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This summer, transforming every room into everyone’s favorite coastal spaces would create a relaxed and easy-going vibe at home. The truth is, you don’t have to live near the beach to feel summer. Simply incorporating a coastal themed interior into every corner of your home would have a huge impact. When you’ve wanted to elevate your space with dreamy ocean views and airy, fun style, here’s how you can make your dream of beach house living a reality with Wilcon Depot.

The living room

Design your coastal living room with pale gray and ocean blue hues of interior pieces. For a breathtaking view, paint your walls and ceilings white to contrast with dramatic, bold lines wallpaper and catchy wall art. Make a contemporary attempt by adding modern lighting that complements your sofa and center table good. For the final touch, suspend for a long time drapes on your large windows brings a stunning ambience tailored to your space.



Create a soothing effect in your bedroom and enjoy every moment of rest this summer. A bad mood wallpaper design and patterns carpet make a nice contrast between your walls and floors. Also, by simply changing your sheets, pillows and blankets in a coastal palette of whites, blues, grays and yellows. Finally an aesthetic and white gold side table lamp add classic style to your bedroom space.



Designing an undeniably attractive bedroom happens when you instantly infuse cool, soothing furnishing materials into your space. A play of shades of blue and beige can transport you to a seaside look full of charm and good taste. Upgrading your floor tile with a modern and sleek design can greatly enhance the overall look of your bathroom space. Mix and match bright plains and geometric patterns wall tile with wood finish floor tiles to effortlessly complete a striking bath space. Bring in the tranquility of coastal design by adding a elegant sink, modern faucetsand clean white bathtub for an elevated swimming experience this summer.



Pops of color create unexpected beauty and style in your kitchen spaces. Make a bright statement that reflects the blue of the ocean with your choice of floor tileand choose an accent wall decorations and arts for an inspired corner. Recreate your dining experience by upgrading your kitchen landscape and installing a sink and faucet. Add bar tools and hanging lamps would be interesting details for the interior design of your kitchen.


Mini work/study space

Incorporating clean lines of white and blue wallpaper in your designated work and study area infuses the perfect summer beach vibe. Make a classic and cozy bedroom makeover and be productive at work, even at home. A charming nook near the window allows you to maximize your space. Choose the right one table and chair which are not only comfortable but space-saving. Add wall shelves and organizers will complete the bright and cheerful interior design of your space.


Build your coastal themed home and explore all the amazing interior pieces you need to complete your desired look with Wilcon Depot. Shop for home improvement and building needs at any of their 74 stores nationwide or shop online at Wilcon Online Store by visiting shop.wilcon.com.ph.

For more information about Wilcon, you can log on to www.wilcon.com.ph or follow their social media accounts at Facebook, instagram, and ICT Tac. Subscribe and connect with them on Viber Community, LinkedInand Youtube.


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Could staying awake at night help insomnia? https://nelshael.com/could-staying-awake-at-night-help-insomnia/ Mon, 21 Feb 2022 06:00:00 +0000 https://nelshael.com/could-staying-awake-at-night-help-insomnia/

About a year into the pandemic, Marcela Rafea started waking up regularly at 3 a.m., her mind racing.

She would slip out of bed and tiptoe into the living room, where she would meditate, try a few yoga poses, and open the window to hear the leaves rustle, the cars go by, and the dogs bark.

Then, at 6 a.m., she would go back to bed and sleep again until her youngest child woke her up for the day at 7 a.m.

“I needed that nighttime awakening to catch up on the time I didn’t have for myself,” said Rafea, a 50-year-old photographer and mother of three who lives in Illinois in the United States.

It wasn’t until artificial light was introduced that people started forcing themselves to sleep through the night.

Unbeknownst to Rafea, she had naturally reverted to a sleep cycle that was believed to be the norm in several late medieval to early 19th century cultures.

Meanwhile, many people fell asleep at sunset and woke up three to four hours later. They socialized, read books, ate small meals, and tried to conceive for an hour or two before going back to sleep a second time for another three to four hours. It wasn’t until artificial light was introduced that people started forcing themselves to sleep through the night, said A Roger Ekirch, a history professor at Virginia Tech and author of The Great Sleep Transformation.

Now that many people are setting their own schedules, working from home and focusing more on self-care, there has been a return for some to the idea of ​​a segmented sleep cycle – voluntary and, given levels of stress of the past two years, do not.

So, are we just reverting to our long-forgotten natural sleep cycle? And could this be the cure for those who are notorious for middle-of-the-night insomniacs?

Ekirch, who has studied segmented sleep for the past 35 years, said there are more than 2,000 references to it from literary sources: everything from letters and diaries to court records, newspapers, plays, novels and poetry, from Homer to Chaucer to Dickens.

“The phenomenon had different names in different places: first and second sleep, first nap and dead sleep, evening sleep and morning sleep,” said Benjamin Reiss, professor of English at Emory University and author of Wild Nights. : How Taming Sleep. Created our restless world. He added that rather than being a choice at the time, it was simply something people did, as it fit with agricultural and artisanal work patterns.

Thirty percent of people report waking up at least three nights a week, according to a study published in 2010

At the time, in addition to being a useful time to conceive, the waking period was also considered a prime time to take potions and pills and to aid digestion (one slept on one side of the body during first sleep, then on the other side during the second sleep), says Ekirch.

There was no pressure to get to the factory on time, to catch a train or to send the kids to school, as most of the work was done at or near the house, Reiss said. Sleep was not governed by the clock, but by the rhythms of night and day and the changing seasons.

There were also negative reasons for segmented sleep.

“Sleeping surfaces – often a sack full of grass, or if you’re lucky, wool or horsehair – made it harder than it is today to sleep for a long time uninterrupted,” said Reiss. And there were, of course, health issues. For example, “without modern dentistry, a toothache might start beating in the middle of the night.”

Everything changed with the Industrial Revolution, emphasizing profit and productivity; the belief was that people who confined their sleep to a single interval gained an advantage. The increasing prevalence of artificial lights has allowed for later bedtimes, resulting in sleep compression.

Fast forward a few hundred years, and we’ve gotten used to compressed sleep. Well, some of us have.

Thirty percent of people report waking up at least three nights a week, according to a 2010 study published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research, and 25 percent of adults suffer from insomnia each year, according to a recent study by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania. For some people, the pandemic has spurred more flexible schedules, leading to experiments with the old-fashioned sleep method.

This is the case of Mark Hadley, a 52-year-old financial director from Oregon, in the United States. In the past 20 years, Hadley said he couldn’t remember a time when he slept completely through the night.

“I always woke up in the middle of the night and lay there,” he said. “Physically, I wanted to get up, but I needed more sleep.”

Segmented sleep forces individuals to go to bed earlier, which may not work with many schedules

Hadley had no choice. He had heard of segmented sleep, but hadn’t had time to stretch his…until his work became mostly remote during the pandemic.

