The Loftie alarm clock can replace your smartphone and help you sleep

From what we eat to the environment we sleep in, there are several ways to prevent any attempt at sleep for a full eight hours. One of the newest ways to sabotage our sleep is by using technology in bed late at night and using our phones as alarm clocks. According to Northwest Medicinethe blue light emitted by smartphones, tablets and laptops is twice as harmful to our sleep as a cup of coffee before bed.

To combat this, the tech company Lofty created an alarm clock to kick smartphones out of the bedroom without making you late in the morning. Their product also aims to help users establish a better tech-life balance.

the Loftie alarm clock really shines with its thoughtful and customizable features. Through the device itself or the brand’s app (used for initial clock setup), you can choose your alarm tone, volume, time, and weekly frequency.

The clock has a two-phase alarm system so you won’t be shaken out of bed. The first tone is a soft noise that will start rousing you from your sleep. A few minutes later, this is followed by a second sound, which will get a little louder to encourage you to fully wake up. With the built-in Bluetooth speaker, you can listen to podcasts, music, or Loftie’s wellness content, which includes guided breathwork and meditations in addition to a variety of white noise and soundscapes from the nature. The alarm clock features an adjustable, warm nightlight and a blackout function so you can have an undisturbed atmosphere. Plus, it has a polycarbonate shell, weighs just under 2 pounds, and takes up about 18 square inches of your nightstand.

Many self-proclaimed smartphone obsessives have already been surprised at how much this alarm clock helps them shed their tech addiction before sleep. “It literally freed me from my phone overnight, and my sleep and overall energy [are] already noticeably better,” wrote one reviewer. Another customer was so happy with the device that he bought a second one to have with his partner. They especially like the two-phase alarm system. “I usually hate waking up in the morning, but the first ‘wake up’ sounds are nice [and] they don’t get me out of bed because I know I have a few more minutes to sleep before I have to ‘get up’ with phase two,” the reviewer wrote.

Be sure to check the Loftie alarm clockand when you use the code PREMIUM on orders of $165 or more, you can get 10% off your purchase.

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