Student blog: Binder DIY Playbill

Playbills are such an iconic piece of memory that members of the public receive when they see a play or musical. It lists the cast members, crew members, and everyone involved in the show to pay tribute to them for their hard work.

Every time I see a show, I make sure I pick up a Playbill or two. (Sometimes three when I saw Hamilton) These free keepsakes are a great way to look back and document all the shows you’ve seen, including where and when.

Although Playbill does sell its own binders to collect the booklets, they are a bit expensive. So a few years ago I was like, “Why not make my own?” And I did!

These are very easy to make with minimal supplies. You can find everything you need on Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Office Depot / Staples!

Student blog: Binder DIY Playbill


  1. Mini binders (holds 5.5 x 8.5 inch pages)
  2. Sheet Protectors (5.5 x 8.5 inches)
  3. Letter stickers (optional)
  4. Playbills!

The first step is to gather your supplies. Depending on the ring size of each workbook, this will tell you how many game notes each can contain. So, estimating how many you have right now, you might need one workbook to get started or you might need five.

The next step is to attach the sheet protectors to your binder (s). These will allow you to display your playbills without worrying about their ruin and confusion.

Then you can decorate! I decided to put “Playbill” on the spine in a vertical row so that I could read it if it was sitting on a shelf. You can do the same as me or if your stickers are small enough, do it horizontally. Another option is to place the letters on the front cover of the workbook if you want a clean spine. You can also add theater-themed stickers or number the binders, so you know what order they go as well.

Finally, put your Playbills in the leaf guards! Personally, I like my Playbills in chronological order so that I can keep up with the shows I have seen each year. Also, if I have a physical ticket or other flat souvenir from the show, I like to place it on the back of the Playbill in the outward facing sheet protector. If you don’t like this idea, you can always double your playing notes in one sheet protector.

I think these binders are a great way to display your reading notes on a shelf, side table, or literally anywhere else! This keeps things tidy and makes it easy to find a Playbill if you need to go back.

Right now I have a 3 inch ring binder and another almost full. I also keep a separate binder for the shows I have attended. As a performer I like to keep track of the years that I do certain shows and having a Playbill workbook specifically for my performances is a great way to organize those memories.

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