Septarian Games announces Western City Renovator


The latest simulation title announced this week comes from Septarian Games which revealed Renovator of the city of the West. The Poland-based studio has created several other titles in productions including Strong craftsmanship, Apollo 13, Combat engineer, and Post-apo constructor. As you might have guessed from the titles, all of them are somehow simulation games where you basically re-enact yourself from a certain storyline. This one is no different as you will travel through the old west of the United States, discover and restore abandoned towns and places while trying to help the Western Rail Company connect to different locations on a new route. a railway. You’ll need to complete missions to bring these old ghost towns back to prosperity and make them a western destination that people will want to travel to.

The game currently has no release date, and we believe it will be like most others where it’s slated for 2022 but no formal window has been chosen. You can read more about it and check out a trailer below.

Can you bring this town back from the brink Renovator of the city of the West? Courtesy of Septarian Games.

Discover and restore abandoned towns and places. Complete missions and assignments for the Western Rail Company on a planned railroad route. Discover and restore abandoned towns and places. Find out why the cities were abandoned. Look for evidence and pieces of history. Solve citizens’ problems, support railroad builders and respond to their demands. Take your tools, buy new, choose your path. Dynamite is very useful for quick deconstruction but destroys a lot of resources. Hire workers to speed up the renovation. Choose from prefabricated buildings or design your own. Plan and design your cities, build, deconstruct or renovate. Revive ghost towns and solve Old West problems.

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