Soundproofing tips for your bedroom and apartment

When you share a living space with another, or just live in an apartment with neighbors, you can understand how thin the walls can be. Whether you have multiple roommates in an apartment or have neighbors on either side of your apartment, you know how far noise can travel, from casual music streaming to loud children throughout the day. Although the apartments can be adapted to accommodate several, they are unfortunately not the most soundproof accommodations you will live in. Luckily, there are things you can do to help soundproof your bedroom and apartment to make apartment living easier.

Keep reading to find soundproofing tips for your bedroom and apartment.

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Add window inserts

If your sound problems stem from outside noise filtering through your windows, you may want to consider placing window inserts around your apartments. Window inserts are usually clear glass or acrylic panes that you can place over existing windows inside your home.

Depending on the type you choose to purchase, the sound can be reduced by at least 50%.

Add seals to door gaps

If you have noticed that your doors have gaps between the door and the frame (extra light or air leaking in), this may be the cause of extra sound leaking in and out of your bedroom and apartment. You can add a door sweep (usually with a rubber strip) or a windbreak between the bottom of the door and the floor.

Hang heavy curtains

Not only can curtains prevent unwanted sunlight from making your room brighter and warmer, but they can also help soundproof your room and apartment. For example, IKEA sells curtains that are thick and designed to absorb and reduce echo and reverberation from mid- to high-frequency sound.

While not specifically designed to be soundproof, or advertised as such, opting for heavy curtains advertised as blackout or insulated can help soundproof your apartment.

If your apartment has the default flimsy blinds that come with many rentals, you can always install heavy curtains with a tension rod to make the soundproofing hack tenant-friendly.

Hang acoustic panels on your walls

Although typically used for home studios or home theaters, you can use acoustic panels to soundproof your room and apartment. Panels are usually square or rectangular shaped fabric covered panels that can be hung on the wall to reduce noise and echoes.

If you consider acoustic panels to be against your desired aesthetic, you can play around with different shapes and colors to achieve your desired design.

Hang fabric on your walls

If the look of the acoustic panels doesn’t match the mood or design you’re looking for, you can choose to hang fabric on the walls instead. All soft surfaces can help absorb sound, so adding soft fabrics from tapestries to blankets and quilts can help soundproof your bedroom and apartment.

Choosing to hang fabrics as a soundproofing hack can also help you incorporate a bit of decor into your bedroom and apartment when you have the option to play with the color, size, pattern and textures that fabrics can. to offer.

Rearrange your furniture

Something as simple as rearranging your heavy furniture can help soundproof your bedroom and apartment. Moving larger, heavier furniture up against walls shared with roommates and neighbors can help muffle the sound.

Moving a bookcase from a wall that is not shared with anyone to a wall shared with another can help soundproof it. Moving your sofa to lean against a shared wall or pushing an upholstered headboard against a shared wall can help.

Lay down rugs or foam mats

For a quick soundproofing hack that’s tenant-friendly and doesn’t require you to hang or install anything, place interlocking foam mats on the floor. While these mats can muffle the sound of any movement on your side if you’re jumping or working out, they can also help minimize sounds coming from the ground above you.

This might not be your favorite hack if you don’t like the look of foam mats on your floor. If you don’t live on the ground floor of a building, place rugs in a room where you know you’ll be moving around. You can also place rugs on the floor which gives you additional decor as you can play with textures, colors and patterns. The thicker and more padded a rug is, the more effective it can be at soundproofing your room.

Hope these soundproofing tips can help you minimize the noise in your room and apartment. If you’re still dealing with the extra noise from roommates and neighbors, it might also be time to take a step up in communication to get all parties on the same page.

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