Photo shoot ideas to borrow from Taylor Swift, new influencers do you read?

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Taylor Swift’s album photoshoots are some of the most beautiful in the world today. They are stylish, inventive, and perfect for your own shooting concepts. Swift is the queen of many things, and photoshoots are no exception. The feeling expressed in the fearless photoshoot differs from the emotion recorded in the red photograph. Each shot tells a story, something Swift has perfected in every element of her craft, which isn’t surprising.

1. Next to the gold jewelry, place a glass of champagne: the story of the “champagne troubles” is truly heartbreaking. You can always make an exciting photo for your Instagram page with a glass of champagne and some gold jewelry. Simply arrange these items on your kitchen table or similar, flat, clean surface. Shine some light in their direction to make things shine and sparkle. Sprinkle some gold glitter between your pieces if you have some on hand. If you’re going to edit the shot later, be sure to increase the contrast and shadows to really bring out the highlights. Set the mood with a phrase like “I dropped your hand while dancing”.

2. Under a tree, hold your SO’s hand: Not all Taylor characters fall in love with each other. However, the music video for “willow” features a story that happily ends forever. At the end of the film, the two walk hand in hand towards a door, seemingly overjoyed with the new life they are about to embark on. Have your SO stand with you under one of the trees in your yard or neighborhood for this photoshoot. Hold hands as the camera clicks and even take a few pictures of you coming closer as if to say, “We’ve finally found each other.” You don’t have to choose a willow this time around.

3. With a pair of binoculars, sit on a bench: When you hear “Coney Island” for the first time, you might be motivated to go out and find a bench for that photo. Sit on it with a pair of binoculars in hand and pretend to search for your soul mate. Other Swifties might notice how this concept is a recreation of the tragic words, “I’m sitting on a bench in Coney Island, wondering where my kid went? Other Easter eggs, such as a beach backdrop, an open brochure outlining the center fold, and a birthday cake, can be included if desired.

4. Place a card of your grandmother next to your feet: Taylor’s late grandmother, Marjorie, would be the inspiration for the nickname “Marjorie,” according to Elle. Taylor’s grandmother’s lessons and all the parts of her she still wishes she had, like old grocery receipts, are the subject of the song. Using this photo concept write a love letter to your own grandmother, grandfather, aunt, mother, or anyone else key in your life. Place a note they wrote to you or a piece of their handwriting near your feet to symbolize that they are your ancestors. This shot will also pay homage to the adventurous line “You’d always go past where our feet could touch,” which appears in the song.

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