Ryanair passenger reveals ‘brilliant’ hack to avoid fees and make more room in hand luggage

Irish holidaymakers will be flying out in their thousands within weeks as the busy summer travel season begins.

Many people looking for a bargain when heading to destinations in Spain, Portugal and more will choose Ryanair thanks to the airline’s low prices.

However, as many passengers who have traveled with the company know, bringing luggage will cost you extra.

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Luckily, there are a number of clever hacks that can help you optimize your space when bringing bags on board.

A TikTokker has gone viral for posting a video of herself sharing a tip on how to make the most of luggage space on a Ryanair flight, as reported by the Express.

Kristen Black, who goes by the username @kristenashleyblack on TikTok, shared the tip to help others pack more clothes into their Ryanair hand luggage.

Passengers traveling with Ryanair are only allowed one piece of hand luggage with them on a flight.

To take more clothes with them on vacation, they have to pay extra to put a bag in the hold.

This can sometimes cost passengers more than the flight itself, so it’s worth trying to pack light to try and fit everything in one bag.

Kristen shared how passengers can make more room in their bag.

Practically, tipping Kristen also ensures a more comfortable flight for passengers.

In the video, Kristen is seen rolling up a knitted sweater to make a “DIY neck pillow.”

She then puts the sweater-come-pillow around her neck and ties the sleeves together.

This allows him to put more things in his backpack because sweaters usually take up a lot of space.

The captions accompanying Kristen’s video read: “How to pack for your Ryanair flight when you have zero baggage allowance.”

She then shared another hack, with the text of her video: “Use your hat for the souvenirs you bought on your trip.” (sic)

Kristen put a keepsake on her head and placed her hat on it.

Finally, she stuffed items into her coat pockets, with the video text reading, “Fill those pockets.”

Kristen’s video has reached 959,000 likes and over 7,000 comments.

Some commenters were impressed with Kristen’s hack, while others disagreed that it was a good idea.

One person said, “I once wore pajama pants as a scarf and to this day my friends will look at this photo for a laugh when they have a bad day.”

A second wrote: “This is awesome.”

A third commented: “Quite similar to what I did on my easyJet flight. Wore three pairs of trousers, four t-shirts, hoodie, jacket with pockets for days.

A fourth added: “You cracked the girl code.”

Someone else wrote: “So helpful and one of my favorites right now thanks guuuurl.” (sic)

While another said, “That’s….genius.”

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