More cowbell? Turns out (Don’t be afraid) The Reaper just needed more Music Box

Author, musician and comedian Andy Riley – best known for best-selling cartoon books The Book of Rabbit Suicides, Big Lies to Tell Little Kids, DIY Dentistry and Beer makes daddy strong – stunned many on Twitter with a new take on the 1976 Blue Oyster Cult classic (Don’t be afraid) The Grim Reaper.

Riley’s groundbreaking arrangement of Donald “Buck” Dharma’s tale of eternal love and the hellish cruelty of death dispenses with the usual guitar / keyboards / bass / drums setup, and instead rearranges the melody to be played on a box to children’s music. And instead of the cowbell, there’s the high-pitched, slightly sinister plinky-plonk of the crank toy as the perforated paper passes through the music box mechanism.

“I love this!” says Twitter commentator Su Warren. “The song will always remind me of the birth of my youngest – emergency c-sec, the surgeon had turned on the local radio station, this played at the start of everything. (The only other song I noticed was Size of a cow by The Wonderstuff, at the end, if you accept a request) “

In the French corner, the tweeter mariehélène commented: “Without knowing it, you touch my heart. I have been in love with the sound of music boxes since childhood! It reminds me of many personal memories. It’s magic! I t ‘ love.” Which translates to “Without knowing it, you touch my heart. I’ve been in love with the sound of music boxes since childhood! It brings back personal memories. It’s magic! I love you!”

Regarding requests, Riley says, “I’m open to suggestions! But I can’t promise anything, not least because the music box doesn’t have sharps or flats so a lot of impossible melodies. It also takes three hours. “

Hours well spent, we say. Please continue.

Andy Riley’s spoken word / music / comedy album Best vacation ever is available now.

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