The Crawley family light up the streets in honor of the grandparents who both died of COVID-19

The family of a Crawley couple known for their brilliant Christmas lights will put the display in their memory.

Brigida and Domenico Petrazzuolo were taken to hospital in January after contracting COVID-19.

However, the beloved couple, both 74, sadly both passed away from the virus, prompting their family to pay tribute to them.

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Brigida sadly passed away on January 31 while Domenico passed away on February 18 – they leave behind two children, a son, Ciro, and a daughter, Luisa, and seven grandchildren.

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Their funeral was well attended, with many standing outside their home on Weddell Road to pay their final respects to the couple.

The Tilgate couple became known for their wonderful Christmas lights which delighted many passers-by.

Although he always said it was his last year to put them together, Domenico loved the reaction of the kids and kept doing so for many years to come.

Their son Ciro, 51, refused to forget about their Christmas act and pledged to set up their light show as a special Christmas fundraiser.

Ciro described his parents as “absolutely wonderful people” who have given a lot to charity to help those in need, with his light display set up to make his grandchildren and the community happy.

In the past it wasn’t just the exterior that was lit, however, whenever Domenico saw families looking at his lights, he invited them inside into what Ciro describes as akin to the “cave. of Father Christmas “.

The lights were respected throughout the community, which Ciro is very proud to know,

“I saw someone on Facebook say, ‘Does anyone know when the lights come on on Weddell Road?’

“I had to say ‘yes, I will do it myself this year’ – it’ll choke me to turn them on without them.

“My dad won an award for his Christmas lights and I framed it on the wall in my apartment – I would like my own photo to be taken with the lights on this year to put it next to him.”

Domenico and Brigida unfortunately lost their battle with COVID earlier this year
Domenico and Brigida unfortunately lost their battle with COVID earlier this year

The exhibit will be unveiled next Thursday (December 2) at 7:30 p.m. at their property in Weddell Road, with all donations welcome.

Ciro explained how his parents would react to this year’s show.

“They would be amazed,” he said,

“As we were turning on the lights my dad would probably have looked at us and said, ‘You bunch of muppets, you’re doing everything wrong,'” he joked.

On the charity they fundraise for, NHS Charities Together, Ciro was also full of praise.

“They looked after my parents until their very last day – they do so much for us.

“It’s good to raise money for them – we’ll be holding a bucket for all donations at the start-up next week.”

Earlier this year, Brigida’s niece, Elisabetta from Cistofano, told SussexLive: “I will miss my aunt with all my heart and I will miss Christmas by going to her house to look at the Christmas decorations.

“It was the most amazing and craziest sets I have seen, growing up and taking my two daughters out every year to look outside and inside was so beautiful.

“I will always remember the family reunions and the laughs, I will always remember the times when together you used to slip £ 5 bills into the girls’ hands and tell them to shut up and do Like nothing ever happened.”

For more details on the fundraiser that was launched in their memory, visit the Just Giving website by clicking here.

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