondacks to the Atlantic coast, it has been anything but normal. Precipitation has doubled to triple the average total since late June.

But, the far north of New England has been relatively dry, and this is where the most vibrant and early color can be spotted easily and early.

But, the spike will be brief, Salge said.

“For well-watered central and southern New England, the setup for the fall remains encouraging,” said Salge.

The foliage lasts longer after a wet summer, he pointed out.

“We expect a season in central and southern New England to be on time or later than historical averages,” he said.

For Vermont, New Hampshire, and upstate New York, peak fall foliage typically occurs in late September and the first week of October. But, this year, it could happen closer to the second week of October, predicts.

Normal foliage viewing spans six weeks, so the October 8-11 holiday weekend is the target this year for the Berkshires and southern Vermont. But the south coast of Connecticut and Rhode Island won’t peak until late October or early November, a little later than average.

Climate update

The opening of the eyes of this week of “who knew? Desk: The Washington Post reports that about a quarter of Americans are reducing their meat consumption, many worry that animal husbandry causes up to 15 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Yet for all of the humans observing meatless Mondays, opting for impossible burgers, or swearing entirely on meat, 180 million furry members of American households are fed beef, lamb, poultry, or pork almost every day. meal.


Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles estimate that dogs and cats account for up to 30 percent of the environmental impact of eating meat in the United States.

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles estimate that dogs and cats account for up to 30 percent of the environmental impact of eating meat in the United States. If American pets were their own country, they would eat the fifth meat in the world, the Post’s climate office said.

Fueled by a wave of pet acquisitions in the event of the coronavirus pandemic, Americans now spend more than $ 40 billion a year on pet food and treats – with many stores offering almost exclusively traditional options to meat base.

But wait ! – the two largest pet food companies, Mars and Nestlé, are developing insect-based alternatives for dogs and cats. A Petco survey found that 55% of customers love the idea of ​​using sustainable alternative protein ingredients in pet foods.

According to Francesca Mahoney, sustainability manager at Petco, Millennials, the fastest growing pet parenting segment, are eager to buy eco-friendly products and are willing to pay extra for them.

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