So in August 2021, Hadley began segmental sleep, going to bed at 10 p.m. and waking up naturally at 2 a.m. He gets up one and a half to two o’clock to read and pray. Then he goes back to bed around 3:30 or 4 a.m. and sleeps until his wife wakes him up at 6:30 or 7 a.m.

“That’s what my body was trying to do, even when I had never heard of it,” Hadley said. “I finally got to a place where I have a healthy sleep pattern.”

However, doctors are conflicted over the health of segmented sleep.

“We don’t really know the long-term impacts of segmented sleep because we don’t really have a lot of data on it,” said Matthew Ebben, associate professor of psychology in clinical neurology at Weill Cornell Medicine and NewYork-Presbyterian.

It can make some people more tired and sleepy throughout the day, said Nicole Avena, health psychologist and assistant professor of neuroscience at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Also, Avena said, segmented sleep causes individuals to go to bed earlier, which may not work with many schedules.

That’s why Kristopher Weaver, a 43-year-old songwriter from Pennsylvania, USA, said he only manages to stick to a segmented sleep schedule a few nights a week. On days when he has time to sleep between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. and then between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m., he wakes up rested. During his break between the first and second sleep, when his mind is calm and recharged, Weaver has more energy to write his songs.

The nights he forces himself to sleep straight through? He needs caffeine and marijuana to get through the next day.

For Danielle Hughes (33), segmented sleep was a cure for her insomnia. Hughes, who lives in Dublin, spent an entire year consulting doctors to try and find a solution to his waking up in the middle of the night. She eventually googled her problem and came across segmented sleep.

“It was like a light bulb moment for me,” Hughes said. “Any anxiety I had about not being able to sleep started to subside, and I started to feel like what little sleep I got at night was okay as long as I used my waking time more productively.”

Returning to medieval sleep habits may not be for everyone

Since discovering segmented sleep, Hughes has been more open to the concept, sleeping from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. and again from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

In cases of insomnia-related anxiety like Hughes’, segmented sleep is often an ideal solution, said Alex Savy, sleep science coach and founder of SleepingOcean, a sleep product review site. in Toronto, Canada.

“When practicing segmented sleep, insomniacs don’t have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night, because that’s how segmented sleep works,” Savy said. “Therefore, they can adjust the schedule to their insomnia and reduce the stress associated with it.”

But reverting to medieval sleep patterns isn’t for everyone, Avena said, suggesting segmented sleep should only be tried by those who already have sleep issues.

“I think that while it may promote better sleep for these people, it probably has more consequences than benefits for those who don’t have trouble sleeping,” she said. – This article originally appeared in the New York Times.

DIY Valentine’s Day decorations for the ultimate celebration of love https://nelshael.com/diy-valentines-day-decorations-for-the-ultimate-celebration-of-love/ Mon, 14 Feb 2022 02:48:00 +0000 https://nelshael.com/diy-valentines-day-decorations-for-the-ultimate-celebration-of-love/

If you’re the type to decorate for Valentine’s Day, then you’re probably already preparing for the upcoming special occasion. Even if you’re not the pasty, hearts-everywhere type, it’s hard not to fall for the Heart Day craze. Nowadays, the celebration does not only focus on romantic relationships. You can celebrate family, platonic love, or self-love on Valentine’s Day however you like.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where and how the February 14th celebration began, but there’s no denying it or escaping it wherever you are in the world. People go on dates, buy gifts for loved ones, or simply decorate their homes with red and pink hearts. If you’re considering doing the latter, read on for ideas on the best Valentine’s Day themed decorations.

Why People Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Some say that the celebration of Valentine’s Day dates back to the Roman festival of Lupercalia. People celebrated the arrival of spring in mid-February by offering animals to the gods, performing fertility rites, and pairing men with women. This celebration was banned in the 5th century, but was eventually Christianized by the Church from its original pagan traditions, much like Christmas and many other originally pagan holidays.

There is also much debate over which Saint Valentine the Church honors, given that several saints share this name. A legend says that the priest Valentine served in Rome in the 3rd century during the reign of Emperor Claudius II. He continued to marry lovers in secret despite the Emperor banning the marriage of soldiers because he believed married knights were weaker.

9 Best Valentine’s Day Decorations on Amazon

9 Best Valentine's Day Decorations on Amazon

When looking for Valentine’s Day decorations, you can be low key or go all out. If you’re really into the festive spirit, you can fill every inch of your home with hearts, love quotes, and romantic decor. If you want something simpler, you can even recruit your kids to make DIY Valentine’s Day decorations like message cards or die-cut banners. But if you’re too busy to make your own, you can always shop from the thousands of products that online merchants sell.

Cushion covers

Price: $8.99

why it’s awesome: For less than ten dollars, you can change your cushion covers on the sofa to celebrate the month of love. Pillows are not included and the print is only on one side, but two pieces for less than ten dollars is a bargain.

It is made with high quality cotton and linen. The stitching is also durable and the patterns are varied, so you can mix and match the blankets you want. It’s a great way to discreetly decorate your living room for Valentine’s Day.


Pink fairy lights

Price: $12.99

why it’s awesome: Want a romantic atmosphere for a movie night? Install these LED string lights covered in red and white roses and lined on a 10 foot long silver plated copper wire. The bulb is warm white and powered by 3 AA batteries (not included) with two light modes, steady and flashing on and off.

This is also easy to install, just like other string lights. You can make it your hanging decorations or wrap it around garden trees, house pillars or bed frames.


Wooden wall decoration

Price: $21.97

why it’s awesome: Looking for something to match your wooden aesthetic interior? Try this understated rustic wall decor that says Happy Valentine’s Day. Hang it in your hallway, living room or kitchen. The greatest thing about it is that the prints are reversible.

You can change the greetings with the five prints included in your purchase. It will be a great addition to that Live, Laugh, Love wooden frame you already have somewhere around the house.


Heart garland banner

Price: $9.99

why it’s awesome: Step up your game by displaying conversational heart candy on the dinner table and go for something a little straighter in your face for your Valentine’s Day decoration. These garland sets are 10 feet long per garland.

A purchase of less than ten dollars will get you four eco-friendly heart-shaped fabric felt garlands. You can reuse them for a long time if you store them properly. Hang the garlands in your doorway, living room or kitchen.


Valentine’s Day Garden Gnomes

Price: $24.99

Why it’s great: Garden flags are more discreet, so why not opt ​​for a full garden gnome? Make several garden gnomes dressed in all the Valentine’s Day costumes. For a bargain price you get four garden gnomes with different designs.

Each ornament is handmade and made of soft and durable materials. Gnomes are said to protect homes and bring good luck to the inner family. Not to mention, they look adorable in their clothes with bright red heart designs.


LED table lights

Price: $19.96

Why is it Great: This LED light up sign is another understated Valentine’s Day decoration that you can display all year round with your home decor. It spells LOVE, so it’s pretty generic even though it’s not February 14th. It works safely with 3 AAA batteries (not included) with low power consumption. It can also be a good Valentine’s Day gift for a friend or family member who loves decorating as much as you do.


