The best fun gifts in 2021

Some people are hard to buy. Some people have very specific tastes, while others just prefer their gifts to the, uh, humorous side. This novelty gift guide is for all of these people.

Whether you’re shopping for your witty friend or a grandpa with a surprising sense of humor, this list has all the unique and fun gifts we could think of.

The Internet is a large space, with many, numerous weird and wonderful gift ideas. So while this guide is a great place to start, we suggest you browse our sortable gift guides or our helpful gift finder if you’re looking for something perhaps a little less quirky.

Good gift to all!

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Best Selling Fun Gifts

Vinmax bed prism glasses

Do you know someone who is always on the phone, even when they are lying in bed? Of course you do. Give them these comical glasses that allow them to get comfortable and see their phone from any angle instead of dropping it on their face.

Bob Ross speaks Bobblehead

If you know someone who needs to remember that “we don’t make mistakes, we just have happy accidents,” this talking bobblehead will do. It even comes with a book full of paintings by Bob Ross!

Do not talk ! Cup of coffee

Do you know someone who literally can’t do anything without that first cup of coffee? They will deeply identify with this coffee mug that tells people exactly when it’s okay to talk.

Burrito blanket by Casofu

If you’ve got someone on your list who can’t get enough Chipotle, they’ll love this burrito blanket that went viral earlier this year. There is also an adorable baby version with a matching cap.

The best fun gifts

Voice Activated LED Face Mask

We’ve all been covering it up for a while, so why not find a way to make it fun? This LED face mask mimics your mouth as you speak and will have everyone laughing (or at least smiling).


Prepare to laugh and cry on your next game night. Mixing together old-school favorites like Phone and Pictionary, this “misunderstanding game” is perfect for family and friends of all ages. Best of all, you don’t have to be good at drawing to have a good time!

Toucan Toucan’t Tote Bag

Whether you’re feeling as upbeat or pessimistic as these toucans, it’s hard not to laugh when you see this puny tote bag.

Personalized photo socks MyPupSocks

Everyone appreciates a good fancy sock, especially if their face is covered in plaster! Pick their least flattering selfie to make it even more hilarious.

Best Funny Food Gifts

Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-Lock Ice Cream Protector

We all know someone who is extremely protective of their food, especially dessert. This gag gift is sure to put a smile on their face, while keeping them from arguing over who in the house ate their ice cream (again).

Pizza cover

Pair this delicious blanket with a gift card to their favorite pizza place and you’ve got the perfect gift for your pepperoni lover friend. If they prefer sweet treats, there are also throws that look like a waffle and one biscuit.

Taco boots

Do you know a new parent who wants to turn their newborn into a full-fledged gourmet? These handmade slippers will get them on the right track.

Pizza Jogger Sweatpants

Christmas pajamas are cute and all, but for pizza lovers, there is nothing cuter than a comfy pair of joggers featuring the goodness of cheese.

French baguette slippers

Carbohydrate lovers will definitely appreciate these bread-shaped slippers – or should we say loafers?

Avocado Grilled Chocolates

Have you heard that millennials don’t buy homes because they eat too much avocado toast? Whether it’s true or not, you can at least enjoy these hand-painted chocolates that look like the controversial brunch dish.

The best fun gifts in pop culture

Mean Girls Burn Book Party Game

Who is not a fan of “Mean Girls”? In this fun game, you can have your own burning book and write things about your friends anonymously based on the loaded questions. There is no limit to what you can write, but beware! Each player earns points for guessing who wrote one of the answers about them, so you might have to confess in the end.

Michael Scott Funko “The Office” Pop Figure

Do you know anyone who has been watching “The Office” in a burst lately? They will proudly display this collectible figure of Steve Carell’s adorably incompetent character, Michael Scott. Funko also makes a “Classy Santa” version if you are looking for something a little more festive. Other fan favorite characters, like Jim halpert and Pam beesly, are also available.

