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Have you ever wondered what influencers do all day? Each week, we’re going to chat with famous social media influencers to find out exactly what they are doing on average each day.

This week, we spoke to singer, YouTuber and influencer Talia Mar and she spilled the tea on creating content for her social media platforms including Twitch, how she first went viral and her tips for anyone who wants to follow in his footsteps …

Last name: Talia Mar

Age: 24 years

Social media platforms: Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter and Twitch

Talia Mar reveals how she blew up on social media

It’s probably a lot of budding influencers dreaming of going viral on social media and oddly enough, that’s exactly what happened to Talia Mar.

“My first makeup photo that I tweeted went viral and completely exploded, it helped me gain an audience and really took me by surprise!” she told us.

“Then I ended up with 10,000 followers on Twitter and really it all started from there. I started having people asking me to shoot YouTube videos so I posted tutorials and kept going. of the.”

“I worked at Chessington World of Adventures”

Before becoming a full-time influencer, Talia had actually worked in completely different fields (well, sort of).

“I worked at Chessington World of Adventures, I was a bartender for a while, I worked at a makeup stand for Smashbox, and I was a freelance makeup artist.

“Then when it all started to take off [when her tweet went viral], I quit my job and decided to try it full time and things just went from there. “

She added: “I never juggled a job and do it full time, I fully focused on being a content creator once I quit working which means I could devote myself fully to it. “

These days you’ll see Talia on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch (FYI, it’s a streaming platform and Talia “plays games or talks too much” – her words, not ours).

Speaking about her daily schedule, Talia admitted that no day is the same.

“Every day is completely different, I normally wake up earlier on a shooting day and it can be before 8 am depending on the time of the call.

“On a normal day, I normally get up before 11:00 am so that I can either get an early stream or do some paperwork. Meetings depend on my schedule, some days are quieter, some days I have 4-5 meetings with my team or external brands to discuss exciting things!

“I normally try to respond to comments / private messages when there is free time throughout the day. “

When it comes to posting content to her social media platforms, it turns out that Twitch is actually the app she is on the most often.

“I broadcast pretty much every day, filming is starting to pick up now and it’s happening almost every week.

“I am working on creating sponsored content for different brands throughout the week and getting the brand out on time and also working on writing and recording music as it is a high priority. for me right now. “

She added: “Meetings depend on what goes on in that week and it varies, sometimes I can have about 6 meetings a day or it can be quieter and I only have a few meetings a week.”

Now, posting content on social media might seem like a quick and easy job, but it turns out that for Talia, she sometimes spends up to half a day on Twitch.

“[Because] a lot of the content is live when I’m streaming on Twitch, I normally stream between 4 and 12 hours a day, ”she explained.

Whereas with Instagram content, “Photos take me about an hour or more, then editing takes about 5 minutes. I use Lightroom, love color editing, and actually studied photo editing there. ‘school.

“My long video content (on YouTube) takes a full day and my short videos (on TikToks) take a few hours to shoot.”

As for content creation, the 24-year-old admitted that it’s actually the people in her personal life who give her ideas.

“I’m mostly inspired by my friends, the people around me and what I love to watch, and then I film it and make it my own,” she said.

When we asked Talia what advice she would give to all budding influencers, her response was pretty straightforward: “My biggest tip is to start and go.”

“Start and go”

She continued, “Make sure you enjoy the content you post and keep it consistent.

“Don’t download a single Instagram post or YouTube video and another a year later, make sure you keep all of your channels active.”

And you never know if you are following in his footsteps, you might end up going viral.

“I also posted a camera hack this year on TikTok which went viral and gained popularity and press,” she added.

Becoming a full time influencer can mean signing with a management company and Talia advised you to do your research before signing anything.

“Getting to know your worth is really important, a leadership can make or break you, so make sure you have a great relationship with them,” she explained.

“I would also say make sure you enjoy spending time with them because you have to spend a lot of time with them and always trust your instincts.”

And when it comes to Talia and her team, there are actually six people she works with.

“I have an assistant, Alex, and I work with my management, as well as my lawyer. I also have a freelance photographer, videographer and editor.”

As with all jobs, there are pros and cons and Talia admitted that trolling is the worst part of her job.

“Hate online can be difficult to deal with,” she admitted, but she enjoys her job very much.

“I love the freedom and flexibility that you get with your time, you do something that you love.

“I’m so lucky to work with some amazing brands that I have loved for a long time, and I can create some really cool content for them. Every day is very different, and I love this aspect of my job,” he said. she declared. Explain.

As an influencer, it can be difficult to determine who your actual audience is (Belle Hassan admitted after Love Island that she struggled to adjust to all of her new Instagram followers), but Talia found the best one. way that suits him.

“I spend a lot of time engaging and speaking to my audience. Twitch allows me to speak directly to my audience every day, which I love.

“I’m getting to know them on a more meaningful level than looking at the analytics that are also available to understand your audience on a more general level. “

During our conversation we had to find out what the most surprising part of Talia’s job was and she revealed that it’s actually the friendships.

“You immediately make friends with other people who are doing the same thing.

“I meet a lot of people playing the same games I do on Twitch which I love because we have so much in common!”

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Talia Mar on career regrets and plans for 2021

When we asked Talia if there was anything she would change about her career, there was one thing she slightly regretted.

“I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, but I certainly should have stopped reading bad reviews sooner.”

And when it comes to her plans for 2021, it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of her.

“2021 is going to be an important year for me with music, a lot is in the works and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

“As well as some really cool brand collaborations to come. I also really look forward to being able to travel again after the pandemic, as I’m sure everyone does!”


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