New Krk Memories chosen in “Krk’s Gift” Contest


June 4, 2021 – After a fierce competition between a record number of 39 proposals and 21 producers from across Croatia, 16 were chosen by a committee of the Krk Tourist Board as part of the Krk Souvenirs Project, ” Gift from Krk ”.

As reported by, the application for the tenth anniversary competition for Krk Souvenirs “Krk’s Gift”, announced by the Tourist Board of the town of Krk, has been completed. The competition focused on the cultural and tourist values ​​of the city and island of Krk, with an emphasis on accepting creative challenges inspired by the natural heritage of the island. A record of 39 proposals were received, 21 producers and authors from all over Croatia, of which 16 were selected, which met the criteria of the tender.

Official banner ” Gift from Krk ” – Tourist office Krk

Namely, the memory, as a kind of present of the city and the island of Krk, is a reflection of the continuity of its artistic, cultural, cultural-historical or cultural heritage, that is to say that ‘he presents his tangible, intangible or natural heritage. heritage in various ways.

The very thematic dimension of this year’s competition is driven mainly by one of the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, which is reflected in the return to nature and which, among many other benefits, has the potential to stimulate creativity and to encourage creation, as evidenced by several newly selected memorabilia.

Tenth gift from Krk – selected souvenirs

  • Alen Mrakovčić: Golden drops from the island – 100 ml, extra virgin olive oil with the addition of edible gold leaf
  • Andrea Marhofer: Hand-painted wooden magnets
  • Blanka Petric (Handicrafts for making unique ceramics Atelijer Cambun): Thunderbolt flowers, ceramic bracelet with margarine pattern
  • Blanka Petric (Handicraft for making unique ceramics Atelijer Cambun): Thunderbolt flowers, ceramic necklace with margarine pattern
  • Blanka Petric (Handicraft for making unique ceramics Atelijer Cambun): Thunderbolt flowers, ceramic brooch with margarine pattern
  • Jasminka GrÅ¡ković (OPG GrÅ¡ković Jasminka): Handmade Krk sheep wool balls for tumble dryer and washing machine
  • Katica Orlovčić: Kamižot, a decorative ceramic vase inspired by Krk’s folk costumes
  • Ivica Lukarić (Crafts for making advertisements and engraving Konto): Six-sided well of Vela Square, decorative laser-engraved plywood jewelry box
  • Ljubica Marević: Cotton men’s short-sleeved t-shirt with an appliquéd portrait of Antonio Udine Burbur – the last speaker of the February language
  • Ljubica Marević: Cotton T-Shirt for Women with Text Appliqué Antonio Udina Burbur – name and surname of the last speaker of the February language
  • Mirela RuÅ¡in Kokotović and Andrijana Fiorentin RuÅ¡in (Handicrafts for Lavandin services): Big soapy greeting from Krk, gift wrapped with natural soaps
  • Monika Kovač (Anagraf doo – KuSshh Plantation): KuSshh, a line of natural cosmetics for face care
  • Smiljka Franjić and Kristina Ladika: Immortelle – immortelle, brass jewelry set (earrings, bracelet and necklace) inspired by the immortal flower
  • Zvjezdana Depikolzvane (Crafts for production and trade Piccola Stella): Krk hammer, decorative ceramic vessel
  • Zvjezdana Depikolzvane (Crafts for production and trade Piccola Stella): Noble periscope (Pinna nobilis), decorative ceramic top
  • Zvjezdana Depikolzvane (Handicrafts for production and trade Piccola Stella): Vacuum (ram), decorative ceramic vessel


Alen Mrakovčić: The Golden Drops of the Island (Krk Tourist Office)


Andrea Marhofer, Hand painted wooden magnets (Krk Tourist Office)


Blanka Petric, Gromača roses – ceramic bracelet with margarine motif (Krk Tourist Office)


Ljubica Marević, Men’s Cotton T-Shirt – Burbur (Krk Tourist Office)


Monika Kovač (Anagraf doo), KuSshh – a line of natural cosmetics (Krk Tourist Office)

In the selection of souvenir proposals received in February and March, together with the director of the Tourist Office of Krk Ivana Kovačić, the Commission, composed of Dino Jakovljević, as chairman, and members Lucija Morić and Igor Gržetić, a invested its efforts and expertise.

Considering all of the Krk memorabilia selected so far, which stand out from the rest of the offer by their originality, authenticity, thoughtful concept and perhaps most importantly the quality of workmanship, the people of Krk and their guests have at their disposal a whole range of works of art, various decorative and / or useful objects. and interesting publications, which are also presented through the digital catalog available from the next link.

New Krk Souvenirs will receive a recognizable stamp with a prominent bilingual Dar de Krk motto and will be included in a bilingual digital catalog that combines the entire certified souvenir offering in one place, with a photo and contact details of the maker / author.

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