Popular interior design styles of the 60s

The 1960s were a time of massive and unprecedented change. Back then, people witnessed the moon landing, experienced Beatlemania, saw the rise of miniskirts, bikinis and other cataclysms in the political, cultural, social, fashion and entertainment landscape that contributed to shape the many aspects of daily life. Iinterior design was no exception. The 1960s also allowed for new ways of thinking, unleashing people’s impeccable creativity while reflecting many of the beautiful upheavals they brought to people’s homes. In this article, let’s take a look at some popular interior design styles from the 60s, which also made the decade one of the most iconic.

Air of Revolution

English-inspired floral prints and unassuming backgrounds characterized fabric patterns in the 1950s. As the Rebellion began in the 1960s, its effect was felt on interior design. Influenced by the psychedelic movement, the hippie movement and “flower power”, the fabrics have become more dynamic, wild and colorful.

Paisley, tie-dye and floral prints swirled across the fabric used on sofas, chairs and other furniture, reflecting the air of the revolution. With Morocco and India becoming the most popular destinations on the hippie trail, Moroccan and Indian prints were also widely regarded as a fabric on walls, curtains, bedspreads, wall hangings and even in other decor. .

Space age

As the space race also intensified in the mid-Cold War 60s, people imagined what it would be like to live in the future. It is not surprising that futuristic designs and settings also became prevalent during the era using unusual geometric shapes, reflecting space age equipment and tools, the absence of gravity and existence. , and the existence of orbits. New technologies over the decade made it possible to create molded plastic furniture, such as the gently rounded space age chairs that resembled capsules. Space age clocks, streetlights, television, and radios have helped bring space and the future to the interior of Earthly homes.

Movie theater

Films also influence the world of design. Scenes from iconic films have become a source of inspiration, with many households adopting the styles they have seen on the big screen. Some magazines have even published guides detailing how people can faithfully recreate the look. Of course, celebrity faces, be it comics, murals, wallpapers and posters, adorned the walls. They were widely accepted and served as inexpensive decorative tools, passed down from generation to generation.

Shaggy rugs and lava lamps

Shag rugs became one of the defining interior designs of the 60s, almost every bedroom and living room has it. These floor housewares were tied to the hippie movement, as their unconventional comfort, appeal, and flashy colors showcased the unbridled hippie aesthetic. Lava lamps were the other famous interior decoration in the 60s. Its mesmerizing colors that melted and swayed were considered symbolic of the psychedelic and hippie counter-cultural movement while also being perfect for those who incorporated the style. of the space age in their homes.

Lava lamp

Bright colors

Breaking away from the silent and traditional white that dominated the 1950s, the 1960s welcomed a whole new spectrum of colors. Initially, nature-inspired colors such as yellow, gold, orange, and green dominated the decade. Towards the peak of the 1960s, the colors were even bolder, reflecting the rise of free thought and freedom of expression. Bright neon colors, such as vivid tangerine, red, fuchsia, and aqua, have all become fashionable, giving homes a more upbeat and gallant appeal.

Final words

In summary, the style of interior design in the 60s shattered the traditional past and brought in new ideas and trends, as people celebrated their new found freedom as well. All of this proved that interior design is all about aesthetics. It conveys the identity and the points of view celebrated by the individuals living within the home.

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