Tee Time, two artist friends crazy about golf

Léo and Ben are two friends who met in engineering school: golf and art have always brought them together to the point that today they have decided to embark on artistic creation and create a creative studio in Switzerland to Zurich where they live.

Their Studio LIM. (for Less Is More) offers TEE TIME as their first project. (with a point, please!) that Golf Planète presents to you today.

Departure time, project

Their objective: to offer very decorative photographs, inspired by the learning and movement of swing: the use of tees will draw its inspiration from abstract expressionism and minimalism.

Léo Chevailler and Ben Moreau told us about their interdisciplinary research drawn from the philosophy of the Bauhaus movement, using different mediums such as photography, design or computer science. “Our years of competitive golf have taught us fundamental values ​​in understanding and dialogue with oneself, the confidence to carry oneself and push oneself to excel.

It is the basis of the sport and in particular of golf where one is constantly confronted with oneself. During and after our studies, we developed this dialogue through different channels of creation: artistic, associative, entrepreneurial.

We were both sensitized to art by our respective families, from an early age. So much so that today, Ben has become a professional photographer with a passion for architecture and the Bauhaus school. We launched our Studio in order to exploit and channel this need for dialogue, for expression, this need to push our limits.

Golf being part of our life, it was natural to merge these two passions! This association created the TEE TIME project. “As mentioned above, the study of the Bauhaus has enabled us to understand how this movement was built on a philosophical model: bringing together different arts and different craft techniques to initiate the creations of tomorrow.

We underestimate all that this school has to bring to architecture, modern design and art in general, and that’s also why we also claim the Bauhaus spirit, this collaborative approach. Driven by this multidisciplinary creative spirit, TEE TIME.

also finds its source in the abstract works of Jackson Pollock and in particular in a new interpretation/use of his “Dripping” technique, with these notions of chaos and fractals which result from it”

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