Set of balloons

Price: $10.97

why it’s awesome: Brighten up any room with these rose gold Valentine’s Day hearts and LOVE balloons. It’s the best option for a surprise dinner party or any party space in your home. The balloon script is tall at 36 inches, so it’s perfect as a backdrop for parties and group photos for your Valentine’s Day decoration. For just over ten bucks, you get a foil balloon with a letter that spells “LOVE,” 2 large heart-shaped foil balloons, and ten latex balloons, all rose gold in color.


Table Top Wood Blocks

Price: $16.49

why it’s awesome: Not a big fan of big flashing LED lights? Try these wooden blocks that spell “LOVE” instead. You can display it on any table, counter, cabinet or stable surface. The dimension is 3.5 inches (W) x 7 inches (H).

Big enough to be noticeable but nothing too flashy or extravagant. You can also display it throughout the year. It could even take up permanent residence on your work table if you need some pretty decorations to brighten up your space.


Light banners

Price: $15.99

why it’s awesome: It might be too much for some, but if you’re the type to go all out for your Valentine’s Day decorations, get this set of lighted banners that says Happy Valentine’s Day. You will need 2 AA batteries for each banner (not included), but you can choose to turn them off at any time.

Banners are made of anti-wrinkle 600D polyester oxford fabric for durability. You can hang them in your garden, your walls or even near your front doors. It’s perfect for getting you in the heart day mood.


How much should you spend on Valentine’s Day decorations?

If you want to go all out, you could spend a hundred dollars or more on Valentine’s Day decorations. If you are hosting a party, it might cost more than that. However, if you want something simpler and more intimate, a simple wall decoration with balloons and maybe a flower or two won’t cost you more than $20 if you know where to look.

The bottom line

No one is obligated to do anything unless the law says so. Valentine’s Day is not an official holiday, but it is much appreciated and celebrated. Many people go to great lengths to celebrate February 14, but no, you don’t have to.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day can be as simple as a home-cooked meal with family and friends and a movie to end the night. It’s the love you celebrate with each other that matters.

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Get the latest news from the Fresno Art Museum! https://nelshael.com/get-the-latest-news-from-the-fresno-art-museum/ Sat, 29 Jan 2022 00:32:34 +0000 https://nelshael.com/get-the-latest-news-from-the-fresno-art-museum/

Members only event!

Don’t miss Chester Arnold’s artist studio tour live via Zoom from his Sonoma County studio!

Thursday February 17, 2022 at 12 noon!

Learn more about the artist by clicking here.

The retrospective exhibition entitled Reports to the Contrary: A Persistent Vision – Paintings 1971-2021 by Chester Arnold at the Fresno Art Museum opens February 5 and ends June 26, 2022.

Curator Michele Ellis Pracy has drawn on works from public, private and the artist’s own collections, working closely with the artist to curate this fifty-year retrospective which opens next month.

Come and meet this very eloquent man who is responsible for the impressive 20 large-scale paintings, over 18 small paintings, sketchbooks and a selection of rare bronzes in his FAM exhibition.

In the artist’s own words:

“My paintings are part of a visual dialogue that travels far and wide through human history. The pursuit of excellence in this art and craft has led me to explore the natural world and the human events that inhabit it, by constructing stories that celebrate and question our presence in the world.

Although figurative, I seek a way of painting that is richly traditional, yet radically and surprisingly new. I attempt to articulate more than the surfaces and dimensions of reality, invoking the wordless meanings and sensations that only visual art can.

Note that this studio tour will be recorded and available for viewing by non-members of the Museum in the weeks following the live tour.

Museum members: Click here record!

Please note that registrations for this studio tour after 5 p.m. on Wednesday, February 16, 2022 may not be confirmed.

The winter/spring exhibitions open on February 5 and continue until June 26, 2022.

The Fresno Museum of Art opens its winter/spring exhibition series with three new exhibitions on Saturday, February 5, 2022. An exhibition reception and artist/curator talks will be held on Friday, March 25, 2022. Go to fresnoartmuseum.org for more information.

A press event will be held at the Fresno Art Museum on Wednesday, February 9, 2022, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Please email michele@fresnoartmuseum.org RSVP to attend. Please note that masks covering the nose and mouth are mandatory.

Opening February 5, 2022, the Fresno Art Museum is pleased to welcome Andy Warhol’s Wallets: A Life in Pop, Works from the Bank of America Collection. The exhibition will remain open until June 26, 2022. Featuring 94 works of art spanning forty years of photographic screen printing, the exhibition includes portfolios and individual prints by Warhol, beginning with iconic works from the mid-1960s through ‘to a series of monotypes created in 1985. While many works were made in the 1970s and 1980s, their subject matter – iconic people, trends and issues – reflects Warhol’s decades-long process of reflecting the American popular culture.

Warhol was known for transforming photographic imagery (from rather mundane still lifes of fruit to portraits of comic book characters, celebrities and endangered species) through color, design, form and multiples. Due to the endless possibilities of printmaking, Warhol’s portfolios contain a wide range of techniques, from collage and drawing to the use of diamond dust and color variation. The prints illustrate the many aspects of Warhol’s art, including his skill as a colourist. In the last series, Warhol experimented with the process of screen printing to create complex surface layers.

Andy Warhol (1928-1987) is one of the central figures of the Pop Art movement and one of the most recognizable artists of the second half of the 20th century. Filmmaker, photographer, painter, commercial illustrator, music producer, writer and even model – Warhol was a true radical in his approach to art. The extent and importance of his influence have made him one of the most important artists of our time. He challenged the traditional boundaries of artistic practice, blurring the lines between art, business and life. He turned everyday life into art and art into a way of living everyday life, collecting, documenting, reproducing, experimenting and collaborating with the people, places and things around him.

Warhol’s enthusiasm for life was matched only by his love for methods of capture. He loved the framing device – the camera, the screen print, the empty box, the tape recorder, the shopping bag, the telephone – as much as the content he framed. Perhaps Warhol’s greatest innovation was that he saw no limits to his practice. His pop sensibility embraced an approach to all things art, appropriating images, ideas and even innovation itself. Warhol achieved fame through his work in many types of media, including painting, sculpture, film and publishing, but printmaking has always been central to his art and his way of seeing the world. Through prints, Warhol explored the aesthetics and mechanics of mass-produced imagery and popular culture.

“The arts matter, and Bank of America recognizes the value that museums and exhibits bring to the local economy and to building cultural connections in the community. We are therefore very pleased to be able to lend our Andy Warhol collection to the Fresno Art Museum, one of our long-time partners who will soon be able to exhibit these iconic works to the public,” said Mark Riley, President of Bank of America Fresno/Visalia.

8 Lazy But Lucky Last-Minute Scenery To Prepare For CNY https://nelshael.com/8-lazy-but-lucky-last-minute-scenery-to-prepare-for-cny/ Fri, 21 Jan 2022 04:58:48 +0000 https://nelshael.com/8-lazy-but-lucky-last-minute-scenery-to-prepare-for-cny/

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Did anyone feel like we haven’t celebrated Chinese New Year properly for a long time?

