Pimps of Joytime announces new studio album Reachin ‘Up on February 4, 2022

Joytime’s pimps announced their upcoming album, Reachin ‘Up, released on February 4, 2022, alongside the release of their debut single “Lesson”. The single is a perfect teaser for Pimps’ vibrant new album, brimming with the kaleidoscopic styles of GRAMMY-nominated singer and producer Brian J and undeniably funkified dance music. Pimps of Joytime reflects the diversity of their communities through an amalgamation of New Orleans and Bay Area funk elements, juxtaposed with Brooklyn’s DIY philosophy. The result is an eclectic mix of genres that will appeal to music fans at all levels.

“The process of creating this album started in 2019,” says Brian J. “I was on hiatus with Pimps of Joytime and just started making grooves and chord progressions. By the time Covid hit, I had some solid sketches in place, and with my new free time, I lingered on fine-tuning those recordings. I am very excited for this album to be released to the world! A spirit of love and exhilaration has been my guiding influence throughout the creation process, and I hope people will walk away with that feeling after listening.

“Lesson” is a punchy dance tune with psychedelic grooves that perfectly sums up this new post-modern era of R&B which is currently enjoying commercial success. Just hit “play” on the single, and you’ll immediately feel immersed in the good vibes, ready to hit the dance floor.

“The majority of Lesson’s lyrics were written in a stream of consciousness, in the studio. I later refined and edited with help from Carol C. I pretty much offer advice in and through the song. Realizing that some things are never resolved, you just have to drop everything, just like Buddha! Brian J explains.

While Brian J handles a significant portion of the writing, instrumentation, and production, this sizzling new elixir from Pimps also incorporates crucial contributions from Carol C (Si * Sé) and several performances from New Mastersounds bassist Pete. Shand. While this is a decidedly fresh start for this longtime genre-scrambling collective, Reachin ‘Up also pays homage to their past. Brian J reconnects with old friends like Chauncey Yearwood and Marcus Farrar (Antibalas), whose roots go back to the early efforts of Pimps of Joytime. Their contributions are highlighted on the singles of the album, which completes the loop of the project.

Split his time between Brooklyn and New Orleans and hone his craft as an accomplished performer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Brian J is no stranger to working with legendary talents both in the studio and live. He has produced a number of famous Crescent City artists, including Cyril Neville (The Neville Brothers) and Corey Henry, and shared the stage with George Porter Jr., Zigaboo Modeliste and the late Art Neville (The Meters), as well as the legend of Big Easy. Eddie Bo. Brian J has collaborated with GRAMMY Award nominated blues artist Cedric Burnside (grandson of legendary blues musician RL Burnside) and has written with jazz-funk luminary Roy Ayers, among others.

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Reachin ‘Up Track Listing:

  1. Course

  2. Reachin ‘Up with Marcus Farrar (in Antibalas)

  3. Are you going

  4. Paradise with Carol C

  5. Once around

  6. All I have with Pete Shand and Will Woodlock

  7. Unity with Chauncey Yearwood

  8. I give you my heart

  9. Blank page

  10. Another lesson

Pimps of Joytime Tour Dates:

October 15 – Nectar Lounge – Seattle, WA

October 16 – Aladdin Theater – Portland, OR

December 28 – Sweetwater – Mill Valley, CA

December 29 – Sweetwater – Mill Valley, CA

December 30 – Crystal Bay Casino – Crystal Bay, NV

December 31 – Crystal Bay Casino – Crystal Bay, NV

January 1 – Crystal Bay Casino – Crystal Bay, NV

January 25 – Intimate incident with string cheese – Jamaica

January 26 – Intimate incident with String Cheese – Jamaica

January 27 – Intimate incident with string cheese – Jamaica

January 28 – Intimate incident with String Cheese – Jamaica

January 29 – Intimate incident with string cheese – Jamaica

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