The essentials you might not be packing for Walt Disney World

A vacation at Walt Disney World Resort is first and foremost a vacation, but planning and preparing for the trip can sometimes feel like a full-time job with reservations, schedules and more before you arrive. Packaging is especially important because Guests don’t want to be left without an item that ends up being essential at the Disney Parks.

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Sure, sunscreen and toiletries are obvious items to pack, but there are also other essentials that are often overlooked that can help make vacations even more magical by preventing hiccups and making it easier things. These essential items can make all the difference on your Walt Disney World Resort vacation and should be on every guest’s packing list.

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Instant coffee

One of the smallest things that can add up over time, whether at home or at Walt Disney World Resort, is coffee. Guests who drink one or more cups a day will absolutely need their morning fix before long days at the Disney parks, and a fantastic way to satisfy that craving without breaking the bank is to brew instant coffee. Several popular brands sell instant coffee packets and guests can easily use them in their Disney Resort rooms in the morning to enjoy their drink first or even take them with them to the Disney parks to easily prepare a caffeinated drink. at any time. the day.

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Laundry bag

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laundry bags

Every guest knows the feeling of walking into a pristine Disney Resort room and wondering where this place went at the end of their stay. With lots of personal household items as well as keepsakes and other things adding up, a room can quickly become messy and cluttered, but a simple item packed at home can help make a big difference. Customers should absolutely pack designated bags for dirty household laundry, whether garbage bags, bins, etc. By having a designated bag for each individual guest, laundry goes straight into the bag at the end of each day instead of being thrown away, and then can also be thrown straight into the washing machine when it comes home with no sorting necessary .

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Duffle bag

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Additional baggage

Guests should also always plan to bring one extra piece of luggage when vacationing at Walt Disney World Resort. A great option is a soft duffle bag that can break down and be folded into luggage when packing at home. Every guest has been there when they realize that things don’t quite fit in their luggage like they used to and they may have bought a few too many souvenirs to go home in one bag. Having an extra duffel bag or something similar provides a little wiggle room, and relatively large bags still meet many airlines’ cabin size restrictions.



Light layers

The Walt Disney World Resort is obviously located in Central Florida where the humidity can soar and the sun can sometimes feel like five feet away, but there are also plenty of opportunities to get cold. ! During off-seasons, Central Florida can get a little chilly at night, and guests also tend to forget that many attractions and experiences are located indoors where the air conditioning is always pumping. It can be easy to get cold at times, so guests should definitely plan to bring light layers, ideally something that can pack down to a small size so it’s convenient to carry around with them. Disney parks.

Bottle of water

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Refillable water bottle with filter

Florida water can taste quite unpleasant to those unaccustomed to it, and instead of wasting tons of money on bottled water throughout their Walt Disney World Resort vacation, guests should plan to pack a reusable option. Better for the environment, reusable options are widely available and many even come with built-in filters that make it easy to fill any water fountain while eliminating the strong taste of Florida water. Having a refillable bottle on hand at all times also helps Guests stay hydrated, which is essential when enduring high temperatures and extensive Disney Park rides.

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aloe gel



Guests who don’t make it a priority to stay hydrated and continually apply sunscreen are sure to find themselves burnt out pretty quickly at Walt Disney World Resort. It happens to the best of us, and one easy packing item that guests should always plan to bring is a small bottle of aloe. This gel will immediately help relieve the pain of a sunburn, and while it can be purchased at any Disney resort, it’s much cheaper to buy in advance and pack it just in case. or.

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fire stick


fire stick

After a long day at the Disney Parks, many Guests look forward to relaxing in bed and watching TV to unwind at the end of the night. Disney resorts have TVs and basic cable access, but guests who want to enjoy the show they’re currently showing or even a selection of movies should plan ahead and pack a Fire Stick. . This little device can plug into any TV and allow guests to access any streaming service they subscribe to, making it a great addition to any packing list.



Extra socks

Any guest who has ever traveled to Walt Disney World Resort, especially in the summer, knows the torrential rains that can strike at any time. That being said, guests can never pack enough socks, ever. If you think you’ve had enough, pack more and always have a spare pair or two on hand to avoid wet feet all day.

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