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League of Legends fans will be thrilled when patch 12.2 goes live next week. Not only will the highly mobile AD carry Zeri be released in the second patch of Season 12, but players will also be able to get their hands on plenty of fantastic skins, including one for the new champion. Check out what the upcoming Crystal Rose and Withered Rose skins look like, including splash art, champion models, callback animations, and special effects.

League of Legends Patch 12.2 Rose Themed Skins

Akshan Pink Crystal

The Crystal Rose skin has Akshan dressed in a fancy costume, much like a performer courting the crowd. While the champion model itself is mostly white, it doesn’t look plain at all as there are enough vivid purple and green highlights that make the abilities stand out – even the passive shield adds flecks of colored light to add to the appeal of the design. The fade also cuts through Akshan’s hook when he activates his E, giving off a dazzling effect like an acrobat swinging through the air. The mix of colors is most stunning during his R, as his weapon glows fiercely and the colors sizzle through the air as bullet after bullet is unleashed.

Another interesting effect in this skin is the animation when Akshan revives his allies. Above the revived teammate, a beautiful rose illustration appears, surrounded by lush leaves on either side. The floral theme is of course present in the rest of the animations, including during the encore, as a collection of shrub-shaped roses appear next to Akshan, followed by a dinner table with a bouquet as a piece. mistress. When Akshan enters stealth (his W), an overlay of roses also appears as he steps into shadow.

akshan pink crystal, akshan lol skins

Janna Pink Crystal

Much like Akshan’s outfit, Crystal Rose Janna’s skin relies on blue-indigo highlights to help the skin stand out. This also includes the particle-filled shield for his E, especially since the original model already had a white and sky blue color scheme. As the elemental spirit of wind, Janna’s splash art makes it look like a spiraling tornado of petals is swirling around the champion, whose weapon has morphed into one reminiscent of the spiny, thorny shaft of ‘a rose. A bird also hovers just above her shoulder, and it’s the same creature she sends flying at enemies for her W.

You might think Janna’s rollback animation is rather boring, as it just shows a rose floating next to her and then layers of flowers growing below as the champ spins. To compensate for this, the designers added brilliant hues to its swirl, using rotation to allow the colors to blend seamlessly, complemented by two pinks that become more distinct as the swirl increases in size.

Finally, many will find its ultimate animation a captivating sight to behold, as a rose appears in the middle of the circle, alongside a tile-like animation that makes full use of alternating shadows and green and purple colors – it even rotates slowly to further magnify the effects, rather than just radiating outwards.

pink janna crystal, lol janna skins

Withered Rose Elise

While the Crystal Rose skins all had white palettes, the Withered Rose sets have the opposite pattern, especially for Elise as a dark, ominous aura surrounds the champion. The splash art mixes nighttime hues with striking blue highlights, showing that the spider-inspired champion has caught her prey. Elise’s callback animation continues with that eerie vibe, with a statue – like Medusa turning those who look into her eyes to stone – and flowers laid around her as if paying homage to the dead.

The champion model in the game looks very menacing, indeed. In human form, Elise’s deep purple palette combines with the piercing blue of her spider legs, while her spider form can really thrill you with a huge rose growing out of her back. Her young, which give off a bright color, also have flowers on their backs. (Don’t get me started on the human-to-spider transformation, and all those spiders appearing at once – it’s pretty annoying). When they explode, they mix dark hues with bright green highlights. Elise’s cocoon also gets a makeover, with vine-like shoots and swirling greens around the stunned enemy.

withered rose elise, elise skins lol

Withered Rose Zeri

The brand new champion comes with a skin option in addition to the original model. The Withered Rose theme transforms Zeri’s pattern from greens and yellows to deep purples – her hair is also dyed pink – and bright blues. Her splash art still remains aligned with the concept of a champion as a type of character that needs to move fast, showing Zeri slashing her way through the forest.

Her encore animation has the same gourmet setup as Crystal Rose Akshan, but this time she splashes the table with what looks like soot art showing off a rose. Much like the other skins in this collection, the mix between dark purple and bright green is what makes the effects appealing, which works really well for Zeri’s Q as she pulls off the multicolored rounds. They are very similar to Ashe Arrows, as the bluish tint gives an icy feel compared to the original yellow.

When it comes to wall jumping, players may find it a bit disappointing as few visual effects are added. The best parts would have to be his W and R. Ultrashock Laser’s electric pulse turns into a long tether where roses grow like scenery, but in a surprisingly menacing way. Zeri’s ultimate, meanwhile, usually discharges a burst of electricity, but this time you’ll see something between electricity and a burst of “flower power”, if you will – a rose-like silhouette appears. under the champion, while fragments of petals explode around her like shards of glass.

faded rose zeri, zeri skins lol

Along with the rose-themed skins, Patch 12.2 will also bring the Porcelain Skin Collection and the Firecracker Skin Collection in time for the Lunar New Year.

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