The family now have a decade of goofy Christmas photos

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A local resident’s idea of ​​taking awkward Christmas photos has become a crazy holiday tradition.

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It’s been a decade since Melissa Bowles, her husband Kurtis, and their three children started posing for awkward Christmas family photos.

One of Facebook’s many comments on the 2021 release said, “You’re rock! These are so priceless! A great way to spread the holiday cheer and laughter! “

Bowles credits Darcy Preece Photography, who has been touring with Bowles since 2012, for bringing his ideas to life.

“Every year as we take these photos, I like the idea of ​​people looking at them who don’t know us and wondering, ‘What’s going on, are they serious? “said Melissa.

Melissa and her husband both have large extended families and each year they receive Christmas cards.

“These photos that everyone sends [showcase] people dressed up in front of a Christmas tree or with a nice background, big smiles like they all love life, ”she said.

One day, she came across a friend’s discussion thread with embarrassing family photos attached.

“It made me laugh, so I had this idea to try something different,” Melissa said.

Hoping to be unique but creative, Melissa came up with the idea of ​​taking an awkward Christmas photo to her husband, who easily gave in. Melissa posted the first awkward Christmas photo of her family on Facebook in 2012.

I didn’t expect to have the reaction she had, ”she said.

Another fun aspect of getting the whole family involved in awkward Christmas photos is having your kids now think it’s normal.

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“As they get older, they start to ask more about what’s going on in the photo and what they’ll wear. So they’re excited, ”Melissa said.

After 2012 had passed, the following year she struggled with the idea of ​​taking another creative and awkward Christmas photo.

“My intention was just a one-off photo, but then it got me thinking, yeah, we can definitely go beyond our photo and improve it,” Melissa said.

The goofy Christmas photo from 2013 was once again a hit on Melissa’s social media.

“The comments were that you can’t do better. So now it was almost a challenge to continue. And just like that, we started this crazy tradition, ”said Melissa.

According to the growing fan base of the annual clunky Christmas photos of the Bowles family, the most popular so far has been the 2020 edition. One of Melissa’s Facebook comments under the 2020 Christmas photos read: “They are all so good, but this one is my favorite haha. ”

To see all of the goofy photos of the Bowles family, visit / melissa.bowles.54 .

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