Chances are some of us forgot to decorate the house with vibrant decor and are now scrambling to make the house look festive.

To make it easier for you, here are some lazy but lucky decorating ideas to quickly liven up the house in time for the celebrations.

1. Lanterns

Image: fanjianhua/ Freepik

You can’t go wrong with the lanterns as it’s pretty much basic CNY decor. Whether store bought or handmade, lanterns can be used as outdoor decoration.

Families with young children can also make this an arts and crafts project with colored paper, scissors, yarn and glue.

2. Lucky Wishes Banners

Image: China Digital Times

Make guests feel welcome with banners or couplets of good luck wishes on both sides of the door frame.

The Chinese words on the red banners usually wish everyone who enters the house good health, wealth and prosperity.

3. Good Fortune Stickers

Good fortune ‘Fuk’ sticker or ornament. Picture: Aliexpress

Another approach to minimalist decoration is to put Good Fortune (Fuk) stickers or ornaments. It adds to the festive atmosphere at home without too much fuss.

Fun fact: it can even be put upside down and it still means the same thing.

4. Lucky bamboo plant

Image: ProFlowers

The lucky bamboo plant is another popular decor whenever CNY rolls.

Despite their different sizes, these lucky bamboos are usually neatly arranged in a shallow pot or can be twisted into beautiful shapes.

As such, these plants are sometimes also given as gifts to loved ones.

5. pussy willow

Picture: Sweetlife & Co

The cat willow is a classic decor that can last all year round. She is easily recognizable by her white-grey furry buds.

In present times, these hairy buds are dyed in different colors such as red, yellow, orange or fuchsia.

If you want to have some fun and add pops of color to your home, buying a willow tree might be a great idea to consider.

You can even decorate the tree with tiny ornaments such as the gold bar, lucky cat, or Chinese infinity knot. Think of it as a CNY tree.

6. Lucky plants

Dancing Ladies Orchids. Picture: Shopee

If you prefer to decorate your house with plants, you are in luck because there are many other lucky plants according to Chinese culture.

Some of the plants believed to bring luck are the jade plant, money plant, Kalanchoes, Dancing Ladies orchids, and tangerine (kumquat) trees.

These plants are believed to bring joy, luck and abundance into the home and who wouldn’t want that?

7. Fish ang pau

Fish ang pau. Image: Kaytee

Ang pau fish make lovely decorations and it’s sure to be a hit with young children.

Regardless of the size of the ang pau fish, it can be hung as a wall decoration with the lanterns or act as a standalone decorative piece on the table.

Hanging ang pau fish as ornaments symbolizes a play on the words “Nian nian you yu”, which means wishing abundance to everyone else every year.

Making ang pau fish is also an opportunity to use all the old ang pau packets for decorative purposes.

Doing the ang pau fish with the family can also be a bonding activity.

8. Add CNY colors

Add hints of red to the house. Picture: Ikea

If all else fails, one of the quickest ways to brighten things up at home is to use CNY colors to your advantage.

Some of the colors to use are red, orange, yellow, gold, and pink. There are several ways to incorporate these colors into your home decor.

For starters, you can get cushion covers for the living room or colorful napkins if you’re hosting a family dinner at home.

Share your thoughts with us via TRP Facebook, Twitter, and instagram.

The Loss of a Skiing Legend – Explore Big Sky https://nelshael.com/the-loss-of-a-skiing-legend-explore-big-sky/ Tue, 14 Dec 2021 19:09:26 +0000 https://nelshael.com/the-loss-of-a-skiing-legend-explore-big-sky/


By Dan Egan EBS Contributor

Ron LeMaster, author, trainer, ski instructor, photographer and winter sports icon died on November 30 in a collision with a snowboarder in Eldora Mountain, Colorado. He was 72 years old. The news of his death shook the winter
world of sport.

LeMaster has left a major imprint on skiing with his photography and analysis of ski technique. He has been a frequent keynote speaker and presenter for the United States Coaching Academy hosted by US Ski & Snowboard, Professional Ski Instructors of America, and international ski conventions such as the 6th International Ski and Science Congress, as well as countless ski and ski schools. teams around the world.

His subjects ranged from rethinking motion analyzes, mechanics and techniques for minimum radius turns, lateral balance, seeing skiing: developing a good eye, to trends in modern alpine skiing and beyond.

LeMaster was a master observer of movement and always related to conditions and body type. His use of multi-frame photography was revolutionary in sports. By taking 10-12 frames per second, LeMaster could break down the position of skiers going around a race gate or making a bumpy turn and look at the movement patterns, as he did in his book “The Skier’s Edge” published by Human Kinetics in 1999.

In his first chapter of his book “Skiing from the Snow Up”, LeMaster highlights a fundamental observation: “Skiing is a sport of strength and momentum. When skiing is good, it is the forces that do good. He then illustrated this by drawing comparisons between world ski champion Hermann Maier and Olympic mogul skier Sara Kjellin. He broke down their movements, momentum and forces between their skis and the icy race track and bumpy mogul race to illustrate center of mass and similar movements between two different disciplines.

Nick Herrin, CEO of PSIA, said: “One of Ron’s biggest impacts has been understanding the different phases and how skiing is broken down, from a general perspective for a lot of people. was at the forefront of understanding.
ski movement.

LeMaster’s use of multi-frame photography was revolutionary in the analysis of skier movement. PHOTO COURTESY OF USSCA

LeMaster’s last article he wrote for PSIA was titled “Rethinking Motion Analysis”, with subsections including: “There is no one, the best type of turn – there are many”. , “There is no one, the best type of ski ski performance – there is a lot” and “there is no one, the best combination of body movements – there is a lot.”

“This is one of the best tech articles I’ve ever read in a very long time,” Herrin said. “He was an icon for his contribution to snow sports. “

One of LeMaster’s key traits was curiosity. With him it was always about how a skier performs a turn using the angle of the hips, but another skier with a different body type can perform the same turn using more knee. He has never been locked into one method of skiing over another; his mind was open and he loved to watch how many ways something could be accomplished.

“He was a software engineer, a computer programmer, it was his main job, everything he did in skiing was his side job, he was one of the most intellectual and inquisitive people I have ever had known, “said the former editor of Ski Area Management magazine. and close friend of LeMaster Rick Kahl. “He could strike up a conversation with a 10-year-old about how skateboards work, then shift gears, strike up a conversation with a philosopher about the meaning of life, and also be engaged in both conversations. He never had a problem to solve, he was more motivated by what he could learn.

He is the author of three books, the first “The Skier’s Edge” is a technical book on movement, ski strengths and equipment. LeMaster’s second book “The Essential Guide to Skiing” (2004) is an information encyclopedia that covers everything you need to know about skiing, a wealth of advice for all skill levels. “Ultimate Skiing,” (2009) his third book, examined the new shape of skis and “examines real-world skiing in specific types of terrain and snow. ”

He filled a void in ski teaching and training that is often left blank by the self-proclaimed “Experts” and “Gurus” of the sport.

