PAX East 2022 Exhibitor List

PAX East 2022 is less than a month away. Reedpop has officially announced the 2022 PAX East exhibitor roster. Earlier this week, ReedPop gave potential guests an idea of ​​who will be attending the big event. At the time, only Gearbox Software, Larian Studios, Koch Media, Tiny Build, Focus Home Interactive, XSeed, AMD, and Intel were announced. Gearbox Software will most likely have a preview of Tiny Tina’s Assault on Wonderland on the living room floor. Meanwhile, Focus Home Interactive will likely get a preview of its next game, A Plague Tale: Requiem is set to release in 2022. We now have a clear list of PAX East 2022 exhibitors who will be at the show. If you’re also looking for things to do after each day of PAX, check here for a full list of things happening outside of PAX East or the full list of panels here.

Here are the cards shown below along with the full list of booth names and numbers. Which stalls will you head to?

List of exhibitors

1985 Games – DnD Props!

Kiosk: 13100

505 Spa Games

Kiosk: 11030

Abyssal Studios

Booth: 16085

Art University Academy

Booth: 10055

AEGIS Combined Robots

Booth: TT62


Booth: 11018

Alchemy RPG

Booth: 11091


Booth: 13043


Booth: TT11

Game Invest Amplifier

We’re excited to introduce our dual functionality for Lightyear Frontier and Dice Legacy! Find these two…

Anthropic Studios – Puzzle Game

Booth: 23093

Apogee Entertainment

Booth: 19085, 19091

Arcane Craftsmen

Booth: TT91

Archon Games

Booth: 13086

Armor Class 10

Booth: TT23


Booth: 11081

Astral Clock Studios

Booth: 16096


Booth: 10045

badger hub

Booth: 24094

Battlebrew Productions

Booth: 16087

Battlefield games and hobbies

Booth: TT13, TT21

BenQ America Corp.

Booth: 12071

Studio Berzerk

Booth: 17102


Booth: 21099

Bomb Shelter Games

Booth: 17084

Interactive bottle games

Booth: 16086

Get ready games

Booth: 11043


Booth: 15086


Booth: 15097

cat accident

Booth: 17086

cavalry games

Booth: TT83


Booth: 10023

Cheap ramen games

Booth: 16098

Joy Games – Board Games

Booth: 10086


Booth: 10085

Child’s play

Booth: 11038

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

Booth: 10032

Chromatic Games – Dungeon Defenders

Booth: 16084

Clark University – Becker School of Design and Technology

Kiosk: 11050

Coalition of Parents in Esport

Booth: 21103

Coozie Games

Booth: 10090


Booth: 10092

Daylight basement studio

Booth: 24096

Dekoni Audio, LLC – Headphones

Booth: 22029

Digital devolve

Booth: 17078, 18084

Switched games

Booth: 19103

dice dungeons

Booth: TT81

throne of dice

Booth: TT41

DigiPen Institute of Technology

Booth: 22035


Booth: 16031

Dream Point

Booth: 18097

DPI merchandising

Booth: 22059


Booth: 20079

Drinks & Dragons

Booth: TT82


Kiosk: 10100


Booth: 13037

Elderwood Academy

Booth: 10071


Booth: PAX Arena

FanFit Games

Booth: 10020


Booth: 15078

peach cactus

Booth: 22055

Light sets

Booth: 10058

Valve sets

Booth: TT42

foam brain

Booth: 10079, TT92

Focus Interactive Welcome

Booth: 12043

Free league publication

Booth: TT86

freedom games

Frostbox Studios

Booth: 24088

Furious Tree Games

Booth: 21101

Underground Game

Booth: 13103


Booth: 20081

Gamera Games

Booth: 15099

play mat

Booth: TT94

Stitch Games

Booth: 22093


Booth: TT03

Game outfitters

Booth: 12070

Games etc.

