The ‘Joker: Folie a Deux’: 5 things we know about the Oscar-winning Joaquin Phoenix sequel

Todd Phillips, the director of the 2019 Oscar-winning feature film “Joker”, has officially confirmed that he has written a script for the sequel to his 2019 Oscar-winning film, with a working title “”. The 2019 film was the most financially successful comic book movie ever made. But we now know there is real progress on the sequel.

Whatever you think of “Joker”, we can all agree that Arthur Fleck is a different kind of Clown Prince of Crime – one with plenty of future possibilities. Director Todd Phillips previously said a Joker sequel is possible, and his new confirmation via an Instagram post has left comic book fans ecstatic. We already know that Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur won’t be moving to the regular DC timeline to take on Robert Pattinson’s “Batman,” so the multiverse theories are out. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t more Joker-verse stories to tell.


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Who are the writers of the ‘Joker’ sequel?

Phillips posted a cover page of the script, which he co-wrote with Joker partner Scott Silver, along with a snapshot of Joaquin Phoenix reading it. “Joker” has grossed $1.07 billion worldwide, a staggering amount for a film with a relatively low budget by comic book standards. “Joker” garnered 11 Oscar nominations in all, with composer Hildur Gudnadottir earning the highest score in addition to Phoenix’s triumph.

What is the title set for the sequel to “Joker”?

Phillips also said the working title is “Joker: Madness For Two,” which refers to a medical word for a mental state that affects two or more people. While “Joker” takes some liberties with the “Batman” mythos, the tale was nonetheless influenced by major comic book works such as “The Killing Joke.” “The ‘Joker’ movie has been hailed for acting more like one of Martin Scorsese’s first feature films than a comic book movie, despite the involvement of a young Bruce Wayne.

When did the creators come up with the idea for the sequel?

Shortly after the film’s release in 2019, Silver and Phillips discussed a possible sequel with then-Warner Bros. film director Toby Emmerich. The Hollywood Reporter said in 2019 that Phillips would return to develop a Joker sequel, and this week that the filmmaker could act as an advisor on DC’s upcoming projects for Warner Bros. Phoenix won the Best Actor Oscar for his performance as Arthur Fleck, a deranged guy who transforms into a folksy villain-type figure at the end of the film.

Is there a Batman-Joker crossover?

Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’ survived a pandemic shutdown and actor Robert Pattinson caught COVID the day after the film reopened to become one of the top global blockbusters of the pandemic era, raking in 770.3 million dollars in worldwide box office receipts. “The Batman” and “Joker” exist in a separate continuity from previous DC adaptations, and Reeves even cast Barry Keoghan in a cameo appearance as a different version of the Joker. Even though every other movie studio tried to replicate the Marvel model of having heroes and villains appear in each other’s movies, Warner Bros. opted to let filmmakers Todd Phillips and Matt Reeves craft completely separate storylines. That’s not to say “Joker” and “The Batman” won’t inspire new ideas, but there was never any talk of pitting Robert Pattinson’s hero against Phoenix’s Clown Prince of Crime.

What is the sequel to “Joker”?

Although Phillips’ Instagram post didn’t provide any plot details for the upcoming “Joker” movie, the title has some fascinating connotations. Folie à deux, which means “shared madness”, is a colloquial expression for a shared delusional state. This could reference how Gotham City embraces Arthur’s villainy in the first movie, but it could also imply that Phillips’ sequel will feature his own take on Joker’s main (and, really, only) ally in life. , crime and madness, Harley Quinn – who was previously played by Kaley Cuoco (in animation) and Margot Robbie (in live-action).

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