Rajat Singla- an entrepreneur, a model and an import-export agent


Are you looking for an enthusiastic, compatible person to help you in so many ways? Here is the name, which comes to mind at first. Rajat Singlais a personality, who can help you in many aspects of your business.

Rajat Singla, a young enthusiast, was born and raised in Patiala, Punjab. Born on 8e from January 1991, Rajat was successful in many aspects of life. Rajat Singla is an entrepreneur, model, import export agent and marketing expert.

Born and raised in the Punjab, Rajat worked hard from a young age. He liked to do innovative things. This is the reason why he launched a Punjabi songs website named vippunjab.com. he served the youth for entertainment. Providing songs and movies, this website has become very famous among young people.

In 2011, Rajat Singla started her modeling career. Her beauty was attractive. This is the reason why he has achieved immense success in his modeling career. Well-known magazines printed her photos as a successful model. Talaashand Punjabi Super Cinema were the well-known magazines, which printed the modeling photos of Rajat.

Social media marketing is a must-have thing for today’s era. You may have seen your social media account full of attractive ads. You may have felt the urge to purchase the products being marketed. The reason for your attention seeking is the art of this trader. Rajat Singla serves your intention to market your product or service with his marketing skills.

Rajat’s marketing skills are very useful for product launch or for business or service development. You can contact Rajat to request the services of his expertise. Rajat Singla runs a website well known for its marketing services. The name of the site is www.Shirajmedia.com .

Shirajmedia.com serves the public in many ways. Another focus of Shirajmedia.com is the celebrity management role. According to the trends, celebrities feel the hustle and bustle due to their busy schedules. Rajat Singla serves as a manager for this kind of celebrities.

Planning their events, contacting service buyers, contacting those inclined to serve and managing their events are very important tasks, which are performed by Rajat Singla in a very beautiful way. Rajat Singla also provides verification service for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

You can also visit the Shirajmedia.com website for this aspect. So, Shirajmedia serves the audience for celebrity management, social media management, digital marketing, public relations and advertising, branding website design, graphic design, Wikipedia management, IMDB management, audio-video production, influencer marketing, etc.

In addition to all these services, Rajat Singla has his own wall decoration business. The wall decoration business nowadays is booming. Your house is more beautiful if it has nicely decorated walls.

Trends change every day. You style your clothes to look good, so your home needs it. Your home will be beautiful, with a wonderful touch of wall decoration. You will get an amazing gallery to decorate your walls. Rajat Singla’s team works day and night to keep their customers happy. Interior and exterior wall decorations are available under the Wall Décor brand.

You can visit the site, www.Indiawalldecor.com for more details. For wall decoration business, Rajat Singla imports products such as PVC and ceiling panels from China and wholesale to India.

Please do not hesitate to contact Rajat Singla for extraordinary job satisfaction and exceptional results from your efforts. This person can be a solution to your many questions. You can even visit the site of his name www.imrajatsingla.com for more details.

Posted on May 13, 2021


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