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KOCHI: Ceramic artist Betsy Gomez has been making pottery since 2017. From miniatures to wall decors, the one-year mark of Bangalore-based Malayali artist “Kaaka Pottery” offers a diverse collection of products to uplift your space of life. Before trying pottery, Betsy, a design graduate from NIFT Bangalore, was always fascinated by ancient crafts. Soon after graduation, Betsy followed her calling and decided to try handcrafted crafts. After training as an intern in a studio in Thrissur, she became a trainer in a community space in Bangalore. The 26-year-old has gradually carved out a niche for herself over the years. The pandemic has pushed her to explore her limits further, and Betsy has taken her inherent skills to a new level by launching her local brand Kaaka Pottery in 2020.

“Initially, I intended to make designs with ceramics. I named the company ‘Kaaka Pottery’ because it is metaphorically said that crows are problem solvers – like the story of a crow filling a pot with stones to drink water, ”Betsy explains. “In my mind, the pot mentioned in the story has always been a piece of terracotta,” she quipped. With a piece of clay, Betsy can make unique creations. Miniatures, wall decorations, mugs, planters, utensils and whatnot! Versatile pieces are created either with the traditional technique of handcrafting or with a potter’s wheel. “I prefer the construction technique by hand to the wheel every day. The asymmetrical figures carved out of clay have a unique beauty that intrigues me. Although it is a challenge, I sometimes create flower bowls, centerpieces and decorative pieces using this technique, ”says Betsy.

Although the brand mainly focuses on personalization, the designer also focuses on developing her authentic creations. In one year, Gomez has brought many new concepts to his Instagram page. The Mishaps series is one of his last. Incorporating the Japanese concept of “Wabi Sabi” – a worldview centered on accepting the ephemeral and imperfection, Betsy created her unique batch of black and white shaded wall decors. “Creation is the result of an accident. While I was practicing in my studio, an asymmetrical shape formed. Usually, such imperfect figures were rejected, but this shape caught my eye and I decided to create a few more deliberately, and it turned out pretty well, ”Betsy explains.

Another series, Penguins, is inspired by the photograph posted by Nat Geo of three penguins. “What’s interesting about the master figures is that they are all created in different shapes. As I prefer the aesthetic of unglazed raw ceramic, I tried to add a rough texture to give it a raw look, ”Betsy adds.

Betsy has a minimalist approach to her ceramics. “It’s not just about pastel shades. I also give it an original touch by also adding pink, yellow and bright colors, ”she says. For this ceramic artist, clay is a medium of predilection. “When working with clay, you have to be aware and focused. If you are not, your disorientation will reflect on the play you are making. Since hand-eye coordination and focus are essential, the pottery was therapeutic and kept me sane, ”concludes Betsy.


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