PSIA-AASI National Team Coach Jeb Boyd said: “I loved his calm but confident demeanor, his deep knowledge of our sport, he embraced the idea of ​​the fundamentals and the way they can be performed in a unique way from athlete to athlete, which has become easy to understand thanks to its images. and had an easy way of it when he talked about skiing. It was the basis of his latest book “Ultimate Skiing”.

LeMaster skis through the trees. PHOTO COURTESY OF PSIA

There is no doubt that LeMaster’s impact will be long lasting and will be sadly missed by the international ski community. His legacy should encourage all of us to be curious and judgment-free learners on as many levels as possible.

AJ Oliver, training supervisor at Big Sky Resort, summed up his impact saying, “I only had the chance to meet him once, I never had the chance to ski with him, but I will always remember it. [his] smile from ear to ear.

Read more about Ron’s passing from PSIA here.

A pioneer of extreme skiing, Dan Egan trains and teaches at Big Sky Resort during the winter. His 2022 Steep Hill Camps at the Big Sky Resort run February 24-26, March 10-12, and March 17-19. His latest book, “Thirty Years in a White Haze” was released in March 2021 and is available at www.White-Haze.com.


Decorative trends that add to the curb appeal of your home https://nelshael.com/decorative-trends-that-add-to-the-curb-appeal-of-your-home/ Fri, 10 Dec 2021 09:03:02 +0000 https://nelshael.com/decorative-trends-that-add-to-the-curb-appeal-of-your-home/


Check out these trends that will add curb appeal to your home, says Teja Lele Desai

Who would have thought, when the pandemic erupted in 2020, that we would still be (sort of) confined to our homes as we approach 2021? Despite the vaccines, fears of a third wave and increased incidences have put us on our backs and keep us at home.

In such a scenario, it makes sense to give the house a switcheroo as we move into a new year. New year, new starts – and all that. Let’s start with the living room, the place where the family laughs, learns and lives. Here’s what you can try out here:

Getty Images / iStockphoto

Getty Images / iStockphoto

The ladder shelf

A stylish shelving unit that makes as much of a statement as the things you put on it. What’s not to like? It can be stacked with accessories or showcase books and keepsakes.

Getty Images / iStockphoto

Getty Images / iStockphoto

The statement mirror

There are works of art and there are works of art, but a decorative mirror makes your wall stand out. Are you going to have yours framed in wood or go for a sunburst?

Goodbye TV

Once upon a time, television went hand in hand with a living room. But as it has moved to the informal area or bedroom, it’s time to spend some time in a room that fosters conversation.

Getty Images / iStockphoto

Getty Images / iStockphoto

Thrown on the couch

They can have a very chilly vibe, but we love the stylish touch knit throws and blankets added to the living room on a cold day.

Accent ceilings

Colorful, carpeted walls have been around for decades. But the color and accents such as wallpaper, panels or ceiling beams add a completely different look.

Getty Images

Getty Images

DIY everything

With the DIY craze sweeping the country, a DIY decorating project was a sure find in the living room. It could be a bottle or a lamp made of thread, an embroidered pillow or a button.

Getty Images / iStockphoto

Getty Images / iStockphoto

Geometric prints

We loved the Chevron trend, which is why no one was complaining about the glut of geometries seen in the living room. Whether it was the walls, the upholstery or the art, geometric prints were present. And how.

New Neutrals

For a long time, neutrals translated into beige and boredom. But now a neutral can be almost any shade – blush, jade, tourmaline, agate or gray. Just use it as a monochrome and stun visitors.

Getty Images / iStockphoto

Getty Images / iStockphoto

Global textiles

Whether it’s Killim Turkish rugs, Moroccan poufs, ikat pillows, or phulkari tapestries, colorful and embroidered folk textiles could be spotted in living rooms galore.

Cool comfort

All living areas are complemented by bathrooms. The decor of the bathroom receives as much attention as that of the other rooms; it is important to remember the golden rule: a clean and breathable design. Whether it’s an en-suite bathroom, powder room, or a fancy shower stall, here’s how you can make a splash:

Getty Images / iStockphoto

Getty Images / iStockphoto

Stone style

What wood does to floors, stone does to bathroom decor. It adds style and some seriousness. Stone doesn’t have to make your bathroom look cold; look for warm colors and use options like stone basins, tubs, wall coverings or even shelving.

Sustainable design

With the environment and conservation on everyone’s mind, it’s no surprise that sustainable design remains a winner. Low-flow faucets, faucets and showerheads work with solar heating systems to protect the environment and lower your bills.

Patterned tiles

Who says tiles have to be glued to walls and floors? Experimenting with tiling, be it herringbone, herringbone, mosaics or geometric patterns, is a must these days. Choosing a striking tile pattern can create a big impact!

Large mirrors

Whether square, round or rectangular, large mirrors that allow you to see yourself should be an integral part of the bathroom. Instead of just sticking them to the wall, framing them in wood or other materials can help make a bold statement.

Save space

In an age where we are constantly short on space, space-saving designs reign supreme. Creative layouts, innovative designs, and smart storage options ensure space isn’t as big an issue as it could have been. Open shelves no longer need to be relegated to the kitchen – show off colorful mugs, candles and toiletries.


45 Disney Gifts For Adults 2021 – Best Gifts For Adult Disney Fans https://nelshael.com/45-disney-gifts-for-adults-2021-best-gifts-for-adult-disney-fans/ Fri, 03 Dec 2021 19:13:00 +0000 https://nelshael.com/45-disney-gifts-for-adults-2021-best-gifts-for-adult-disney-fans/


As the saying goes, when you’re tired of being an adult, it’s time to go to Disney! Unfortunately, we can’t just get on a plane and get to Disney World or Disneyland whenever we want, which is why we have to do our best to fill our daily lives with a bit of that Disney magic.

This is where these best disney gifts for adults Come in. The adorable items here include home decor, clothing, jewelry, and more for the adult who lives for all things Mickey and Minnie, Disney Princesses and even villains!

There are some cute ideas for couples, luxury choices for the special someone in your life, and plenty of best friend approved gifts. So the next time you think: WWhat should I find someone who loves Disney ?, look no further than this list that is sure to bring the Disney wonder into their home. And never forget what Walt Disney himself said: aadults are only adult children.


Best choice on Amazon

“The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook”

Always wanted to create Dole Whip from scratch? This unofficial Disney Parks cookbook is here along with this recipe and dozens more.


Disney Art Postcards

With 100 postcards featuring stunning concept illustrations from some of the most popular Disney movies, whoever receives this gift won’t know whether to mail the cards or keep them all to themselves.


For the office

Disney style nameplate

The nice little extra at their desk. You can choose from a bunch of colors and characters.


