The Best Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Souvenirs, Merchandise and Memorabilia to Buy Now

Memories of the Queen’s coronation in 1953 linger in many homes across Britain. I clearly remember visiting my own great-grandmother and spending the entire drive trying to decide whether to drink my hot chocolate from a coronation cup or from Charles and Diana’s. . Which means it’s probably worth buying something well ahead of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June, because a little person might just be transfixed by them in years to come.

However, it is important to buy the right souvenirs. As anyone who has walked into a British tourist shop will know, royal memorabilia can run the gamut, from boring to really lovely (and very valuable). This year, brands seem to be going beyond the traditional tea towel and are releasing watches, scarves and cute medallions that reference the Jubilee without getting too deep into Union Jack territory.

Apart from cups and teapots – which are produced in the millions – the key is to find pieces that celebrate the Queen and her reign, but can be enjoyed long after the Jubilee celebrations have ended. Fortunately, heritage design is all the rage right now – which means there’s plenty to offer.

A quick note: you may find that some of the best items below are unavailable on any given day. Interest in Platinum Jubilee memorabilia is so high that many of the most sought-after products sell out immediately, only to be restocked later, so it’s always worth checking back. The Royal Collection and The Royal Mint have an “email me when product is back in stock” option on sold out items.

The Best Platinum Jubilee Souvenirs to Buy

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