Booth: TT71

gearbox entertainment

Booth: 11017

Therapeutic Geek

Booth: TT52


Booth: 11097

Gehenna Gaming

Booth: TT93

Gemhammer and Sons

Booth: TT23

glitch game

Booth: 24078

Studio Goblinz

Booth: 15084

Good nerd, bad nerd

Booth: TT84

gray forest games

Booth: 12179

Gunnar Optical

Booth: 11036

Heroes: Tales from the Tomes

Booth: 11087

Tap the life point

Booth: 10091

hooded horse

Humble Games

Booth: 13079


In the lair games

Booth: 12087

Independent tables and maps

Booth: 11102

Indie Games Poland

Booth: 19071

Independent press revolution

Booth: TT53

ink studios

Booth: 21096

intel company

Booth: 18007

Japanese games

Booth: TT33

Jasco Games

Booth: TT63

Jason’s Anarchy Games

Booth: TT65

Kainga: seeds of civilization

Booth: 22057


Booth: 15096

Knight Moves Cafe

Booth: TT72

Koch Media

Booth: 15029


Booth: 16104

KSV Esports dba Nimble Neuron

Booth: 18078


Booth: 16091

LAI Games

Booth: 10061

Larian Studios

Booth: 13019

Lay Waste Games

Booth: TT24

Lesley University

Booth: 10026

Level Up Dice

Booth: TT02

Limited series

Booth: 21085

Logitech Inc.

Loot everything

Booth: TT12

Lynnvander Studios

Booth: TT01

Mass DiGI

Kiosk: 12100

Match point game

Booth: 16103

Mega Cat Studios

Booth: 10024


Booth: 10036

Mercury learning and information

Booth: 12101

Metal head games

Booth: 15080

Metal dice sets

Booth: 10097

powerful cry

Booth: 14103

Monster Adventure Land

Booth: 12090

Motion Twin – Dead Cells

Booth: 18096

Movement rate 20 sets

Booth: 10098


Booth: 10088

Move interactive pieces

Booth: 15098


Booth: PAX Arena

My TCG Exchange

Booth: 12080

Nerds-No one ever respects society Dorks

Booth: 24098

New England College

Booth: 10030

nomnivore games

Booth: 10082

Norse Foundry

Booth: 12084

Origami Whale, LLC

Booth: 12177

Pandemonium books and games

Booth: TT51

Paradox Customs, LLC

Booth: 15037


Booth: TT95

Paw Warrior Games

Booth: 11093

PM studios

Booth: 19079

PNY Technologies

Booth: 22025

CFP games

Booth: TT43

PulsArt Studio

Booth: 18102


Booth: 10099

raw fury

Booth: 15090

rescue pets

Booth: 24082

Solving games

Booth: 19097


Booth: TT63

Reversal Games LLC

Booth: 13088

RGB Custom PC

Booth: 22053

Parry games on the run

Booth: 10096

Salie Studios

Booth: 16096


Booth: 20073

wild sparrow

Booth: TT85

Schell Games

Booth: 16097

Screenwave Media

Booth: 24092

Simteract AG

Booth: 19098


Snowbright Studio

Booth: TT15

snow castle games

Booth: 16093


Booth: 22017

Stat Trackers

Booth: 10093

Oddly Compelling Media

Booth: 11032

Touchtail Studio

Booth: 17105


Booth: 24090

Stylin online

Booth: TT61

Blink of the sun

Booth: 10028

Swapettes test

Booth: 16080

Studio Synersteel

Booth: 19096

Team Sometimes Y

Booth: 18098


Booth: 10087


Booth: 17098

Tentworks Interactive

Booth: 14105

The TESA Collective

Booth: 10078

The Unpub Network

Booth: TT14

the * gameHERs

Booth: 22102

Thunderous games

Booth: 15031

tic toc games

Kiosk: 17080


Booth: 15043

America’s Best Assets

Booth: 12103

Total chaos games

Booth: 24084

Arena of tough love

Booth: 18096


Booth: TT16

Tursiops Truncatus Studios

Booth: 16099

Twilight Creations

Booth: 10103

Studio Type 3

Booth: 18099

Ukiyo-E Hero

Booth: 12102


Booth: 10044

Video gamesnewyork

Booth: 10046


Booth: 10049

viper game

Booth: 10054

Flying Design

Booth: 12085

Voodoo Ranger

Kiosk: Southwest Hall C

Whitethorn Games

Booth: 15092

Wild Bill’s Craft Beverage Co – non-alcoholic craft beverages

Booth: TT04, PA6…

Wired productions

Booth: 14030

wise magician games

Booth: 12079


Booth: 22039

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Booth: 15103

WW1 Game Series BV – Tactical Skills

Booth: 10050


Booth: 12096

Quality wooden tabletop gaming supplies and furniture

XPG (ADATA USA technology)

Booth: 10060

XSEED Games / Wonderful USA

Booth: 11061

Yeyian Gaming – technology

Booth: 22051


Booth: 21091, 21097

Ysbryd Games –

Booth: 13085


Booth: 12091

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