Disney Castle Watercolor Tumbler

This mug is customizable in almost every way: from the font to the color to the castle. So it’s almost impossible to make a tumbler that they won’t like.


“The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World”

With over 600 Disney Parks secrets, this is the perfect book to prepare someone for a great Disney trip. Even people who have been there a dozen times could learn something new.


Disney Couple Portrait

This Etsy seller will turn you and your partner into your own Disney characters. You will receive a digital file which you can then print and frame.


Perfect for her

Custom Tote Bag

This adorable bag comes in six colors and can be personalized with a name in the iconic Disney font. It’s perfect to bring to Disney parks or just into normal life.


Disney coloring book

Andrews McMeel Publishing

Coloring is just as stressful for adults as it is for children. This coloring book contains pictures from classic movies like Snow White, Cinderella, and more, all just waiting to be decorated.


Mickey Mouse Cheese Board with Cheese Tools

Because you don’t have to lose that Disney magic just because you’re having a fancy dinner party.


Mickey & Friends retro socks

You know you really are an adult when you don’t mind having socks as a gift. And, given their beauty, they would make a great gift for any adult who loves socks.


Delish Loves Disney: Insider’s Guide to the World’s Most Magical Treats

Our friends at Delish know a thing or two about Disney food. This 96-page recipe magazine comes straight from the culinary masters of Disney Parks and Resorts.


Backpack with mouse ear bow

There really is nothing cuter than this Minnie Mouse backpack, with ears and a big bow. The bag comes in a ton of different colors and is perfect for everyday use or a trip to a Disney park.


Classic Mickey Waffle Maker

Now every morning can start on a happy note with these cute Mickey Mouse waffles, courtesy of this stainless steel waffle maker.


DOLE WHIP inspired candle

There are few things more delicious than a Dole Whip. Now you can at least fill your house with the scent even if you can’t eat it.


For the whole family

Disney villain board game

This board game lets players take on the role of their favorite Disney villain while discovering new powers, beating twists and trying to be the baddest of all.


All I need to know I learned from the book

When you need a little inspiration, grab this book filled with classic Disney movie illustrations and everyone’s best lessons.


Disney Character AirPods Case

Not only are they super soft, but they will help you not to misplace your AirPods. The characters include Winnie the Pooh, Sulley, Donald and of course your two favorite mice.


Mickey Birthstone Ring

This Mickey ear ring is adjustable and customizable with any birthstone color. Customers seem very happy with this delicate piece of jewelry, with one buyer writing: “So beautiful! Excellent quality, perfect fit!”


Mickey and Minnie bath bomb gift set

These Mickey and Minnie scent bath bombs will make all the troubles in the world go away. And don’t worry if they stain your tub red and black: the designer assures you that the colors will go down the drain with the water.


Igloo Mickey Mouse Cooler

Keep snacks and drinks cool in this colorful Mickey Mouse cooler. With 4.9 out of 5 stars, it is a great pleasure for the customers.


Mickey and Minnie resin flower key ring

The art of resin is all the rage, making these Minnie or Mickey keychains the perfect gift. They come in three different vibrant colors.


“Believe in Magic” T-shirt

Adults are more than welcome at Disney Parks – the shirt says so. The vibrant design is printed on a fitted, preshrunk shirt, so be sure to order if your wearer likes it loose.


Cute house idea

Mickey and Minnie Mouse kitchen towel set

Brighten up the kitchen with this cute Mickey and Minnie set, complete with a pot holder, oven mitt and tea towel.


20 oz Mickey Mouse Oval Slow Cooker with Ladle

This Mickey-themed slow cooker set comes with a five quart container for making big meals as well as a 20 ounce appetizer container for dips and sauces. It has 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon from hundreds of happy customers.


Princess wine labels

For the ultimate gift, buy their favorite bottle of wine or champagne and add one of these princess wine labels to it.


Disney wine glass

I wine because I’m not at Disney, and I groan because I’m not at Disney – but this glass will make up for that a bit.


Micky Mouse pearl stud earrings

These earrings might not have a cheap price, but the reviews are rave. Many customers have said that they look even better in person and can be worn for a long time without causing irritation. They also come in several other colors.


Large Disney Wine Glass

If only the whole world worked like Disneyland, and you could use a fast pass to skip all the boring parts of life. This smart wine glass holds 21 ounces of wine, which is sure to get you through the stress of the work week.


“Never grow up” t-shirt

Being a Disney fan keeps you young, and this shirt serves as a reminder. It comes in eight colors, all representing the main monuments of the park.


Interlocking Mickey and Minnie Mouse Pendant Necklace

The interlocking Minnie and Mickey ears make this a perfect gift for a wife or girlfriend. The pendant is silver plated and can be accompanied by a pink bow or a silver bow.


Personalized Mickey Name Bracelet

This cuff bracelet is decorated with Mickey and Minnie ears and a customizable name written in the Disney font. You can also decide if you want big ears, small ears, or bow shaped ears.


Edna Mode wall art

This quote from The Incredibles is actually quite inspiring for everyday life. Print and frame to serve as a daily reminder for your Disney fan.


Olaf water bottle

This fun water bottle not only looks like Olaf from Frozen, he’ll keep the drinks as cool as a day in Arendelle with Elsa.


For the living room

Disney plush blanket

Vera Bradley’s classic design gets a Mickey and Minnie update. It comes in four designs and makes a great addition to any living room.


Pink Dream Mickey Ears

Adults may not be able to dress up in parks, but ears are still allowed. And these handmade floral ears are so unique that the recipient will stand out in the crowd.


Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Molds

You will get a set of two Mickey-shaped ice cream molds. A perfect way to refresh any drink.


Mickey Mouse Glove Bag Clips

Because having bag clips is Phone an adult thing. At least those little gloves make them more fun.


Perfect birthday present

Mickey and Minnie hanging ornament

This adorable little ball is a sweet way to honor a couple’s anniversary, whether it’s their engagement, wedding, or other special date.


Mickey Mouse Impression Cookie Cutter Set

Even if you’re not a baker, using this little cookie cutter set is as easy as it gets.


Disney Ursula Meme Mug

This just might be one of our favorite mugs. Once you’ve had your coffee, you can turn it over to reveal the dolled up Ursula.


Google Home Mini Mount

Let your Google Home Mini rest in this Mickey Mouse-shaped holder to add a little flair to your space.


Calling all teachers

Disney Class Poster

What a sweet idea for the teacher in your life. “I’m doing a new theme this year in my classroom and this poster is absolutely perfect,” one teacher wrote.


Popcorn popcorn from the Disney Pixar collection


Mickey Mouse Charm Bracelet

This rainbow string bracelet features a delicate Mickey Mouse charm that adds a touch of Disney magic to any outfit.


Nightmare Before Christmas Notepad Set

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and uploaded to this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and other similar content on piano.io


Is 3D printing environmentally friendly? https://nelshael.com/is-3d-printing-environmentally-friendly/ Mon, 22 Nov 2021 20:02:00 +0000 https://nelshael.com/is-3d-printing-environmentally-friendly/


Two things are on the rise: climate change and home 3D printers. For this reason, you might be wondering if 3D printing is environmentally friendly?

