Monster Energy Up & Up Joins IDK For Tagless Graduation Event

The unprecedented 10-day unlabeled course, which takes place at Harvard University, targets BIPOC students and offers them the unique opportunity to travel Cambridge, MA to learn the fundamentals of the music industry.

Rapper and producer IDK (Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge) is an innovator with few equals. He overturned genre tropes with his first project of 2015 Sub trap, a nuanced and inventive exploration of the intersection of drug trafficking and addiction. Early in his career, IDK created some of the first auto like Instagram scripts, finding a new way to sell on social media without a label or a team. Since then he has continued to make unprecedented moves both inside and outside the studio.

“I am delighted to partner with the Monster Energy Up and Up Festival for the No Label Academy graduation ceremony,” IDK said. “This show will feature talent from No Label Academy. The goal of the show is to provide an experience that students from the NLA and neighboring schools can enjoy. NLA students will celebrate the completion of the program and local college students will kick off the new school year. “

“The essence of Monster Energy Up & Up is to organize experiences for ambitious students and young people who are in full swing. When IDK first approached me with this concept, we thought it was a special opportunity that aligns with Up & Up and that is important to support, ”said the co-founder of Monster Energy Up & Up Steve ferraro.

No Label is a nonprofit media platform that values ​​and presents new and underrepresented stories. The platform partners with universities and brands to create unique experiences that bring these stories to light. Over the past two years, No Label has worked with Travis Scott, Bad Bunny, Sweetie and many more.

No Label Academy has 28 participating students: 5 Harvard students, 3 star students and 20 accepted applicants. The program is a continuation of IDKs relationship with No Label Live, a 501 (c) (3) registered nonprofit founded by Harvard College students Marcelo Hanta-Davis and Miles Weddle to use pop culture to promote education and resolve issues social problems.

After graduation, students will have unique opportunities to formally put their learning into practice through internships and joint venture partnership agreements with major partners of No Label’s record labels.

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Monster Energy Up & Up is the largest nationwide promoter of college festivals in the United States, powered by a community of ambassadors. We produce festivals by allowing students to compete and win them. Up & Up’s innovative guerrilla ticketing system is simple: students solicit demand on their campuses for up to a 48 hour competition period and the top colleges with the most presales earn their way to work with our team to create a musical experience of a lifetime, while gaining unprecedented experience in the industry. Past live headliners include Cash Cash (2016), Alain walker (2017), GRYFFIN (2018) and Two Friends (2018), Slushii (2019), Lost Kings (2019) and Elephante (2019).

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