‘The Great Giveback’: Fans ‘hate’ design choices Melissa and Jenna made, call it ‘ugly’

Melissa and Jenna, a duo of cousins ​​from Illinois, assist a social worker this time after a successful season premiere. However, some of the design choices of new HGTV presenters are being questioned by viewers.

Kadee and Mynor are this lovely couple who are surprised by the hosts because they thought they were signing up for a random house renovation project. Kadee, Mynor’s wife, nominated him for a house renovation. Kadee thinks her husband, who works tirelessly for at-risk youth in Hollywood, deserves it. She wants to honor and appreciate her wife with the help of Melissa and her cousin, Jenna.


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Mynor comes from a large family of ten siblings. In the midst of this, they had to grow up in a lot of poverty. Mynor had to go from place to place as a child. His parents were both alcoholics, which resulted in him and his siblings being placed in foster care. His wife argues that he could have easily given up and thrown in the towel, leaving him aimless in life, but he didn’t. When things got tough, he didn’t give up and kept going, persevering. Kadee thinks that’s why he deserves recognition and appreciation so others can understand how hard he worked and what he overcame.

Mynor is Program Director at Oasis of Hollywood, a non-profit organization in Los Angeles, California that enjoys inspiring hope, faith, and promise to marginalized children and teens. He was one of the children who was brought up in the program and received a lot of help. They were like an anchor for his family, guiding them through the storyline. Growing up, Mynor felt a lot of rage and resentment, which led him down the wrong path for a while. He tries to live by his mother’s last words, “just trying to do good”, and that’s where his heart rests.

Their property needs a makeover as it has become a second home for the people they deal with, such as teenagers and children who feel like a family away from their real family. Both Melissa and Jenna think their apartment has a tough vibe to it, which contrasts with the couple, who are just nice and friendly. Mynor reveals his wish to own a bathtub in which he can bathe his body and relax while talking with the creative actors. The duo also admit to loving warm hues like moody green and even brass. Mynor says her favorite bedroom style is “mid-century modern.” Melissa told the couple that she would warm up the property and make it a comfortable place to land.

Jenna wanted a better closet layout for the pair and improved lighting for the space when discussing ideas for the renovation. Because the couple collects memorabilia, the hosts decide to incorporate them as well, but with something a little more unique. They also planned to give the couple a bathtub as a surprise. They summon Brandon from the construction crew to demolish the “many” showers and begin work on a brand new bathroom. The purpose was to keep the toilets. They also plan to remove the shelves to make way for a large shower and tub.

Melissa and Jenna sit down with their design team member, Nicole, in a design studio in Los Angeles, with cocktails in hand, to explore ideas for the adorable young couple. As the layout of the bathroom is unusual, they plan to demolish it and replace it with a single large powder room. They work on the tiles to achieve the mid-century look they desire, which ultimately doesn’t sit well with viewers. They took to social media to express their displeasure with the tile design. One fan wrote, “What’s that wall behind the tub? Besides ugly I mean! #TheGreatGiveback Also the floor by the toilet is bad too. WTF?”

Another fan tweeted, “Love tile but hate wall tile! Too busy. #TheGreatGiveback #livetweetcrew #onhgtv”

They also offer to build a black double sink so they can both work there. The bedroom in the craftsman’s former Hollywood home seems to be running out of storage space, so they plan to move the bed to build a system with drawers. Closet doors, with their attractive hardware, would create the impression of built-in storage. They are considering installing a bespoke credenza as there is no longer room for a traditional chest of drawers. However, the end result wasn’t well received by viewers, as one tweeted, “This DIY splashback is literal… #TheGreatGiveback #livetweetcrew #onhgtv”

They decide to add texture to the walls to make the place stand out. The cousin duo end up looking for a tub and have fun trying them out by stepping in and experiencing the real feel. Melissa also decides to sew the newlyweds a large lumbar pillow as a personal touch. She takes out the sewing machine from her school and sews the pillowcase herself. Fans are in awe of the gesture, which they recount to Melissa working on her sewing machine while wearing her Adidas. One fan tweeted: “The fact that Melissa McCarthy uses a sewing machine she got in middle school/high school while wearing Adidas makes me love her more. Don’t spoil this on me with some info, I don’t want to know. We are all problematic.”

Tune in to HGTV next Monday at 9 p.m. to watch another family’s home renovated by the celebrity team.

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