With a lot of plastic involved and printers that run for days on end, 3D printing is unlikely to be good for the environment.

However, you might be surprised at how 3D printing compares to the old ways of manufacturing and will be happy to learn that there are more eco-friendly options available to you.

So what is the environmental impact of 3D printing, and can it ever be green?

First of all: what is 3D printing?

3D printing is an additive manufacturing process that builds an object layer by layer until the finished product is complete.

This is different from subtractive manufacturing which starts with, say, a block of wood and cuts it down to its final product, perhaps a wooden spoon.

One of the advantages of 3D printing as an additive process is that there is less waste. Instead of starting with a block of material, you start from scratch, using only the amount needed to craft the item.


This is what makes 3D printing a smart choice for producing objects and a seemingly greener option.

Should you 3D print?

All this talk about manufacturing sounds like we’re mass producing something, doesn’t it?

However, this technology is used by hobbyist designers and manufacturers who like to build DIY items from their homes.

With 3D printing, you can print memorabilia from your favorite TV show or print a computer case, making it an incredibly exciting technology. If that sounds useful or just a lot of fun, you can get started with this user-friendly guide for beginners to 3D printing.

But keep in mind that you are now bringing plastic items to the world that weren’t there before, and with that power comes responsibility.

The first step is to start by familiarizing yourself with your materials.

Let’s get acquainted with the types of filaments

There are several types of 3D printers and materials. To refine the focus, we’re going to talk about one of the more popular choices: merged depot modeling, or more commonly known as FDM.

The bad news is that 3D printing uses plastic filaments to print objects, and the two main types used are ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and PLA (polylactic acid).

Four spools of 3D printing filament in yellow, purple, orange and gray

Image Credit: Maurizio Pesce / Wikimedia

The good news is that they aren’t created the same way, and a quick comparison of their features will show which has the least impact on the environment.


– Petroleum derivative (oil-based plastic)

– High temperature resistance

– Strong and durable

– Releases toxic fumes

– Does not degrade

– Not recyclable


– Corn-based thermoplastic

– Low temperature resistance

– Does not emit fumes

– Not suitable for durable parts

– Biodegradable over time

– Recyclable

You may have noticed that one of the two plastics is recyclable, and luckily for us, it is the most used filament for 3D printing: PLA.

The choice of filament matters

Because PLA is made from a renewable source that typically comes from corn, it has the ecological characteristic of being recyclable and biodegradable.

This cannot be said of oil-based thermoplastic ABS, which cannot be recycled and is not degradable.

It might make you wonder why someone would choose ABS filament in the first place. Well, it comes down to its strength and durability properties, which compared to PLA will be much more durable over the life of the object.

Think LEGO: you probably still have a box of those tiny plastic bricks somewhere, still in perfect working order. This is because it is made of ABS plastic and is strong enough to last for a very long time.

So, out of the two options, PLA has more environmentally friendly properties, but apart from plastics there is more to consider.

What about energy consumption?

3D printing takes time; we are talking about more than several hours and up to several days to print an object.

For example, this little sheep figurine will take a little over 2 hours to print, while this moon lamp clock at least 3 days, during which your printer will work all the time. Sounds like a lot of power, doesn’t it?

Despite the extended printing times, you’ll be happy to know that the cost of running a 3D printer won’t leave you with an extremely high electric bill.

Much depends on the power of your printer and the temperature required by your design. For example, the Procan Flashforge Creator costs around three cents per hour, while the Monoprice Mini Delta can cost as little as a penny per hour.

It all sounds reasonable, but put in the context of other manufacturing processes like inkjet or machine milling, 3D printers actually consume more energy. As we mentioned earlier, the flip side is that 3D printing doesn’t waste as much raw material.

Either way, while it doesn’t cost you a lot of money to run a 3D printer, being mindful of power consumption and saving electricity is overall better for our environment.

Stay on top of your energy consumption

Most of the energy used in 3D printing comes from heating the nozzle which melts the plastic, and also heating the heated print bed if you have one.

As we saw earlier, PLA filament melts at a lower point than ABS, thus requiring less energy to print. However, if you are using ABS filament for your object, you will also need a heat bed to prevent warping, adding additional heating needs.

Choosing PLA filament is definitely the low power option. Still, to get an idea of ​​the power consumption of your prints, you need to use an energy monitor for a detailed report.

Power differences

Paying attention to the number of watts your 3D printer uses will also give you an idea of ​​how much power your 3D printer uses compared to other options.

To understand how 3D printers differ in power, we can compare the two previously mentioned printers. The affordable Mini Delta Monoprince uses around 60W during the printing process, while the larger and more expensive Flashforge Creator Pro uses 250W.

Modified 3D printer with LED light upgrade.

This demonstrates a huge difference between the available 3D printers when determining which model could be the most environmentally friendly.

Another consideration is purchasing a 3D printer with a built-in closure which will help prevent heat loss and further reduce your power consumption.

If you are still concerned about the power consumption of your 3D printer, it should be borne in mind that, in the context of other electronic devices, it is still quite energy efficient.

While the power consumption of the two 3D printers we compared earlier ranges from 0.07 kWh to 0.24 kWh, a typical desktop PC will use around 1.05 kWh, well over four times that amount.

Object life

Determining the impact of 3D printing is complex and depends on several factors, but one simple thing to keep in mind is, “How long will my object last?” ”

Creating things that are useful and likely to be stored for years to come will help prevent plastic from ending up unnecessarily in the ground. This is something that is easy to forget when there are thousands of cool and beautiful designs to print.

When thinking about your next 3D printed object, start by asking yourself if this is something you will keep for a long time, or if it can be recycled, reused, or donated if you don’t want it anymore.

So is 3D printing environmentally friendly?

Overall, the use of plastics, the power consumption of printers, and the potential for an object to have a short lifespan mean that ultimately 3D printing isn’t entirely green, but it is certainly going in the right direction.

Choosing a renewable material like PLA is a better option for recycling, while advances in 3D printing technology will over time produce machines that use less energy. The additive manufacturing process also wastes much less material than previous manufacturing methods, making it a worthwhile innovation to pursue.

With more environmentally conscious designers and manufacturers, we are starting to see the 3D printhead in a positive direction.

Three cubes printed in 3 dimensions equally spaced on a pink and blue gradient background

The 6 best places to look for 3D printing models

Want to find the best 3D models to print? Here are some of the best websites to search for them.

Read more

About the Author


How to fly safely this holiday season https://nelshael.com/how-to-fly-safely-this-holiday-season/ Sat, 20 Nov 2021 08:04:49 +0000 https://nelshael.com/how-to-fly-safely-this-holiday-season/


(CNN) – If you take the sky to visit friends and family on vacation, prepare to blast your way through crowded airports, crowded planes and frantic baggage lines with millions of fellow travelers.

