Telltale should take on Doctor Who

Since its creation, Doctor Who delivered sci-fi mayhem for genre fans. It has had a long and varied history with over a dozen different actors playing the title character. Now the series is ramping up for Ncuti Gatwa’s debut as the 14th Doctor. Her introduction will mark the first time a black actor has taken on the role, and it’s hot on the heels of the first woman to lead the series with Jodie Whittaker. Like Doctor Who prepares to enter this new era, maybe it’s time he finally made his mark in the video game industry.


While Doctor Who had a few video games in its day, none of which ever really wowed audiences. The titles have mostly been a series of decent adventure games, and the most recent title was a foray into the VR landscape. In his heart, Doctor Who is an episodic sci-fi adventure through time and space. Games were never able to capture that exact feel, but maybe that’s because they never really got the right studio. Telltale Games has made a name for itself developing episodic adventures, and that could be a perfect fit for a new Doctor Who Game.

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Doctor Who struggled in the game

The show may dominate the sci-fi television landscape, but Doctor Who struggled in the video game industry. Over its lifetime, the series has only seen around 16 different titles. These games have spanned a range of genres such as side-scrollers, mobile games, adventure games, and even some VR adventures. While these titles never captured the same feeling as the series, they did provide a decent amount of fun for fans of the time-traveling doctor.

Perhaps the best known Doctor Who the games came in the form of adventure games. These titles were the first, and currently the only, Doctor Who games that were released as episodic adventures. There have been five adventures in total following Matt Smith’s run as Doctor. The series saw the Doctor take on the Daleks, Cybermen, Vashta Nerada, Sontarans, and mysterious Blue Worms. The games allow players to control the Doctor, Amy Pond, and Rory Williams through explorable 3D environments. While these games weren’t perfect, they were the closest to capturing the essence of the series. However, the license has since expired and the titles are no longer purchasable.

The series has since dipped its toes into the mobile market and VR space. Recently, two VR titles were released titled Doctor Who: End of Time and Doctor Who: On the Edge of Reality. None of these games received critical acclaim, but they did Doctor Who fans a chance to truly explore the world of Doctor Who with their own eyes. The series also dabbled in a horror mystery game with Doctor Who: The Lone Assassins. Just like the past Doctor Who games, these were fun for the fans but didn’t capture the same feeling the show gave them.

Telltale is the perfect match

Doctor Who video games shone brightest when they were in an episodic format thanks to adventure games. Over the years, Telltale Games has shown that it can create captivating episodic adventures with preset IPs. The winner The Walking Dead the game is a huge success, The iron Throne fans have fond memories of Telltale Obtained title, and it’s hard to forget Telltale’s antics in the Borderlands universe with Tales from the Borders. The studio has shown it can tell a story, and it’s the perfect choice for a Doctor Who Title.

A revealing game Doctor Who the title might sound the most like the TV series. It could be built much like a season of the show with episodic adventures that lead to a much bigger showdown in the finale. It could follow one of the old doctors like David Tennant or Tom Baker, or it could follow Ncuti Gatwa and serve as a way to promote the new season. It could also be a multi-doctor story involving high stakes and a global ending crisis, similar to the doctor’s day 50th anniversary. Whatever Telltale chooses, the title could be exactly what Doctor Who fans need.

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who turns around and a new actor is preparing to take the reins, now is the perfect time for a new Doctor Who episodic adventure in video games. While Telltale Games is currently hard at work on The Wolf Among Us 2the studio would be the perfect choice for a Doctor Who the show and the BBC should really consider letting her play in the Doctor Who Sandbox.

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