Ms. Ranjit Kaur and Mr. Karan’s Flawless Journey in Completing 500 Interior Projects with ‘Concept Next’

Nowadays, everyone is looking for an inevitably beautiful interior design. Millennials who have an unconventional standard of living see their home decor as a reflection of their personality. However, choosing a design company that understands your vision and curates the most competitive designs is a daunting task. But now, setting up or improving the aesthetics of the house has become a piece of cake – “Concept Next” has come to your rescue!

Using augmented and virtual reality, 3D technology, and cloud computing, Concept Next can help curate exemplary designs for kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, cabinets, bathrooms, and more. The company provides customers with seamless home interiors and home improvement experiences at an affordable price.

All about the interior design firm – Concept Next!

Concept Next is a company created 19 years ago by Ms. Ranjit Kaur and Mr. Karan. To date, Concept Next has completed up to 500 homes and received incredible reviews from its clients. Some of their potential clients include Unity Group, Maxfort Schools, Mr. Vijender Gupta MLA, Haldiram Bhujiawala, Girish Switches, Gupta Toys Corporation, Sample flat Max heights Kundli, and more.

The differentiating aspect of this interior design firm is that they keep Vashu shastra principles in mind – and formulate designs accordingly. Vastu Shastra suggests the right color, format, shape and directions for the home – to ensure positivity and happiness in every nook and cranny. For a house to become a home, it must have a certain energy, and Concept Next offers exactly that. The main USP of the company is:

“At Concept Next, we see practically in our projects and also use aesthetics to our advantage in our field. For example, the kitchen must be simple to maintain so that the hostess or the person who manages the kitchen does not go through difficult times and, moreover, its overall planning must be coherent”.

How Concept Next is growing exponentially

By incorporating the most effective design plans and innovating new designs, Concept Next does a fantastic job. As of 2022, the company operates with a staff of 25 employees with offices in Gurgaon and Delhi. Mr. Karan, the director of the company, believes that “we have had a good run in the business so far, and we are getting a viable number of contracts through positive word of mouth publicity”.

“Defining the basic ethos of ‘hard work is the most important key to success and more so in this line of work,'” Ms. Kaur also stresses the importance of the grace of the lord not only in obtaining work projects, but also to ensure their successful and timely completion in all areas.

Having built their business from scratch, Ms. Kaur and Mr. Karan have managed to carve out a place ahead of their competitors. They offer a healthy pay scale to their employees and can retain all of them without any compromise. Concept Next not only provides top-notch services to its clients, but also creates the type of building that stands firm even after an earthquake!

Concept Next has produced 500 interior decorations…

Artistic works inside any designed space lend a pleasant atmosphere to live in. Besides, they also personify the lifestyle of his life. Thanks to this artistic temperament and this exceptional know-how, Concept Next has created 500 interior decorations to date. The main difference of this company is that it always begins with a preliminary layout of the space. Then move forward considering the customer’s request. Then they create layouts and decide on promising ways to achieve their client’s desired goals.

Additionally, before finalizing any set of drawings that may include furniture layout, ceiling design, electrical, carpentry, wall and flooring designs, Concept Next always seeks client approval for a promising result. Mr. Singh and Ms. Kaur enjoy their work and are excited about their current projects. In other words, they have a configuration that is perfectly rooted in their area of ​​expertise.

Functionality, creativity, excellence and magnificence are the company’s core beliefs. Ms. Kaur says, “From concept to execution, we do whatever it takes to satisfy our clients’ prospects, and then do more. This, in turn, helps us create a healthy relationship with our clients – so whenever their colleagues or friends need help with the interior, they can refer us!”

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