“Everyone knows how close they will be to other people on a plane,” said Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants, a union representing flight attendants in the United States. “But they may not take into account the fill level of these airports. No space. No way to distance yourself socially.”

The bad news is that many Americans still won’t be fully immunized until Thanksgiving, including children under the age of 12 and those who, for whatever reason, choose not to be immunized.
Quite a few people may also be “newbies” to the strict federal mask mandate implemented in February, said Nelson, who has been a flight attendant with United Airlines since 1996.

“People need to understand that there is a federal mask policy,” she said. “It starts at the airport gate and continues throughout the process until you leave the airport at your destination.”

Here are eight tips on how to keep you and your family safe – and how to reduce stress – while you travel this holiday season.

Travelers lined up at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport last November. This year, air travel for Thanksgiving will be near pre-pandemic levels.

David Ryder / Getty Images

1) Vaccinate your child over 5 years old and give a booster

In the United States, children aged 5 and over are now eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine, but like adults, they are not fully protected until two weeks after the second dose. Because there was not enough time between vaccine availability and Thanksgiving for children in this young age group to receive their second vaccine, none will be fully immunized during the Thanksgiving travel period.

Parents and children should continue to use masks and respect social distancing while traveling and consider socket a quick Covid test before reuniting with family, Wen said.

If you are an adult who has yet to receive your booster after being fully immunized earlier this year, please do so now, she added.

“We know that immunity to symptomatic infections wanes over time, so I strongly recommend anyone eligible for a booster of get yourself vaccinated at least two weeks before you get together with your family for the holidays, ”said Wen.

2) Fly outside opening hours and on less busy days

If you can travel to and from your destination on less busy travel days, you and your family will meet fewer people and may be able to do more with social distancing, said Linsey Marr, professor of civil and environmental engineering at Virginia Tech, who is a leading expert in the transmission of viruses by aerosol.

“This is especially important if you have children under the age of two who cannot wear a mask,” Marr said. “You can also try to book flights at off-peak times, later in the evening or very early in the morning, to try to avoid the crowds.”

Because not many people have more than a few days off for Thanksgiving, peak travel typically takes place on Thanksgiving eve, which this year is November 24, and Sunday, November 28. The holidays themselves, November 25 of this year, are often less busy. .

People check in for their flights at LaGuardia Airport on November 25, 2020.

People check in for their flights at LaGuardia Airport on November 25, 2020.

Michael M. Santiago / Getty Images

3) Reserve window seats

Experts suggest reserving window seats for children (or adults) who are not vaccinated, in part because of the air vents along the interior panels of most planes.

“We think the least risky seat is the window seat, because the airflow models may be better for the window seat,” said Marr.

“This is where the fresh air is pumped, so most of the airflow occurs through a window,” Nelson said.

Another added bonus: “You don’t have people walking past you in the aisle,” Marr said.

A masked passenger is seen sitting on a flight from San Francisco, Calif. To Newark, New Jersey on October 27, 2020.

A masked passenger on a flight from San Francisco, California to Newark, New Jersey in October 2020.

Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

4) Wear well-fitting, high-quality filtration masks

Invest in a high-quality mask for travel, one that will trap around 95% of virus-sized particles when properly fitted to the face, experts say.

“I would definitely recommend travelers, including children, to all wear high quality masks – ideally an N95 or KN95 or KF94,” Wen said. “And there are a variety of sizes for these types of high quality masks as well, so you can get a good fit.”

Fit is key, Marr said, as is comfort. Look for a mask that fits every unique face and that is comfortable enough that you or your child can wear it for hours, Marr said.

“If, when you breathe out, you feel air escaping past your eyes or out the sides, you’ll know it’s not a good fit,” Marr said, adding that it’s best. to shop early “because you will have to try on a lot of different masks to see which suits you best.”

Passengers pass through Los Angeles International Airport ahead of the Thanksgiving vacation on November 25, 2020.

Passengers pass through Los Angeles International Airport ahead of the Thanksgiving vacation on November 25, 2020.

Patrick T. Fallon / AFP via Getty Images

5) arrive early

Don’t expect to cross the airport. Social distancing takes longer during baggage drop-off and security checks, if that is even possible. And opening US borders to international travelers, while good news for the US economy, could cause even more delays.

“This is very good news, and only people who have been vaccinated can travel to the United States. However, this influx brings travelers with more documents that need to be verified, which can indeed slow things down even further,” said Nelson.

“Plan to come an hour earlier than usual, to give yourself plenty of time to not feel the stress of not completing the process and being on time for your flight.”

Families gathered at Dulles International Airport on November 8, 2021, when the United States reopened to vaccinated international travelers.

Families gathered at Dulles International Airport on November 8, 2021, when the United States reopened to vaccinated international travelers.


6) be prepared for safety

Savvy travelers know how to minimize the time they spend safe. This includes having no change, no belts, and no shoes with ties. Seasoned travelers take off their watches and put away their overcoats or jackets ahead of time – and have their laptops and toiletries ready to be removed and put in the trash.

But even seasoned travelers seem to have forgotten how to fly over this long period of dry travel, Nelson said: “I see people who were frequent travelers, now coming back for the first time in a long time and every person’s bag was being put on. aside because they had something in it that was a forbidden object, like a water bottle.

“It’s like everyone has forgotten how to travel! So it creates even more chaos,” she said.

Each airline has links to a list of prohibited items on their website, Nelson added, “and it’s a good idea to review them before you pack.”

7) delay your meal

Because federal guidelines require masks to be worn at all times, except when eating or drinking “for brief periods,” Nelson recommends replacing the mask whenever you take a break to eat.

“If you are actively eating, taking bite after bite, we’re not going to say you have to lower and raise your mask every time,” Nelson said. “But if you take a bite out of a sandwich, put it down, look at your phone, take a moment, then the idea is that you lift your mask while you chew until you are ready for the next bite. . ”

You can also protect yourself by eating when everyone is masked, suggested Marr.

“When they come and serve drinks and snacks I take it but I don’t eat them right away because that’s when everyone took off their masks,” she said. . “I wait to eat until people have finished eating and put on their masks.”

8) stay in your place if you can

Getting up and moving brings you closer to others on the plane, who may or may not be vaccinated or who follow the advice of the mask. While the risk of Covid-19 from such exposures may be low, there are other concerns.

The airline industry saw an explosion of unruly passenger incidents in 2021, including a recent case in which a flight attendant was punched in the nose. While not all of these altercations were due to masks, quite a few were, Nelson said.

“Maybe it’s not just Covid that’s a risk,” Nelson said. “It could be an outright fight, and you could get slapped by someone struggling.”

Flight attendants suggest staying in your seat should such an incident occur.

“We are trained in de-escalation, and also how to lead others to help,” she said. “So unless there is an immediate threat that people will be injured, we really do not advise passengers to take action on their own, as they could inadvertently make the situation worse.”

Top image: Travelers go through security at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on November 29, 2020 (Photo by David Ryder / Getty Images)