News & Information – Comments solicited on the review of activities in public places

Currently, two policies govern these activities and the Council proposes to integrate both into a single policy on Commerce and Events in Public Places.

The new draft combined policy will have a much broader scope and set out the rules and guidelines on how activities in all public spaces are managed.

Mayor Andy Foster said: “Our public places are important – we use them for living, working and playing, and while we want them to be lively and vibrant, we want them to be safe for everyone as well.

“Sometimes there is a competing use of public places which can increase the risk of accidents, hazards or abuse, so these rules will provide better guidance for managing business and event activities in public spaces.”

Councilor Jill Day, who chairs the Pūroro Rangaranga – Social, Cultural and Economic Committee, said commerce and events in the public space are an important aspect of the city.

“Exciting, entertaining and energized public spaces push people into the city and encourage people to participate in all there is to offer, which is positive for the local economy, creative communities and hospitality industries.

“But our priority must be to make sure that the area is safe, inclusive and celebrates diversity – therefore it is inviting for all.”

The Council invites citizens to vote on the proposals from Wednesday July 7 to Monday August 16, 2021 at 5 p.m.

Some of the recommendations are as follows:

  • Develop a framework for the assessment and approval of authorized activities on reserves, municipal parks and the Wellington City Ring, which meets legislative requirements and allows for a proactive and positive approach.
  • Broaden and perpetuate the scope of the policy.
  • Ensure that the value of business and event activities in Wellington’s public places is recognized.
  • Provide consistent decision-making criteria and pricing structure to assess activity approvals in all public places and improve the application process.
  • Identify and promote more public space exchange sites, review license terms and invite expressions of interest when opportunities arise.
  • Align accessibility requirements with national and international guidelines.
  • Make sure all approvals are smoke and vape free.
  • Encourage quality street and street performances (including pavement art).
  • Make information about street calls and face-to-face fundraising in public places accessible to the public.
  • Require approval for activities that exclusively use public space and / or have an impact on the land or other people who use it, such as commercial group fitness, commercial tours, bins bulk, professional dog walks, pavement art and commercial filming and photography.
  • Provide guidelines for creative billboards in public places.

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