Quick dinner ideas for kids: Dad stunned by wife’s precise instructions: ‘Think I’m an idiot’

An amused dad shared the instructions his wife left him, detailing the exact foods he needed to serve their kids for dinner.

The man’s wife recently returned to work after maternity leave, tasking him with feeding their young daughter and son.

He uploaded a photo to social media showing a can of beans, a can of corn, forks and two multi-compartment plates.

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Each compartment was “mapped” so he knew exactly where to put the food on each plate.

“My wife just got back to work and thinks I’m an idiot,” the dad wrote in a Reddit thread.

An amused dad shared the instructions his wife left him, detailing the exact foods he needed to serve their kids for dinner. Credit: Reddit

“She’s incredibly anxious about the separation and I’m doing everything I can to help her feel comfortable.

“I cooked dinner exactly as she asked me to. But I still thought it was pretty funny.

For their son’s blue plate, the father was tasked with serving four “dino” nuggets with ketchup and honey mustard on the side, corn and a choice of leftover rice or beans.

Their daughter’s plate called for corn and peas that needed to be “steamed in the green steamer”, meatballs with ketchup on the side, and leftover rice “reheated”.

“It went pretty well, but apparently I had the wrong temperature for some dishes,” the father said.

‘Not like mom does’

Her post garnered more than 7,300 comments – with many parents saying her photo was a “relatable” parenting moment.

“I can hear it already, ‘That’s not how mum does it’,” one wrote.

Another said: “I don’t know if you’re an idiot, but your wife is definitely smart. So organized.

The man said his wife had recently returned to work, leaving him responsible for feeding their daughter and son (stock image) Credit: Getty Images/Mask

Many fathers admitted that the instructions would have been helpful in their homes.

“It’s better than me because I’m such a total jerk and can easily be tricked into feeding my daughter in a way that her mother would never approve of,” one said.

Another added: “I honestly think my dad would have needed this. He gave my brother pizza when he was eight months old because he didn’t know what to give him for dinner.

Dinner menu

One suggested, “I think it was nice of him to plan your lunch and dinner for you.”

While another added: “Yo I need this. It’s like an open world game where they give you a path to the quest location, a mini map and break down the steps to complete the quest. quest.

“I’m just saying. I’m always at work and when I need to take a day off to watch the kids, it’s like I’m Bear Grylls, except my remote location is trying to find ingredients in the kitchen.

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One joked, “My wife tried the same with me. Little did she know that my children like real food much more than paper with a few words written on it.

Another suggested: “Mum was probably trying to save dad from endless toddler tantrums over the ketchup being slightly left. Or nuggets touching corn. Toddlers are emotional terrorists.

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