The five safest cities in the world after the pandemic



The capital of Japan ranked fifth in the overall index and at the top of the Health Security Index, which measures factors such as universal health care, pandemic preparedness, life expectancy, mental health and mortality related to Covid-19. Although cases rose during the Olympics, rates fell dramatically, with vaccinations reaching nearly 60% of the population. In light of the positive news, Japan announced the end of the federal state of emergency and the gradual lifting of restrictions from the end of September 2021. In their place, the country plans to encourage the use of its vaccination passport for admission to medical establishments and major events, and even to encourage companies to offer discounts or coupons to passport holders.

Tokyo also ranked in the top five for infrastructure security, which includes transportation safety, pedestrian friendliness, and transportation networks. As a pedestrian city connected by rail, Tokyo was built to encourage walking and community engagement – which has, in turn, led to greater citizen participation in safety in the form of prevention and neighborhood crime watch; and a shared sense of responsibility for crime. prevention.

“From the various centers of lost and found objects at stations to the almost useless bike locks, there is immense respect for the well-being of others,” said Sena Chang, Tokyo resident and founder of The Global Youth magazine. Review.

She remembers a time when she lost her shopping bag in the heart of the city, only to find it in the same place where she left it, accompanied by a nice little note. “A centuries-old culture of collectivism and great mutual respect make Tokyo the safest city I have lived in,” she said.

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