“Bob’s Burgers” clue

“Bob’s Burgers” is one of the most popular comedies around, and now the characters have been introduced to Clue’s world. You will search throughout the House of Belchers to solve the mystery while playing your favorite characters.

Chia Golden Girls Pet: Sophia

Everyone knows a Sophia. His keen, keen mind has stood the test of time. Any true “Golden Girls” fan may remember a wild zinger or two from the matriarch of the clan … which Dorothy did. not appreciate it as much as we do.

Best Fun Book Gifts

“I want to be where normal people are” by Rachel Bloom

Rachel Bloom has had a busy few years with the success of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”, upcoming stage and screen projects and the birth of her daughter. She concluded last year with a hilarious collection of essays that you are sure to enjoy.

“Save Yourself”, by Cameron Esposito

Actress Cameron Esposito is known for her hilarious appearances in stand-up comedies and podcasts. His wit shines in his memoirs, and Amazon readers have described it as a “balance between transformative vulnerability and endearing humor.”

“Read This If You Want To Be Famous On Instagram” By Henry Carroll

Is it just me, or does it seem like every teenager these days wants to be an influencer? While the title of this book is fun, it does contain some helpful tips on how to build a personal brand for anyone looking to get really famous on Instagram.

“Awkward Family Photos,” by Mike Bender and Doug Chernack

If you thought photos of your family were awkward, this book filled with questionable poses and outfits will make you feel a lot better.

Best Funny Coffee Gifts

‘Frap Queen’ Unisex T-Shirt

Loyal Starbucks fans will appreciate this T-shirt, available in three colors and sizes up to 3XL.

Lazy coffee mug

There’s nothing like a caffeine boost to help you focus on doing nothing. This sloth adorned coffee mug is perfect for your favorite coworker or lazy criminal partner.

Coffee socks

My mom gave these socks to my aunt last Christmas because every morning, instead of making her own coffee, she asks if anyone else is already on duty. Seems familiar?

Literary Coffee Mug

Your favorite bookworm probably already owns most of the books he plans to read. Instead, treat them to this smart mug to drink tea or coffee by the fireside while they snuggle up with their next epic romance.

Best fun wine gifts

Guzzle Buddy Wine Bottle Glass

This wine glass attaches to your favorite bottle of Pinot or Chardonnay – just what you need to get through the year.

‘On Cloud Wine’ coloring book

A few glasses of chardonnay could inspire them to come into contact with their creative side. This adult coloring book is a solid outlet for wine lovers looking for an artistic outlet.

Cushion “But first, champagne”

Some people respect wine on Wednesdays. Others start their morning with mimosas. Brunch, anyone?

“Don’t even ask” wine glass

This glass will let everyone at home know how your working day went.

Best Funny Animal Gifts

Royal Custom Animal Portrait

Pet portraits are all adorable, but a Renaissance animal portrait? It’s both cute and hilarious. Choose from 20 different backgrounds including King, Queen, Explorer, Inspector and more.

Monopoly: Unicorns vs. Llamas Edition

Are you Team Llama or Team Unicorn? Only one adorable creature can prevail in this kid-friendly edition of the classic board game.

Warmies Cozy Dino scented plush

Dinosaurs may have disappeared millions of years ago, but this one found its way into the 21st century. With a light lavender scent and microwave-friendly design, it’s the perfect cuddly companion for restless nights.

Funny Corgi Butt 3D Silicone Mouse Pad

If they’re the kind of dog lover who screams for joy every time they see a corgi in the wild, they’re going to go crazy over this silicone mouse pad.

‘World Domination for Cats’ T-shirt

If you have a friend who firmly believes cats are ready to take over the world, they’ll love to display it proudly with this witty shirt.

Spitzy the funny llama

This adorable llama makes noise while chewing and spitting, which is sure to get a lot of laughs.

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This gift guide was originally published on November 21, 2018.

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