The man begins a diet of beer for Lent; fundraising for local businesses

CINCINNATI (WXIX/ Gray News) – Lent begins Wednesday and in some Christian denominations it is often a time for people to give up something to remember the sacrifices Jesus made.

Popular sacrifices include food or drink, or some activity that may not be right for you.

A Cincinnati man gives up all food and most drinks to drink only beer for the next 46 days.

Del Hall is on a beer-only diet (plus water, black coffee, and herbal tea) for the third year in a row during Lent.

He says the goals are simple: to lose weight and help local restaurants and bars during the pandemic. And he asks you to help these companies too.

“I only drink three to five beers a day,” says Hall. “It’s not like I’m constantly drinking. If you follow your standard diet it gets boring, you don’t eat the same thing every day. So, I’m definitely not going to drink the same thing every day.

This is the third season of Lent that Hall is on a beer diet for Lent.

He says that every year he loses 40 to 50 pounds by getting all of his calories from beer. Not only does he lose weight every year, it also lowers his cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

“The human body is an amazing thing,” says Hall. “We are used to living like hunter-gatherers, partying and famine. The problem is, we are no longer going through famine.

Hall is co-owner of Brewery 16 lots to Mason. He knows firsthand how the pandemic has affected bars, restaurants and breweries.

This Lent, he will raise funds for these local businesses thanks to Sgt. Del’s virtual tip jar.

“This industry has been damaged,” says Fowling Cincinnati co-owner Joe Frank. “What Del does for the bar and restaurant workers is awesome.”

Hunting hunting Deposit is a unique bar and warehouse in Oakley. He says he has gone from 32 employees before the pandemic to 12 now.

“Employees have been hit the hardest,” says Frank. “The business itself from an ownership perspective, there are loans and things you can get. But employees only had a small window of help from the government.

At the end of Lent, Hall will take all the money he has raised and share it fairly with bars and restaurants that apply to be part of the fundraiser. And don’t worry, he says safety is important and he always has a designated driver.

“A beer today will affect me in a different way than it will have in a week,” says Hall, “I kind of have to stay aware of this. Last year I went Uber platinum because I use Uber so much.

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