More is more: what is maximalism?

Contrary to the minimalist houses which flood the interior design accounts of Instagram and Pinterest with monochromatic and neat environments, the maximalism begins to start a trend by proposing the opposite: ornate and colorful rooms with a very personal touch.

What are the characteristics of this style of interior design? First, lots of color. And not only in furniture, textiles and objects but also – and above all – in large surfaces such as walls or even ceilings and windows. The more saturated, the better.

And from the hand of color appears the patterns. Victorian-style homes, with floral-patterned walls, curtains, and upholstery, are maximalist examples. Today, wallpaper can be used for the walls and carpets for the floor, always betting on the mix printi.e. the mixture of designs.

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Another fundamental characteristic of this trend is the display of works of art and all kinds of objects of personal value for its owner. That’s where vintage pieces, travel memorabilia, heirloom heirlooms, and even DIY crafts come in.

What to keep in mind to apply maximalism at home

An example of maximalism. (Instagram pic @justinablakeney)

To achieve a maximalist style and the house does not seem chaotic, a good tip is visually unite different patterns and textures through tone in particular or a range of colors. In the end, what matters is everything.

On the other hand, on the walls, you can use wallpaper (there are floral, geometric, landscape, textured patterns and more) or choose one and fill it with artwork in different styles (with similar frames to maintain an axis) or with some collector’s item that can be hung, such as ceramic pieces.

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Another recommendation is to choose for the living room a striking armchair, both for the color and the texture of the upholstery, and complete it with cushions that mix the patterns. For the eye to rest, a smooth wooden table can be used.

And if the idea is to start small, nothing better than resort to flowers -the maximalists like them in prints, but also dried and in vases- already the bookswhich are allowed in all corners.


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