“ Photography is about capturing imaginative ideas around us ”

Many photographers, professionals and amateurs alike, believe in the saying: “You don’t take a picture, you take it.”
Photography is an art that can be improved upon with constant guidance and practice.
For Shamama Fatima, young artist and photographer, photography captures ideas and imaginative experiences around a photographer.
The 16-year-old student recently won first prize in a photography competition – “Embrace the Spirit of Ramadan” – organized by Gulf Times.
Originally from Hyderabad, India, Fatima has lived with her parents in Qatar since 2009. A science and art student, she recently completed grade 11 at Newton International School, Lagoon. She is passionate about art and photography.
Speaking about how she was drawn to photography and art, the young student said: “As a child, I had the opportunity to watch and interact with the Indo-Qatari artist on several occasions. the most prolific, the late MF Husain, in Qatar. He also took a liking to my drawings, liking and encouraging me frequently.
“I guess it had a huge initial impact on my artistic journey in photography, filmmaking, painting, drawing, sculpture, digital arts, and digital painting. From time to time I visit museums in Qatar for my artistic inspirations and I especially enjoy photo walks at Souq Waqif, Katara, Doha Corniche, Museum of Islamic Art, etc. with my father because we share a common love for photography.
The young artist has participated in numerous competitions and exhibitions.
“I had the chance to participate in many art and photography competitions and to win a few prizes. I won first prize in the recent “Embrace Ramadan” competition. “
Other competitions won by Fatima include: Instagram nature photography competition 2020, My Climate Action Green City – photography competition – hosted by Polish Embassy, ​​Katara and Earthlanka 2018 and Al Faisal Without Borders educational festival 2018.
“I participated and represented Qatar in the Odyssey of the Mind Talent Competition World Finals at Iowa State University, USA in 2018. I also won the Primary Healthcare Corporation drawing competition, 2016, the Selfie Day Contest of the Museum of Islamic Art, the Regency Travels children’s drawing competition in 2011. »
Fatima also participated in various art and film competitions and workshops in Doha.
Speaking about her success in the “Embrace Ramadan” contest, the young student said, “This contest had a very good theme. My photo expressed the spirit of the holy month by showing a mosque and the Holy Quran, both of which are an important part of Ramadan as the holy book was revealed during the month. Pigeons show freedom of spirit.
“These contests are a kind of encouragement for new and young photographers.”
Appreciating the idea of ​​holding photography contests more, Shamama said, “For me, contests and participation are a way to learn and take my passions to the next level. It doesn’t matter if I win or lose. I like that I at least did my best.
For Fatima, photography is a way to capture imaginative ideas and experiences. “As far as I can remember, photography and the arts have always been a part of life. In my opinion, photography and art are like capturing imaginative ideas and experiences around us. I hope to bring together different cultures with my photography and my art. Right now I’m giving my best to my studies and making time for my passion – photography and the arts.
Fatima can be reached on Instagram (@ sfm_sham15).

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