The best places to buy loungewear online

Once upon a time, loungewear was an afterthought. It was the kind of clothes you could afford after a long day at hard clothesor wear it around the house for a weekend before returning to the office on Monday morning.

But lately, times have changed. As more and more jobs have gone entirely remote, loungewear has become an everyday staple for people who work from home. From stretchy leggings to oversized sweatshirts, the best loungewear offers a great mix of style and comfort, and in inclusive sizes designed to flatter all bodies.

Below are 10 of the best places to get more bang for your buck if you’re looking for smart casual wear that will stand the test of time and, more importantly, still help you look good on Zoom meetings.

1. Nap

If you’re a fan of midday power naps (especially now that you are working from home), loungewear for naps might be just right for you. This brand specializes in sophisticated clothing that you’ll want to snuggle up to, whether you’re on time or not. You can grab elegant turtleneck sweatshirts, track setsand other memorable rooms up to XXXL to create your ideal set, including options for men in sizes up to XXL. You only have up to 15 days to return most items by courier, so if you are in doubt about your order, be sure to keep this short window in mind before removing the price tags.

Shop: Siesta

2. Foams

The beauty of Skims loungewear is that these pieces have been designed to fit all kinds of body shapes. With sizes available up to 4X, many of these snuggly pieces are flatter yet sporty enough to provide support when you’re on the go. Whether you’re in the mood for monochrome sweaters Where bodycon basics, Skims has a little something for every type of lounger. You can return most orders within 30 days for a refund, although they are subject to a $6 return shipping fee.

Shop: skimmed

3. Tommy John

For lightweight, breathable tops and bottoms you can easily transition from the couch to your next Zoom call, try Tommy John loungewear. Henley Shirts and joggers are among the most popular options on the site, but you can also find soft shorts and other essentials worth buying in sizes up to XXL. This retailer also offers an extensive selection of men’s loungewear, in sizes up to XXL. You will have up to 30 days to return unwanted duds, and you can mail them back or drop them off at a nearby physical store.

Shop: Tommy Jean

4. Girlfriend Collective

As one of the hottest athleisure brands right now, Girlfriend Collective specializes in fashionable clothing that’s also extremely functional, like workout dresses and these sporty skirts which have built-in compression shorts. You can buy Girlfriend Collective leggings, fleece jackets & hoodies, and more in sizes up to 6XL. This brand also offers non-gendered items that can adapt to all body types, such as these leggings and that quilted vest, both available in sizes up to size 12 in select shades. All items are also ethically made from recycled materials and most can be returned within a 30 day window. Buyers in the United States can return or exchange items through the mail or at select drop-off locations, but a $7 restocking fee applies to all mail-in returns, so keep that in mind when shopping.

Shop: girlfriend collective

5. Amazon

Whether you’re checking out the Amazon Basics range or browsing big name brands at discounted prices, Amazon is a heavy hitter when it comes to online shopping. You can find all kinds of affordable and cute Amazon loungewear for women and Men on the site, including leggings, sweatshirts, printed pajamas, and more, with sizes varying by brand. For Prime members, you can get Free returns on most items for up to 30 days, and choose to have your items mailed back or dropped off at select locations.

Shop: Amazon

6. Area

With size options available between XXS and XXXL, Aerie loungewear is a fun choice for everyday casual looks, especially for younger shoppers. From hoodies at Henley Tees (and even velvet flares), this brand knows how to fuse fashion with function to create the kind of wardrobe essentials you’ll find it hard to put down when it’s time to step out of the house. You can even buy great men’s loungewear selections on the site. There are No time limit on returns, and you can choose to start the process in-store or by mailing back any items you are unsure about.

Shop: Area

7. Old Navy

Old Navy loungewear could be one of the top reasons to shop at this retailer. You can grab sets for the whole family (including Men), with most prices below $35. And, because Old Navy is known for selling all the time, you’ll probably find joggers, shorts, change dresses, and other garments in sizes up to 4XL for even less than that. In this store (which offers returns on most items in 45 days purchase), you can also find a lot of maternity loungewearmaking it an interesting destination for those waiting.

Shop: Old Navy

8. Intimate Somas

When Sunday scares make you feel more uneasy, Soma loungewear can provide some much-needed relief. This brand offers sets and separate as leggings and tees in sizes up to XXL, and they’re versatile enough to work as everyday staples. If you want to layer up, you can also buy soft knits. Returns are available within 60 days of purchase (with certain restrictions), and you can return by mail or to the Soma store closest to you.

Shop: intimate somas

9. Nordstrom

If you prefer to buy from a retailer that carries a variety of brands (not just their own), Nordstrom is one of the best places to start and end your search. You can buy stylish labels like Zelle, barefoot dreams, BP.and others, as well as polo ralph lauren and UGG for men’s loungewear. Even Nordstrom’s basic loungewear is worth a look, like this wildly popular Moonlight set, available with either short Where long pants. Changed your mind after splurging on one of these trendy combos? There is no time limit for returns or exchangesand you can choose to bring your items back to the store for in-person returns or curbside drop-off, or mail them back.

Shop: Nordström

10. Target

Target has a number of house brands, but some of the retailer’s cutest and most affordable pieces come from the Wild Fable line. These Gen Z-friendly looks are often under $20, and you can find some highly rated products leggings, sweatshirtsand sweatpants to well below that range. If you’ve ever been tempted by Target loungewear as you strolled through the store but have never indulged before, consider buying everything online so you can shop from a fuller range of selections, with sizes up to 4X on many choices. Additionally, you can enter men’s loungewear Like sweatshirts, joggers, and more in sizes up to XXXL. The retailer offers Free returns up to 90 days (plus an additional 30 days if you paid with their credit card), and you can either mail things back or do it all right at the store.

Shop: Target

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